10 America’s Richest People 2013

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Since the times of eminent personalities like Vanderbilt, Carnegie and Rockefeller, The United States of America has had a history of having most of the richest people on earth. Due to them the United States of America has long been at the pinnacle of development for decades. These are the men who built America. The Forbes magazine released the list of the wealthiest Americans back in September 2012. However it also released the list of the richest people in the world in March 2013. This article ranks the Top 10 Richest American according to the Forbes list which was released in March, 2013.

 10. Alice Walton, Wal-Mart


This lady from Fort Worth, Texas is ranked closely behind number 9(see below). She has a degree in Bachelor of Arts/Science from the Trinity University. Her net estimated worth is $ 26.3 billion and it has come from the revenue of Wal-Mart, the well-known American retail corporation with its business spread all around the globe. Alice Walton is an active philanthropist and has alongside Bill Gates and Warren Buffet pledged to give away much of her earned wealth to charity. Recently she parted with $1.7 million to a Washington state schools initiative alongside Bill Gates, Steve Balmer and Paul Allen. She and her siblings have given away $2 billion till date to the Walton Family Foundation. She is considered to be the family’s most generous philanthropist.

 9. Sheldon Adelson, Casinos, Self-Made


This owner of the Las Vegas Sands casino empire has made most of his money through the Las Vegas casino network. His net estimated worth is $26.5 billion (as of March 2013) and he still serves as the Chairman and CEO of  Las Vegas Sands. He currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. He reportedly donated $53 million in the last presidential election to back Mitt Romney as a part of a super PAC. The Las Vegas Sands is currently undergoing a Federal Investigation of allegedly violating corruption laws but still the share prices have risen by a whopping 20% since last summer.

 8. Jim Walton. Wal-Mart


Jim Walton riding the wave of Wal-Mart’s strong stock performance has touched the $27 billion for the first time in 2013. His current net estimated worth is $26.7 billion. Jim Walton currently serves as the Chairman and CEO of  Arvest Bank Group, Inc. He resides in Betonville, Arizona and has a Bachelor’s degree in Arts /Science from the University of Arkansas. He is married with 4 children. He is the youngest son of the retail visionary Sam Walton who started the multinational retail firm with his younger brother James Walton.

7.  Michael Bloomberg, Bloomberg LP, Self-Made


At the age of 71, Michael Bloomberg is now serving as the Mayor of the New York City, United States. He is now well into his final term. He has obtained a degree of Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Arts /Science from Johns Hopkins University.  He is not marries but in a relationship with 2 children. He founded the financial data firm Bloomberg LP after being fired from Salomon Brothers. He has till date donated an amount of approximately $2.5 billion towards philanthropic causes.

 6. Christy Walton and Family, Wal-Mart


This lady from Jackson, WY is not only the richest female in the United States of America but also in the whole wide world. At the age of 58, she currently serves as the Co-Chair, Children’s Scholarship Fund. When the Wal-Mart stock jumped unprecedentedly in 2012, Christy Walton’s wealth reached new heights. Her estimated net worth is a whopping $28.2 billion. She reportedly received more than $430 million in Wal-Mart dividends after taxes in 2012. She is widowed and as 1 child.

 5. David Koch, diversified


David Koch, aged 73 years serves as the Executive Vice President, Koch industries, Inc. He has a Bachelor of Arts /Science and a Master of Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He is married with 3 children. He is the fifth richest person in the United States of America and the sixth richest in the world tied with his brother Charles. His assets and wealth increased by $9 billion in one calendar year in 2012 and has a net estimated current worth of $34 billion.

 6. Charles Koch, diversified

Tied with his brother David Koch, Charles is the fourth richest person in the United States of America. They both have built their fortunes with chemical and refining industries with an estimated $115 billion in sales. His current net estimated worth is $34 billion. He was on a SPC pact backing Mitt Romney in the last presidential elections however things did not go so well and Charles Koch, a die-hard libertarian had to suffer a blow on the political front. Recently he confirmed that he has been looking into newspapers as new areas of investment and termed them as “marketplace for ideas”.

 3. Larry Ellison, Oracle


Residing in Woodside, California and aged 68, Larry Ellison serves as the CEO of the tech giant Oracle. He is a drop out from the University of Chicago and from the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign. Recently he has been on the real estate buying business and reportedly spent in an ambitious project and bought 98% of Lanai, a Hawaiian island from David Murdock. He has also been actively involved in philanthropy and has signed the Gates-Buffet giving pledge. Till date he has parted with $445 million most of which has been donated to Ellison Medical Foundation which is an institution dedicated to research on age related diseases.

2. Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway


The story of Warren Buffett has been an inspiring one. At the same time it is a tale of how a boy from a modest family with little knowledge about markets emerged into an investment magician. He has a Master of Science degree from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Arts /Science from university of Nebraska Lincoln. He currently resides in a modest house in Omaha, NE in spite of his enormous amount of wealth. He has three children. As of March 2013, his net estimated worth is $53.5 billion and is behind only to the legendary Bill Gates (see 1 below). He is one of the initiators of the Gates- Buffett giving pledge which ideally has declared that they will be giving away all their earned wealth in due course of time towards philanthropy. His company is called Berkshire Hathaway and it has remained his main source of income. In February 2012 he decided to step down from the company and reportedly has decided the next CEO as his replacement but he reportedly avoided giving a name. He has been a major contributor to the Gates Foundation and recently donated $1.5 billion in July 2012. Till date he has parted with a whopping $17.3 billion towards philanthropy.

 1. Bill Gates, Microsoft


Regarded as the father of the software industry by many, Bill Gates is still the richest person in the United States of America for many years now. His story is one of the most inspiring and loved tales of all time. He has been an inspiration to many and his tale of dropping from Harvard University and starting his own company with fellow buddy Paul Allen has been cited by many as an example of how to follow one’s passion by taking the road less traveled by. His success has been underlined by being just at the right places at the right time, and yeah, with the right people. More than a tech visionary, he is regarded as a shrewd businessman and more often than not has got into trouble for Microsoft’s bullying attitude. After winning the browser wars against Netscape, he and Microsoft were charged with violation of US antitrust laws and the Federal Court threatened to divide the company into two parts. After these major blows, he started to take less participation in the proceedings at Microsoft. He stepped down from his position at Microsoft and gradually focused his attention to philanthropic activities. The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation now is a major force in world philanthropy. He is the co-initiator if the Gates-Buffett pledge which aims at giving away all the fortunes they have earned and it has received active support from various wealthy individuals. As of March 2013, his net estimated worth is $67 billion. He has 3 children and currently resides in an enormous villa in Medina, WA.


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