10 Facts About Barack Obama That You Don’t Know

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The first African American to hold the office as President of United States. Many of love and admire this personality in our real life. Why only us? In fact everyone around the world admires him as their role model. The name of that personality is Barack Obama, real name Barack Hussein Obama Jr. who is the first African American president of United States of America and also 44th and current president serving the country. Everyone is aware with some common facts of his past like he had struggling childhood and he was a lawyer and a professor too before becoming the president. But let’s face it each of us have some weird, funny and unknown facts. No one is totally a piece of nobility and smart by birth. Hence, speaking about Barack Obama even he has some weird funny and unknown facts from which I will disclose the top ten to you now. So go ahead! Read and enjoy yourself.

10. Barry

Barack Obama

Everyone has a nick name, but it’s not necessary that everyone would like it so much that they will make it as their official self name. Here Barack Obama had his name as Barry in his past which was totally like a nickname. Also he was a very good basket ball player in his college days; hence, he was also called as O’Bomber by his college mates and other students of college. Also his previous name was “Barry”. But as it didn’t have much weight-age, he changed his name from ‘Barry’ to ‘Barack’ in college to assert his identity.

9. Dream


We are guided right from our childhood that what our aim should be and how should we get prepared to achieve them and afterwards when we grow up, we start interfering and taking our own decisions. But even tough we are sometimes attracted to do many careers in many different fields and there is a stage in our life when we wish that we could pursue two different fields but we can’t and then we have to be stable at our one decision.Hence, some of us do have our other passion that we wish we would have pursued. In the same way when Barack Obama was been asked as to what would he like to have been, if he were not a president or politician? And guess what his answer would have been, a totally different field of Architecture. He wished that he would have been an architect.It’s weird and appreciating that how would he had made choice from both totally different field of careers right from architect to a professor and then a politician and now the president of the most developed nation of the world.

8. Loving Father

Loving Father

Every great personality have their own family life, which describes their identity as a person to everyone. Family plays an important role in our life where we support, help and care for each other.Hence, the vital part of our family are our mother and father where mother is the one who loves us more than anybody else and a great father always cares for his daughters. In the same way, Barack Obama too loves his daughters a lot. He admires them playing basketball. And even being a president of such developed and Number one economy country, he keeps his everyday night time for his daughters and yeah that’s really very sweet of him. He reads Harry Potter Books to his Daughters every night at the bedtime.

7. An Author

Barack Obama's memoir, "Dreams from My Father."

Did you know our favorite Mr. President is also an author? Yes, Barack Obama has written many books that are excellent. Writing of books is indeed a brilliant skill to enhance literature but also it has an extraordinary power to make people understand or teach some ways with the power of pen and words. Hence, the thought ‘Pen is mightier than sword’ is not in vain and Mr. Barack Obama used it very gratefully. Some of his books written by him include, ‘The audacity of Hope’, ‘Thoughts on reclaiming the American dreams’, ‘of thee I sing’, ‘a letter to my daughter’ and ‘dreams of my father’. Which got good response from public and through which he repaid his student loan just after signing his first deal of his book. Hence, this shows us how dedicated and struggling he was towards his aims.

6. Special Delicacies

Special delicacies

We all like to taste and try new dishes and different tastes of food that are included in food all around the world . It’s like having a food adventure. But tasting and eating some substance that we may have not even thought of is a hard thing to do. But it seems that Mr. Barack Obama had no such fear of that food or have any regret of eating it. How? Let me tell you, While Mr.Barack Obama was enjoying his childhood his family shifted to Indonesia, where he was introduced to different language, culture everything. And as part of living he even tried to have the local delicacies, which included Dog meat, snake meat and the special one roasted grasshopper. That’s true he had them all! Just like Discovery channels, man vs. wild.

5. No shame for hard work

No shame for hard work

Many of us would think it as matter of reputation to work in a hotel or any shop, many may feel embarrassing. But as everyone teaches us that we shouldn’t feel shame in doing any work because every work has it’s importance on it’s place. And again this value is taught by our Mr. President. This is one fact of Mr. Barack Obama that teaches you lot of things that should be adopting for a successful life. He worked in an Ice-cream shop ‘Baskin Robbins’, which is really a great work where we find that he had courage and the only feeling to achieve his goals.And the funny part is that now he doesn’t like or you can say can’t stand the ice-creams and on the other hand his daughters just love Ice-creams a lot.

4. Spider man


Everyone around the world loves spider man. But here adds up a special member to the spider man fan club who is Mr. Barack Obama. Yeah, it’s true Barack Obama is a great fan of the fictional character in the world of super hero’s called ‘Spider man’. He used to collect Spider-man and Conan barbarian’s comics, which is of course now a part of his childhood but at least we know now that he is a Spider man lover.

3. Interesting


Some of his daily and basic facts are that he is left handed and is the very first president of United States to have Blackberry, which he says that he is too much addicted to it. Barack Obama seems to be young generation president as he is the first president of United States to have accounts on social networking sites such as twitter, Facebook and yeah also he uploads videos on everyone’s favorite YouTube. Also, he uses a apple Mac book on his desk. Hence, this shows his connection with modern style and cool gadgets.

2. Grammy Awards

Grammy awards

Grammy Award also originally known as ‘Gramophone awards’ is an accolade by the National academy of Recording arts and sciences of the United States to recognize outstanding achievement in the music industry. In which Mr. Barack Obama won two Grammy awards in the year 2006, for the audio version of his books and memoir, ‘Dreams from my father’ and ‘The audacity of hope’. Grammy Award is a very prestigious award and hence even in the field of arts Barack Obama has his achievements with huge success which is very appreciating.

1. Role models

role models

We all admire and follow footsteps of some person to lead in life, these personalities are no one but our role models for life. We have different and specific role models because our thoughts and ideas match to theirs, and when we follow them we get sure success in our life. In the same way many of us maybe admiring Mr.Barack Obama as our role model for life but have you wondered that what would be his role model’s? Don’t you think you should know them too. Yeah, the person’s that he admires as role models in his life were, Martin Luther king Jr., Mahatma Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln. And the most important thing is that his favorite president is Abraham Lincoln again. Hence, we understand from this that he is a peace lover and finds weapon of Non-violence interesting and useful.


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