10 Absolute Essential Things to Carry on Beach

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The jiffy of metropolitan existence forces us to seek solace in places where nature holds the reins. Beaches have been known for their ability to transport people to a different world, where they can just let things be, staring at the sun in the eye and allow sand to smear the memories with little moments of scattered happiness. However awesome be the whole idea of visiting the beach, it is vital to know that a trip to the beach must be accompanied by certain essentials, which will not only make the whole experience a hassle free one but also refreshing you without compromising on anything, thus allowing you to join back work without tan or sunburns speaking more than yourself about your siesta. Here are listed ten essential items that one must carry to a beach, irrespective of their gender.


10. Dodge the Sun with a Sunscreen!


No. Carrying a sunscreen in your bag does not make you a gay or feminine. It is an essential requirement for a trip to a place like beach, where one shall be forced to expose himself/herself to blazing sun, thus running the huge risk of damaging the skin and cause sunburns. Exposure to the Sun entails a direct contact with the harmful ultra-violet rays, as was taught in high school, causing serious short term or long term damages to the skin. Hence, it is advisable to buy a sunscreen which will help in retaining moisture in the skin and protect it from the glare of the sun. Since going to a beach obviously means doing a lot of swimming, it is necessary to use a sunscreen which will last longer and not just wash away with a dive in the sea. It is recommended that one uses the sunscreen with SPF 30, as nothing less than that will be actually able to protect you the piercing sun, which is so characteristic of a beach.


9.  Create a Style Statement with a Bag!


Surely, one would not want to carry all the requisite materials in their hands. Buy a massive bag, which can efficiently hold everything that you would need during your time at the beach. A beach bag is one of the most important accessory for any beach-goer, as it helps in preventing oneself from messing up things, keeping your things from getting lost or stolen, and helps one in relaxing. Moreover, it can act as a wonderful accessory with your attire, thus giving you an ultra stylish look without you having to put a hell-lot of effort. Moreover, beaches are the most interesting places in the world, with nature revealing itself in all its beauty. You can collect sea shells, exquisite flowers or fruits, and carry home memories that would sooth your senses, once you get stuck in the jeopardy of life.


8. Walk Like a Feather- Wear Flip Flops.


Beach is synonymous with relaxation, fun and ease. Surely, wearing shoes to a beach is not how one would like to chill. Flip flops are absolute essentials for a fun day at beach. Flip flops allow one to move around easily, preventing one from encountering the hassle of walking back to hotel with wet shoes, which can stink quite terribly. Flip flops are cool, easy and most crucial part of the beach attire. It will be absolutely wonderful if you can manage to find slippers with cool graphics or cartoon figures, as they will help you in completing the happy yet stylish look, while you are busy chilling in the sands. Also, flip flops help you in doing away with the tightness that is inadvertently a part of the formal attires, and allow you to enjoy the grainy sand, which sticks to your toes and arouses a feeling of being closer to the nature.


7.  Take Something that Would Keep You Busy!


 No. I did not mean your phone. Give yourself a break from technology and take something, which would help you in distancing yourself from everything and anything that would take you to a world very different from the one, in which you are a stuck. Take a book that you have wanted to read for a long time, a canvas that you have wanted to smear with paint or if you are going with your friends, carry a board game along. Under clear skies, with sea washes rushing to the shore and with sand playing with your toes, indulge in these activities, which would give wings to your mind, enliven your senses and assure that you have an absolutely personal time, with no interference from the others! Yes, spotting desirable men/women is interesting, but nothing beats the activities that help you in knowing yourself better or brings you closer to your family and friends!


6. Don’t Stay Hungry! Pack Your Food!


In spite of their proximity to the sea, beaches do not offer a wide variety of sea food. Hence, it is better to carry your own food and drinks. It is recommended that one carries a bag full of food to avoid hunger and starvation. Additionally, if one chooses to rely on the restaurants at beaches, one ought to make sure that they are carrying a lot of cash on them, as these places can be very expensive owing to heavy tourist footfalls. Carry a box of sandwiches and some bottles or cans of beer, in order to keep yourself from feeling the hunger pangs, which can be very disturbing and might ruin your whole beach trip. You have been warned!


5. Make it a Shade-Y Affair! Carry Shades!


Yes. Eyewear is an essential beach accessory, owing to the possibility of exposing oneself to blazing sun, which might cause serious damage to the eyes. As is mentioned earlier in point number 10, the Sun’s rays contain harmful Ultraviolet rays, which are very harmful for naked skin and can cause serious damage, if enough precautions are not taken. Carry a coolio pair of shades that would aptly go with your beachwear and boy, you are ready to rock and roll. As an aside, wearing the shades will help you in checking out a lot of things at the beach, if you know what I mean!


4. Roll With The Extras!



Always carry an extra pair of shorts or sarong and a shirt or a t-shirt, in order to avoid embarrassing emergency moments. It is highly important to note that beaches can very well be the places where fashion finds itself defeated in the face of awkward situations. For instance, you might find yourself stuck with a boxer that hugs your thighs and groin so tightly, that it makes very awkward for you to walk without people turning their heads to look at you twice. Or you might find that your bikini strap has suddenly given away, under the pressure of an enormous wave. Instead of lying on the beach, while waiting for the sun to do its miracles, it is always better to carry a pair of extra clothing, in order to relieve yourself of the tension of being stuck with a sticky pair of boxer or a torn bikini. After all, precaution is better than everything else in the world!


3.  Be a Hatter!


Take inspiration from Johnny Depp and carry with yourself an enormous hat, which oozes with oodles of fashion. Quite obviously, one cannot carry umbrella with them all the time, while taking a stroll on the beach. Along with a sunscreen and shades, a hat can come in real handy to deflect all the harmful rays of the sun from damaging your skin. Hats also prevent your hair from flying haywire as winds rustle them, and leave you with a nest on your head. Moreover, a hat is a true friend when you want to doze off, while lying on your back and enjoying the summer. Just pull it over your face and enter a world, which is entirely your own!


2. Go Clickety Click!


Pull out that machine and gather memories that would give you a chance to decorate your place beautifully and relive them whenever the pressure is too much to bear! I am talking about the camera. It is not necessary to possess an expensive camera. Even a point and shoot camera would do. The motive is to explore the beach through a lens in order to capture the best moments, which nature would offer to you!

1. Carry Your Towels!


In all the excitement, do not forget to carry the most essential material- A TOWEL. You can very well do without your book or your hat, but you cannot just do without a towel. Moving around the beach with a wet body can be extremely sexy but also, pretty cumbersome and not so pleasant, when one starts sweating. Since going to a beach calls for a dive into the sea and swimming, it is essential that one carries a big enough towel, which can work as a wraparound too! Doing so will allow you to remain dry in the face of excessive sweating, or simple, it can act as a sheet to spread under you while you stretch on the grainy sand!


I hope that with the aforementioned points, your experience of visiting the beach will find itself as one of the best memories you will ever have of that time!


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