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Dolphins are the marine animals which are somewhat related to porpoises and whales. There are around 40 species of dolphins found all around the world in 17 genera. They may be found in various sizes and weights as per their size. They are mostly found in shallower seas and eat fishes and squids. Dolphins are of Greek origin as their name is from Greek word “Delphis” which means “womb” and that is why the meaning of Dolphin can be interpreted as “A fish with a Womb.” There are many interesting facts about Dolphins related to their behavior, vocalizations, behavior, reproduction and sexuality, feeding and many more. This article will provide us with the amazing facts about dolphins that most of us are not aware of. Every animal lover should read this article to know bizarre things about dolphins and to get to know them better.


dolphins are killer whales

Orca, popularly known as killer whales is a member of dolphin’s family. It is basically the largest dolphin found worldwide. Has anyone ever thought that such cute looking creatures can come in a category of killer whales? But it is true! Orca whale which is also known as blackfish belongs to oceanic dolphin family. It is a toothed whale found from Arctic and Antarctic regions to the tropical seas. They are given the name killer whales because they feed on sea lions, walruses, seals and even on large whales for their survival. But still they are considered to be highly social and their sophisticated techniques of hunting have been described as a reflection of the culture.


dolphins can detect bombs

We all have heard about dogs detecting bombs and Sniff mice that can be trained to find explosives. But have anyone of us ever heard about dolphins being trained to detect underwater mines? I am sure most people have no clue about it. Yes! Dolphins are those creatures that can be trained to clear underwater explosives. In fact, the Navy follows the same technique to train the dolphins which they follow to train bomb sniffing dogs. One may find it interesting to know that because of their bomb detecting ability dolphins are also known as the Navy’s secret weapon.


dolphins cannot sleep

Imagine staying awake for five days. It will surely affect our mental health or our state of mind badly. Another random fact about dolphins is that they have the ability to stay awake for a very long time and the minimum of time for which they can stay up is five days straight. Actually, dolphins cannot breathe while sleeping. So, they have to stay awake, as, if they will sleep, it will suffocate them and they can even die. So, the dolphins do not sleep for a long time, and  when they do sleep, they let one half of their brain sleep at a time that is they keep half portion of their mind awake which solves the problem of staying conscious.


dolphins kill their babies

Another weird fact which is very difficult to say is that these lovable creatures can actually be so harsh that they can even kill their own babies. This violent fact about dolphins was taken into consideration when baby dolphins were found dead along with dead porpoises on the beach. Researches were then conducted on the dead bodies in several research centers which proved that dolphins are also among those ruthless animals that kill their babies for existence.


dolphins do not drink water

Thinking of any water animal that does not drink water is like kind of a difficult task to do. How is it possible for any animal living in water 24×7 and not drinking it. Many of us will find it interesting to know that dolphins are the ones that despite of being water creatures are allergic to sea water. If by can chance dolphins consume sea water, they will become seriously ill. Just as sea water does not suit humans, so is the case with dolphins. Sea water is considered to be overrated for dolphins, and that is why they get all their liquid that their body needs through the foods that they intake.


dolphins are intelligent animals

Dolphins are the smartest and the most intelligent marine creatures. It has been proved that dolphins have the ability to understand 60 words at a time and can make about 2000 sentences out of it. The high intelligence that dolphins possess is basically a reaction to the complex marine environment that they face. The brain of the dolphins weighs 2 kilograms more than that of the human brain having same groove pattern as than in humans. Studies have depicted that the auditory areas in dolphin’s brain are much more advanced than humans while the cortex is less developed as compared to humans. Dolphins also possess excellent eyesight and hearing ability and can find the exact location of the objects by using echolocation. They usually communicate with other dolphins by whistling, clicking and making other different sounds. All these features make them sharp and shrewd animals.


pink dolphins are really hard to spot

All of us must have heard about the pink dolphins, but has anyone seen them? I do not think so! Pink dolphins are very hard to spot, and only some lucky people get a chance to actually see them. Chinese white dolphins and Amazon River dolphin are the ones that are referred to as pink dolphins. Chinese white dolphins are mostly found at Pearl River Delta but can also be spotted at breed from Australia to South Africa and Southeast Asia. On the other hand, Amazon River dolphins live in the river systems of Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador and Bolivia.  Pink dolphins have the ability to change their color from gray to pink when they are young which makes it all the more difficult to spot them in pink color. They mostly stay on the surface of the water and can hardly stay underwater for more than four to five minutes, but despite of this they are rarely seen.


dolphins live up to 50 years

Life expectancy of dolphins differs according to different regions as per the conditions prevailing in that region. The maximum age for which dolphins are supposed to live is between forty and fifty years. The average age of dolphins can be calculated from the Annual Survival Rate. Marine biologists have agreed on the total life span of a dolphin to be twenty years to twenty five years which is a lot less than the maximum age. So, no precise method has been found which can help to provide the exact life expectancy of a dolphin.


facts about dolphins mating

Though sexual maturity in dolphins is achieved at the age of ten but they start mating only when they are fifteen. Mating takes place underwater, and it lasts for at least 15 seconds to 20 seconds. The gestation period is of 10 months to 12 months depending on different species. Male dolphin plays no role in taking care of the newborn. The newborn is pushed by the mother at the surface of the water so that it does not take its first breath underwater and then the whole group protects the new mother and the baby dolphin against sharks. It has also been known that dolphins are those creatures that mate for relaxation and not just to breed.


dolphins are popular in human culture

Just as dogs, dolphins are also very popular among humans and can be trained for doing many things same as dogs. Dolphins mostly display a playful childlike attitude towards humans which makes them famous in our culture. These warm blooded animals can be seen riding waves, jumping out of the water, play fighting and interacting with humans where they are domesticated in various big aquariums. Dolphins also show positive attitude to the humans swimming in the sea which proves that they possess very little harm to humans and are friendly towards humans.


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