10 Common Food Products Prone to Adulteration

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Adulteration has taken away the joy of life. Now everything you like may or may not have fallen prey to the locus of adulterants. We see grey but it turns out to be black and white. We are trapped in an illusion where the everyday use items are now all messed up. The most widely used substances are masqueraded as something else. Check the list to see if you know about the food and adulterants used. They not only compromise our nutrition base and diet but also promise to harm our health in a stealthy way. We consume honey assuming it to be healthy however if we could actually see what we did consume, the honey will not stay in the stomach.





The morning cup of tea and the kid’s healthy dose of calcium. This white potion is turning poisonous to say the least. The package version and the ‘Milkma’ both have let consumers down. The age old scenario is of added water to milk but when we think of it the water reduces the nutrition value of milk. When this water is itself contaminated the added impurity leads to domino effect. The mixing of water in these age and time seems like innocent child’s rebel. Now we have a higher level of adulteration with the likes of starch, caustic soda, sugar, urea, lime and ammonium sulphate, making its way in milk. This makes life tough for our daily source of tea coffee oats cornflakes sweets etc. is now laced with tension of spoiling ones health to say the least. When the freedom of having the healthy drink has a flip side of being poisonous we are lost.  Be careful with your morning cup for instead of refreshing you up and giving you a kick-start for the day it just might get you bed-ridden.

9. Olive oil.

olive oil

This is healthy oil which will not spoil your health with unneeded fats; instead it helps in keeping one healthy. The pride of Italy is the virgin Olive oil and this is more often than not a rip-off. To regulate this we have unions which control the trade and production. 98% of olive oil is grown in the countries approved by International Olive Council. It is one of the biggest frauds played in the world. With less than 10% of the oil actually meeting the set standards the consumers are cheated with mixed versions. The cheaper cracked oil is mixed with this oil and the health is deteriorated instead of improving. Another problem with this oil is that there is never a single test to determine whether the version is real or fake. Olive oil is usually laced with mineral oil. The crowned Italian oil is replaced by Greek olive oil and consumer is cheated.



The purest form of honey we see these days is probably in cartoons where Winnie the Pooh sticks his hand in the honeycomb to lick out the sweet nectar. The health friend now has minerals, antibiotics not meant for human consumption. The lengths of this adulteration are that some bottles are just filled with colored sugar syrup. The level of infringement of this adulterated syrup is so far spread that today European countries has banned import of honey from India and China. The option we now look at is directly buying honey with the comb, the natural packaging. The Ultra-filtration process is again done on these bottles to hide the added adulteration  These are tough to detect and hence the adulterants win.

7. Saffron


From the Biryani to risotto to bouillabaisse, the saffron gives  royalty too many dishes of the world. The down side of being among the most expensive spice of the world, is adulteration. The saffron is heavily adulterated when it is in the grounded form. Saffron is derived from saffron crocus with high grade one with red threads, the lower grade with lesser red threads or yellow threads. When grounded this mixture can have turmeric or other spices which are lot cheaper than saffron. The easiest way to detect is avoid the deep red color ones and cheap ones.

6.Orange juice


The healthy energy freak people now switch from the sweet tea and caffeine laced coffee to healthy fruit juice. This vitamins treasure is now a substitution with artificial flavors. It has sugar syrup, glucose and cheaper juice with more expensive ones. Other common trick is colored water. Now when you consume orange juice don’t be under the impression that you are consuming something healthy for it could be the exact opposite. The stray consumption of glucose, cheap sugar and colored water can lead to serious health problems. The solution is to never buy packed versions instead squeeze out fresh orange juice and stay healthy.



Do you know your morning cup coffee is now not just coffee? It’s a whole package of sawdust, Tamarind seeds and chicory powder. This is needless to say not right for your body. The caffeine content is presumed harmful by some people and now the information about the level of harmful substances in the beans mixture is like the last straw. The solution suggested is to buy the fresh beans and ground them for best coffee experience and also a comparatively healthier one.


Radioactive seafood

The Mercury content of sea-food is not just a food cycle we learn in school. The movement from the metal to water to plants to fishes to human to cancer is deadly. The smallest content of mercury in your fish will send you fishing for life. Be careful for its not just fish its every seafood. The mercury ridden food enters human body in two ways. One is direct way with straight fish consumption and the second is via the birds that eat this fishes. This is not only for human but every life form.  Each life form which consumes it becomes part of the chain. Many deaths are reported due to mercury poisoning.



The rice and wheat is a part of our staple food in India. The powdered rice and wheat is usually adulterated with starch. This is done to thicken the cream. This added substance takes away the nutrition intended for the consumer leaving us under the illusion that our diet is perfect. The rotis and chapattis are a part of our diet and this gives us the liberty to have fast food once in a while. However when this power house is faulty in itself the whole diet collapses. The unnecessary mixing of substances to add bulk comes at the cost of life. We have to be careful in the process of getting the rice and wheat grounded. From the cleaning of grains to grinding it the process should be very carefully executed.

2. Fries.


The Fries may seem far from something that gets adulterated but the fact that we expose it to high temperature like when we fry it. They are pre fried in palm oil which is adulterated with lard. This high temperature leads to development of layer on it. This is harmful for humans and not at all meant for ingestion. However the counter argument made to this level of temperature is hardly ever reached. The youngsters have to particular take notice of this as the daily intake of this may harm their on-the-go life style.



Ice-Cream is cold, i know that is not a genius observation but hear me out. It is made in a cold chamber and this gives a chance to add fatty substances to the ice-cream which are not listed as the added ingredients.  The words like pepperoni, butraldehyde, washing powder, Emil acetate, nitrate, ethyl acetate doesn’t sound fun, and they are poison. Along with this we have a special gum, don’t mistake it to be healthy neutralizing agent for it is slow melting and sticky and made from melting some animal body-parts. This makes ice-cream not so tempting now does it? I scream you scream for ice-cream has a totally different meaning in this scenario.

The adulteration in everyday item spoils our will to eat but turning a blind eye to these items is not the answer, you may feel it now but the opinion may change if you are unfortunate enough to land in a hospital. With a little planning and proper execution the adulterations can be totally avoided. The health of everyone is important and this becomes an added responsibility of family.‘ Precaution is always better than cure’, Right?


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  1. Neha Kohli

    November 11, 2013 12:18 pm

    People need serious attention towards the Food and Water Adulteration, more is the adulteration more will be the chances of serious diseases caused by adulterated food and water. If people are aware about the adulteration the chances will be reduced also govt. should take some serious steps to stop the adulteration. I just had a look at the page http://saharaqshopin.blogspot.in/2013/11/menace-of-adulteration.html and came to know what this food can cause.

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