10 Feminine Fads Men should not Copy

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“Hey! Listen! I am going to get a tattoo of my favorite brand! Getting a tattoo is the ‘in thing’!” Youngsters talking this way about the latest fads and trends is something we see every other day. Thanks to peer pressure!  Fads are inspired by the desire to be cool, the desire to be hip and happening, the desire to catch up with the ongoing trend and the desire to fit into the crowd. A fad catches on, when a significant number of people are following it and it becomes the talk of the town. It randomly starts out and becomes the hot, noticeable thing! They come to typify a certain period of time and become popular in a particular region and culture. We have all heard the ‘bellbottoms fad’ right? It was an instant hit the world over! From Elvis Presley to our very own Big B, Amitabh Bachchan. Many Elvis impersonators tried to emulate his personality, his glasses and the oh-so-famous sideburns. It is something they still do, even kids. Looks like his style will never be forgotten!

While few fads become memorable and etched in time, few go away in no time. They are as easily forgotten as they became popular, and the people who got into this ‘fad mania’ may later be embarrassed to have been part of it! This is especially true when it comes to a fashion fad.It is so common to commit a faux pas. And the highly intolerant fashion police are going to scrutinize you, criticize you and make sure you never commit such a blunder again! We see so many fashion statements of celebs gone wrong! Sometimes we try to get in their shoes and mess up with our looks. Anyway, this article is about ten infamous feminine fads that men must never copy. They are very feminine and a macho man trying it out will totally rip his ‘hunk’ image off! So, the guys out there! Watch out for these!


10. Sporting big and coloured shades


It started a long time ago, and it makes a comeback every time it fades out. Wearing big, colourful and expensive sunglasses is a remarkable fashion statement, to make! Besides, celebrities are hard to spot without sunglasses on! If you wear them, it’ll make you cooler. Well, wearing classic sunglasses in something men should do. But if they wear shades of pink, like women do, it does not look cool! Sunglasses are a must for stylish men, but they should buy the right ones and wear them right.

9. Draping a scarf


Scarves were a big trend this year and owning one meant you’re stylish! To be frank, this point is like a contrast. Yes, men wearing scarves adds aplomb to their appearance and it has health benefits during winter. But it all lies in the way one wears it! It also depends on what kind of scarf, the material, the length etc. that you choose that can make it effeminate or rugged. Airy, see-through scarves, scarves with bold or floral prints and long scarves with many fringes are NOT for men!

8. Slipping casually into Crocs


Crocs sold out a lot, the previous year. It turned out to be a very comfy casual wear which you can wear when you are chilling out. Plus, they are not very delicate and you can wear them everyday because they are durable. How did this fad even begin? One may wonder! Well, it is not a good sight to see men of all ages wearing big, bright coloured crocs. It is supposed to be worn in your garden! Not when you go out! There is nothing classier than a man wearing elegant leather shoes.

7. Blow-drying your mane!


There are so many men out there who grow their hair long and straighten it, to stand out from the crowd and appear ‘cool’! Believe me, it is too girlish to do this! Hair straightening is something women do, to make their frizzy hair appear well settled. Men straightening their hair gives their look a feminine touch.

6. Going neon, so not macho!


Neon was everywhere this year! From bags, to slippers, to tee shirts and to jeans. And if you were a victim of this, you would probably feel like throwing it to the trash now! Neon is meant for teenage girls! The men shouldn’t even think about wearing anything neon. Bright green, yellow and pink are not the colours a macho man should sport! Classic and sober colours should do the trick.

5. Say no to skinny, coloured jeans and cavaricci pants!


Skinny jeans are the fashion essentials for the ladies. They accentuate the feminine physique. Men should not wear skinny jeans. They don’t have the curvy physique that women do and it makes them look a tad awkward if they wear a pair. They should go for something that suits their frame and something they can carry off with elegance. Men look good in relaxed, straight cut jeans. Skinny jeans do not go very well with the classic cut boots that most men wear. Coloured, neon jeans are soon becoming the next big thing among teenage girls. Men wearing these is a serious blunder!

Cavaricci pants and jumpsuits were quite common among the latest fashion trends. Cavaricci pants are quite comfortable for women. They are loose at the thighs and narrow down near the legs. Men must stay away from them!

4. Sheer clothes- bare necessities?


Sheer clothes are in great demand this season. So many of them, in different fabrics, colours and prints, are stacking up in leading apparel showrooms. They look delicate and graceful. They are probably the most feminine in the clothes category. Slowly, the men are catching up with this trend too and do not want to be left behind! But hey, hold on! It is not advisable for the men to go sheer and bare it all! It does not make a pleasant sight!

3. Putting up selfies as your display picture


Uploading your display picture on Facebook or Whatsapp is a girl’s everyday thing! Different poses, different makeovers and different looks! Many girls usually go for selfies. They click their own pictures from different angles and put them up. Many of them click mirror images. Women clicking self pictures in restrooms and locker rooms became a widespread fad. It is an ultimate symbol of narcissism. Men look better when they are flamboyant and natural. Being too obsessed with themselves and putting up selfies takes away the gentleman image!  A man caring too much about how he looks is not a pretty thing to hear!  It is usually a woman who stares endlessly in a mirror.

2. Going in for nail paint- seriously?

nail art

Nail art is a very admired fashion fad. It is very sophisticated and creative.  Many young girls get their nails painted and it is a very time-engaging thing to do. The intricacies and the details, wow! Getting a manicure, polishing your nails and painting them colourfully, is a very girly and feminine thing to do! It is hard to believe a few men are trying this out! If a man paints his nails artistically, it might appear as if he is completely out of his mind. These days, fingernails and toenails are seen as important points of beauty in girls. Men wearing nail paint is just so ridiculous!

1. Making the duck face- no pout please!


The ‘pout’ pose goes back to Marilyn Monroe’s time. It is a famous, girly pose. Many famous celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson strike the pouty lips pose. The pout is thought to grab a man’s attention.  Men find a woman’s lips very attractive, and so, the pout works every time.  But generally, a duck face looks very unnatural. Men making duck faces is an eyesore! Men should carry of off a cool, natural look, one that brings out the charisma in them.

Well, I hope that men stay away from the above fads and pull off the right look!


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  1. Clay Richard

    May 5, 2014 3:01 am

    Ah, so you set the standards of masculinity for all men! You do realize that many of these things are popular with gay men. I bet you’re a closeted self loathing gay man criticizing all the desires you hate in yourself.

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