10 Bizarre Foods in the World

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Each country has its own traditional delicacies; however, there are some dishes that are so unusual that even the sight of them would give you shivers. You will wonder how anyone can probably eat such a dish, but the people who have them, it is very usual for them. You must have heard the saying that what is one person’s trash is another person’s treasure and the same goes for such unusual food. You might be amazed to find that such food exists and people also eat them. Would you eat this food? Have a look at the top 10 bizarre foods in the world and get ready to be surprised!

10- Haggis


Haggis is a Scottish dish which comprises of the organs of a sheep example the liver, heart and the lung. These organs are mixed with chopped onions, salt, spices, raw beef and mutton fat. This mixture is further mixed with stock and filled inside animal stomach. They appear like big meat balls and are then simmered for around 3 hours. These days, the modern Haggis is encased in sausage casing rather than the actual stomach. Haggis is available all year in Scottish restaurants, pubs and supermarkets. If you want to eat a plate of sheep liver, heart and lung, the Haggis is the perfect dish for you.


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We might jump at the sound of crickets, beetles or tarantulas, but in many parts of the world, these creatures are eaten on a regular basis. This practice of eating bugs is also known as entomophagy and is very common in most parts of the world. These insects are also popular because they are quite easy to catch and quick to cook. These bugs are also high in protein and have healthy acids. You can also have these bugs in a chocolate chip cookie form where the bugs are crushed and turned into a cookie. If you go to Bangkok or Thailand, you will surely see crates full of these bugs.


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Have you ever heard of Fugu? Well, I am sure you must have surely heard about puffer fish. Fugu is another way of saying puffer fish. The puffer fish is one of the most poisonous fishes you can come across and it can also kill you if it not cooked in the right way. Fugu is popular in Japan and can only be cooked by those chefs who have a license or are certified. The fish has to be treated very carefully and all the poisonous parts have to be removed so that only the fish is left. This fish is very delicate and is generally eaten in winters when it is freshly caught. If you are a fan of fish and want to try all of them, do not forget to leave this one out.

7-Fried Brain Sandwich

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A fried brain sandwich is made by putting slices of calves’ brain between bread. This sandwich was prevalent long before the period of the Mad cow disease and was served on thin white breads in the hotels of Missouri or US. Even today, the sandwich is available in the Ohio River Valley but the brains are now battered heavily and served in buns. The brains of cows that are over 30 months old are now no longer permitted in food in the US due to the Mad cow disease. They serve pig brains instead. If you ever feel you have lost your brain somewhere, try the Fried Brain Sandwich. 😉

6-Rocky Mountain Oysters

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You must be wondering why oysters are mentioned in the category of bizarre foods. Well, these oysters are not the usual ones that you find in the oceans but it is a rather fancy name which is given to fried testicles of a bull, buffalo or boar. Rocky mountain oysters are also known as prairie oysters and they are enjoyed in most parts of US and Canada where there is cattle ranching. First these testicles are peeled, and then they are boiled and rolled in a mixture of flour. Later, it is fried and is generally served with a nice cocktail sauce. Next time if you are in US or Canada and you order these Rocky mountain oysters thinking that they are the regular oysters, remember what you have read here and do not be expecting those exoctic oysters.



Sannakji is basically a raw type of seafood generally found in Korea. It comprises of a small live octopus known as nakji which is freshly cut into small pieces and served immediately. It is also seasoned with sesame oil and sesame seeds to give it a flavor. The strangest part about Sannakji is that the nakji pieces are still alive and are moving when they are served on your plate. The nakji pieces have to be chewed carefully because if they aren’t, then the suction cups which they have, can stick to your mouth or even throat. This dish take turn out to be a very dangerous dish if it is not eaten carefully.

4-Casu Marzu

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Casu Marzu is a strange cheese which is found in the city Sardinia in Italy. The strange part about this cheese is that live insect larvae lives inside this cheese. The insect larvae are deliberately added inside the cheese so as to create a level of fermentation which is also close to decomposition. At this point, the fat in the cheese is broken down. Tiny worms live inside the cheese, which if disturbed can jump up to about half a foot. This is the reason why people generally prefer to brush out the insects before they take a bite of this cheese. This is certainly the strangest cheese you would ever come across!

3- Stuffed Camel


The stuffed camel is not only the only thing that is stuffed here. The stuffed camel is made by one camel, one lamb and twenty chickens. The camel is stuffed with the whole lamb, the lamb is in turn stuffed with the twenty chickens and the chicken is also stuffed with a mixture of rice and egg. The whole camel is then barbecued on fire and served when cooked. Stuffed camel has also held the Guinness World record of the largest food item in the menu of the entire world. The stuffed Camel is able to satisfy the hungers of a large number of people in one go. It certainly deserves a place in this list of bizarre foods!


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Anthony Bourdain who is very famous for eating the strangest of foods in the world claimed that Hakarl was the most disgusting and strangest thing he had ever tasted. Hakarl is made by gutting a Basking Shark or Greenland which is further fermented for around two to four months. Basically, Hakarl is a food from the Iceland and has the smell of ammonia. It is available in the Icelandic stored all around the year. Hakarl is usually served on toothpicks in cubes. The fermentation and the smell of Hakarl definitely make it one of the strangest and most disgusting foods ever!


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If you have somehow managed to go through the entire list of foods you may change your mind after reading this one. Balut is basically a fertilized chicken or duck egg with an embryo which is almost but not fully developed and it is boiled and eaten in the shell of the egg. This type of egg is very famous in Cambodia, Philippines and Vietnam. The liquid which surrounds the egg is sipped first before the egg is eaten. These eggs are sold in the sand basically to keep the eggs warm. You must have eaten eggs, and you also must have eaten a chicken or duck, but have you ever thought of eating a nearly developed “embryo”?  This is the sole reason why this is the strangest food on the earth!


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