10 Common Reasons for Depressions

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Depression these days is a very common phenomenon, it is found not only in adults but in children as well.  unfilled wishes, broken heart, desires, failed expectations, etc; these are the things which give rise to depression. This depression however takes the human towards their downfall, they lose their original form. When a person is suffering from depression, he would act in a way he has never done before, he or she would say things which he or she has never said before. This depression has such a strong impact on the mind that it can turn a happy go merry optimistic man into a pessimist.

People say that technology has made the human lives much more comfortable, easy and safe than before, it is due to the technology that we are able to complete a task in few minutes which earlier required days to complete. As we have made advancements, at the same times the problems in our lives have increased. These problems are the ones which we have created ourselves; these problems drag us towards depression too. The influence of depression is so strong that the person no longer wants to live his life; hatred, frustration, anger, sleepless nights are the most common symptoms.

The worst thing about human nature is that when they set up a goal they do everything possible to achieve it; they can’t stand failure and rejection. Be it a very small thing or a very big one, the game is always the same. You like something, and then you must have it. You are willing to do anything for it. There are some people who are such extreme that they cross the boundaries of right & wrong and good & evil just for the sake of fulfilling their lust. It is not easy for humans to stand failure, they cannot accept the idea that they have failed in fulfilling their lust. And this is the point where the depression begins, there can be many reasons for depression, the top 10 reasons are:

10. Medications:

Everything has which is giving you a benefit has few draw backs, although there are medications available for all the diseases but those medications do have some drawbacks because they have a very high power, most of the medications have side effects such as lack of sleep, acidity, nausea etc. As a result the person suffers from depression.

9. Chicken:

Chicken has become a very common ingredient in our diet; most of our dishes are made up of chicken. The demand of chicken is increasing so rapidly that the suppliers have to use artificial means for the growth of chicks; they use medications and high laser bulbs which are used as a catalyst to accelerate the growth of chickens. When we eat the chicken, all the effects of the chicken and the medications are experienced by our body and they trigger depression.

8. Sleeping habits:

Our sleeping habits play a very vital role in the generation of Depression, God has made the night to sleep and the day to work. Our body cycle is in such a way that it get maximum energy only when we sleeps at the proper time and then get up at the proper time. Most of the people stay awake entire nights and then they sleep late the next day. By doing this our body cycle get disturbed and this becomes a source of depression for our body.

7. Facebook:

The usage of facebook has grown so much these days that for majority of the facebook users their socializing on facebook is much more important that their real life. It has been find out that the people who have very attractive facebook profile actually suffer from depression and loneliness. It has also been found out that the people who use facebook too much are mostly suffering from depression. The life which is displayed on facebook is fake and it has no reality.

6. Death of someone close:

It is true that life is beautiful only when our surroundings are beautiful, the surrounding refers to the work we do, the place we live, the people we hang out with, our friends, family and loved ones. A loss of someone with whom you were very close takes a person towards depression. Death is bitter reality and it is very hard to accept that the person with who whom you have spent such a long time, whom you loved so deeply is now gone forever and is never coming back. If something like this happens then the places and things which you loved so much become an object of torture for you, and without that person you start feeling lonely or sometimes it becomes very difficult to get over it. Loosing someone also drags a person towards depression.

5. Unfilled expectations:

Life is beautiful for those who do not expect anything from others because if you expect things from others then you will definitely face disappointment. When we start expecting from others we give them the authority to hurt us. Not only with other peoples but the expectations which we have from our life and from our self also becomes a source of impasse. Things do not always happen the way we want them to be, our fate takes unexpected turns and brings us very strange situations in life. These things also lead the person towards depression.

4. Broken relationships:

A man and a woman are meant to be together, they are made for each other and they are incomplete without each other. Love is the most ravishing phenomenon, when we meet our soul mate our entire universe is completed. That one person becomes your entire universe, but when that relationship breaks apart, our heart breaks at the same time. Some people easily come out of it but some people find it very difficult to get over their past relationship. These broken relationships have a very strong impact on their heart, and when they are unable to get over it they gradually fall into depression.

3. Illness:

Life is incomplete without health; in order to enjoy life fully you must have a very good health. Illness is a part of life, it is normal for a person to get ill but if the person suffers from very serious extended diseases then it is natural for him to get despondent. Poor health ruins leads to cautions and they ruin all the excitement of life. Continuous and serious diseases also generate the symptoms of depression.

2. Lack of good looks or beauty:

Believe it or not but good looks matter a lot, those who have good looks enjoy a very warm attention for public but not so good looking people are often side tracked. In professional life good looks do not matter much because there people know you by your skills and abilities but in school, college and other places people often get depressed because they are not admired by others. Especially in youth when the person is going through a complete romantic phase of life.

1.   Not doing what you love:

Somebody once said that if you do something you actually love then you wouldn’t have to work for a moment in your life. Today the pressure of becoming successful has reached its peak that a person who wanted to be an actor is studying medical, someone who wants to be a writer is actually studying engineering and a law students is the Master of Arts. But they do not do what they love; instead they are doing something completely different. As a result, they do become engineer, doctor or lawyer but they do not love their job, they loathe it. Also they would never to able to completely accept their profession. This also leads to depression.


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