10 Famous Illuminati Conspiracy theories that may be true

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What if you were to believe that the whole life you led is a lie? What if you were to believe that you existence is highly questioned and you find no proofs for the same? Yes, it sounds as scary as it can. Illuminati, precisely Bavarian Illuminati were a small group of think-tank in Central Europe. These free thinkers were dedicated to talk philosophy and opposed the practice of certain religions. Illuminati conspiracy theories put forward strong points which challenge the very existence of the society. These theories mainly target the elite strata of the society that their (elite class) main aim is to rule the world’s population with a single government, currency, power and own the masses by and large. Illuminati mainly depend on one’s beliefs. It is for you to decide the path. These theories surround the existence of ‘secret societies’ known as Freemasons.

Conspiracy theories are not substantiated based, for without any strong foundation, one cannot keep building towers. These illuminati were called a hoax made up by the Nazis. Thus, this theory when has proof ceases to be a conspiracy theory and begins to take form of a minority view which will later be widely accepted. Here are the top 10 illuminati conspiracy theories:

10. Oklahama City Bombing


One of the major conspiracy theories, a variety of stories has been proposed. Similar to the 9/11 incident, it is believed that a majority of American staff, government and even the then President of the United states Bill Clinton. With the usage of heavy explosives, the conspiracy was quite a shock. Yet, it was also determined that the accused were the sympathizers of the militia government whose motive was to retaliate against the handling of Waco and Ruby Ridge incidents. However the conspiracy theorists raise several questions regarding the inconsistency of the observed and used blasts in the city.

9. Iran-Contra scandal


Another major conspiracy theory of United States, with the involvement of the senior officials in the felicitation of arms; hoped that the sale of these ammunition would secure the release of hostages and allow the US agencies to fund the Nicaraguan Contras. The scandal began with the freedom of 7 American hostages being held by the Iranians. While the then President supported the cause, the evidence is disrupted as to whether he authorized the diversion of the money raised by the Iranian arms sales to the Contras. One of the most disputed conspiracy theories in the history.

8. False Flag Operations

false flag

These are the covert operations executed by the governments, co-operations and other organizations which are misunderstood of having carried out by other enemies. Be it the Pearl Harbor which was an advanced knowledge conspiracy theory or Pan Am 103 conspiracy theory, illuminati has always made its way through these conspiracies. Along with the Communism and Nazi conspiracy theories; Illuminati played a very significant role especially against the United States. The main aim of the illuminati theory is to prove that the ideals of the Americans are wrong and thus, these conspiracy theories are formulated which suggest that the United States knew of all the happenings like False Flag operations wherein they let things happen the way they were planned.

7. The Birthers


During the election campaign of Barack Obama was a time that gave birth to a number of conspiracy theories that he is not a natural-born of United States; born in Kenya and not Hawaii, thus, ineligible to stand for the elections. A number of theories were put forward alleging that his birth-certificates were forged and he could not stand for the Presidential elections. Others also suggested that he took up the citizenship of Indonesia thus, ceasing to be a citizen of United States. These theories were put forward by fringe theorists (also known as birthers) courting that Obama is ineligible to keep the office term. This is one of the most popularly believed conspiracy theories right before the Presidential elections.

6. CIA secret prisoners

CIA secret prisoners

One of the most important conspiracy theories; the black site detainees. A black site is a place where unacknowledged project was executed. The then President of United States, George W. Bush admitted his knowledge of the CIA secret prisoners. The incident gained momentum when the legal status of the black detainees was not clearly defined. A lot of the prisoners are believed to be abducted on non-official grounds. On the basis of United Nations Committee against torture, the United States was recommended to release the detainees and stop the rendering of their torture in the other countries. Indeed, a major conspiracy theory which left a lot if questions in people’s minds.

5. Watergate


Another political scandal occurred in the United States in 1970’s, after the break in at Democratic National Committee headquarters at Watergate complex, Washington D.C. This scandal almost led to the resignation of the then President Richard Nixon after the arrest of 5 men breaking into the Democratic National Committee. It was strongly believed that Nixon had the tape recording system in his office and had recorded many conversations; according to FBI. After a series of bitter court trials, Nixon gave in and resigned on 9th August, 1974 instead of waiting for his impeachment from the government. In spite of a number of third party burglary accusations, this conspiracy theory was highly in demand and in lime light for quite some decades.

4. Faked Moon landings

fake ml

One of the most popularly believed conspiracy theories in the histories; faked moon landings. The Illuminati conspiracy theorists believe that the Apollo program was a fraud put up by the NASA and other organizations. Apollo program is believed to have changed the history of America and mankind. This space race with the then Soviet Union was scouted to be a hoax and gained popularity as a conspiracy theory.  Known as ‘Did we land on the moon?’ narrates the story of how the NASA faked the moon landing to win the Space Race. Conspirators managed to pull over the story for over 4 decade’s in spite of the third party evidence. This theory was very much alive till recently when NASA released high definition pictures of the Astronauts landing on the moon.

3. New World Order

new world order

The most famous conspiracy theory of many philosophers and mainly that world will be governed by a single government i.e., creation of a world government. This government is to undermine Americans,
American policies, American democracy and American freedom which will ultimately result in an Apocalypse. Sounds bizarre, doesn’t it? Yes, since its inception, American politics is highly built on the foundations of mistrust among politicians. Thus, through the concept of New world Order, the Illuminati conspiracy theorists plan to bring about the change in the society.

2. John F Kennedy Assassination

kennedy assntn.

One of the major principles of Illuminati has been the goal to undermine America. With successive conspiracy theories, it has been proved time and again that the conspiracy theories can create an enemy to fight against or create a friend to help for life. The assassination of the late President John F Kennedy on November 22, 1963 was all in all suggested as a conspiracy theory. Also, the autopsy states that the bullet has not entered his rear side of the head from Oswald’s (the assassinator) direction. Since the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald a few days later, the truth was buried with him. With a virtual certainty, the world, unfortunately knows only little about the conspiracy behind the murder.

1. 9/11 truthers


While conspiracy theories surrounding the 9/11 attacks vary greatly, a number of theories are proposed and proven; the US Government either was the master brain behind the attacks or already knew its occurrence and let it happen on purpose. Also, the conspiracy theory believes that the ultimate objective of the attack was to justify the initiation of the Middle East wars between Afghanistan and Iraq. Even for the Americans, this ‘conspiracy theory’ stands true in many cases and thus, the distrust over the government. Yet, this isn’t the first such conspiracy theory; since Pearl Harbor attacks, conspiracy theories were being put forward which always proved to be futile.



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