10 Common Reasons Why Children Hate their Parents

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Parents love their children unconditionally and expect the same from them. They cater to their child’s every need and fulfil their desires. Despite this, it will be really naive of us to imagine that the children never feel any negative emotions towards us. Obviously they’re humans too and they might have problems with you. In fact when many a time’s when parents go wrong, deep down children start hating them due to varied reasons. Parents love their children no matter what but there may be some reasons that make them hateful to the children. Are you being hated too? Well, read along to figure out why-


Being our guardians, parents have all the right to know what’s going on in our lives but too much of interference gets annoying. Children love their parents but do not want to be treated like kids who are always answerable to them. In their initial stage of growing up they need to be left free to explore things on their own. Trying to get things out of them is not always good. But parents end up doing so and the children thereafter start hating their parents.


Rules and regulations are obviously imperative for bringing up a child. But these should make sense too. You can’t just lock up your children at home and restrict them from going anywhere out. This can affect their mental as well as physical growth. They need to be taught things with love and care. Too much of strictness develops hate in their hearts for the parents.


No matter how much ever discipline you try to teach a child, it can never be done through physically harming them. You need to inculcate good qualities in them with proper understanding. Unnecessary thrashing for silly or petty mistakes is totally uncalled for. Physical abuse damages the child from within and he might end up losing his self-confidence too.


When you have working parents you might have to often compromise on spending time with them. All you see them is when going for work early in the morning and then straight away at night when you’re almost in bed. Well this seems to be pretty harmless but when the children are neglected in this sort by their parents, they lack love. This can even make them think that perhaps their parents never loved them or they don’t hold any value in their lives. An inseparable distance is created between the parents and the child which drifts them apart.


As parents, they have full authority to manage their child’s life. But does this give them the right to overrule it??? No one likes to be dominated. There comes a time when a child needs to learn to make decisions on his own and his decisions need support. Well, some patents fail to understand this and continue ruling a child’s life irrespective of what he wants to do.


partialityHaving brothers and sisters is an advantage for a child but it doesn’t last long if the parents start discriminating among them. Giving preference to one child over the other is too devastating for the one being overlooked. The child feels inferior to his siblings and might even go into isolation.


negativenegativeConstant quarrelling between the parents creates a negative environment at home. Too engrossed in their own problems they start neglecting the child. Also often the rage of the fighting bursts upon the innocent being. A child having to face such a situation can never love his parents. He would prefer his parents getting separated then having to face such a nuisance on daily basis.


What children hate the most are unfulfilled promises. Being promised to something and then not getting the same leads them to believe that their parents are not somebody they can rely on. Often parents have this habit of making such promises which they can’t afford to fulfil. Well, either don’t make them or don’t break them.


If you can’t be an encouraging parent don’t be a discouraging one too. All that children seek from you is your love and support and if you fail to even give that what kind of a parent does it make you??? Instead of being their strength, you end up being their discouragement because all that you do is constantly nag about how useless your child is. You need to learn to motivate your children. They need it the most from you.


When children are in their growing stage of life, they need someone to talk to and answer their unending questions. They experience new things at every stage of life and look up to their parents for everything as their parents are their role models. In spite of this many parents always carry an unapproachable attitude and never spend time in talking to their children. They are not at all open to their kids. No matter how much ever the child carves to but they never talk to their children. This makes the child feel lonely and heart broken.


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