10 Dangers of Using Cellphones

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Cellphones are no longer a luxury; they are a near-necessity and most 21st century cellphone users could be overheard complaining about how crippled they are in nearly all their fields without their cellphones. From the vegetable seller hawking below your fancy-neighborhood apartments who delivers you your sack of potatoes after one call to your snooty boss who would ask for a presentation while you are busy vacationing with your family, everybody today has a cellphones – everyone today needs a cellphone. The absence of one can almost be considered a trait of the dinosaurs and most people would certainly wave the idea of cellphones being ‘dangerous’, calling it ludicrous. But are these technological marvels without any drawbacks? Here’s a list of ten dangers, some so banal you have overlooked while some so unheard of you wouldn’t think they are possible.

10. Addiction.

Tenth-grade students refuse to calculate without their Iphones and teenage lovers wouldn’t drop the phone unless their better half hasn’t. Everyone seems to be glued to their screens these days. Cellphones are as good as a drug if you considered the addiction levels in the masses. Whether it’s scrolling through new messages or even playing a new addictive game (2048 at present?), there are varied reasons to be addicted and it’s not considered an aberration.

9. Lack of Attention

This is probably the most direct and obvious outcome of the previous point and often the most censured one (but alas, only by the elders). The affected groups are not only students and little ones but even regular office goers and stock brokers. Basically, anyone with a cellphone.

8. Behaviour in public areas

This is probably best described with an example. Can you remember that annoying person who banged in to you at the supermarket last weekend just because he couldn’t look up from his screen and see where he was walking? Yes, you get the gist.

7. Disconnection from reality

Cellphone users tend to get so absorbed in their virtual world that they almost always seem to lag in reality. They give you a reply a few minutes after a question has been asked, can always be seen ignoring their surroundings and sometimes have more to do in that virtual world than in the real one. They complete their tasks with an induced dawdle which is often irritable. The fact that so many would rather stick with their cellphones even when there are at least a dozen people around them to talk testifies to lack of realistic connect.

6. ‘Whatsappitis’

This has been making news for some time now. The Lancet, a venerated medical journal, published an article declaring Whatsappitis an actual disease, not a whimsy. After complaints of constant thumb-pain by a 34 year old woman in Granada, Spanish doctors treated the first possible case of Whatsappitis which going by the current popularity of the trends should not be the last. And the treatment wasn’t so surprising after all – some anti-inflammatory steroids and absolutely no cellphone usage.

5. ‘The Economic Danger’

This is not your regular need-to-see-a-doctor kind of danger but this captures your economic vulnerability. People are investing more in phones than sometimes they do in their own child’s education. The concept of buying phones at EMI tells a story that is near shameful. One constantly lives in the fear of their fifty-thousand rupees phone falling down and getting a crack or much worse, being stolen. The fact that so much has been invested for a time period that certainly doesn’t seem to last more than a couple of year these days is almost ridiculous and though you may not need medicines after it, you might want to check your account balance.

4. Theft

A few years ago, jewelery and cash were the things they meant when they announced at public places to ‘take care of your valuables’. Just like in every other sphere, cellphones have found a niche here as well. Cellphones clearly seem to be easier to flick and in one snatch probably provide one with nearly twenty thousand plus. Hold on tight to those expensive phones.

3. Cellphone Driving

We all have probably called/texted while driving. It’s absolutely commonplace. The flipside is that we all also probably know a story of cellphone driving gone wrong. It’s a miraculous feat to split your attention perfectly and in a madly congested road, the last thing you want to do is take your eyes of the blind turn and look for a reply. Little wonder the government has put such hefty fines for mobile driving but it hasn’t done much to hinder the use of cellphones while driving.

2. Sperm Count Deficiency

The little science-y reasons. The last thing you would want is your sperm count reducing only because you stick too close to your cellphone all day. Numerous researches have ascertained a direct relation between heavy cellphone usage and a sperm count deficiency and inferior quality. In fact, there is a web page titled “Cell Phone Radiation Damages Sperm, Studies Show” by the Environmental Working Group.

1. Cancer Risk

This was first put forward by a Danish group’s study that was thoroughly done in 2006. There is a detailed scientific explanation to this but the bottom line of that tedious, laborious explanation is this – cellphone usage at the highest level can lead to an increased risk of cancer. Your cellphones are surely an aid, an almost boon today but the question is – are you willing to die for your cellphone?


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