10 Funniest Incidents that can Happen with you

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Life, for most of us, is a humdrum affair of monotonous routine activities. Wake up at 8, get ready for work, slog through the day pleasing your boss, meeting deadlines, and come back home, spend some time with family. No fun, nothing adventurous to look forward to. All you crave for is for some way to erase the boredom. Laughing at others’ expense becomes the treat of the day! That’s right. If you can outsource everything- knowledge, business, and people- why not some fun? It’s free, won’t cost you anything. We are all familiar with the phrase ‘Smile a lot, it doesn’t costs anything’, then why not apply it and give yourself a treatment that you deserve.

Thinking how your lives can can be funny instead of a conundrum of boring affairs? Here’s a list of some funniest incidents that can happen in your life and make it brighter and worth slogging through. They might be embarrassing at times. But, what is maturity if not being able to laugh at one’s own self?

10. Hard of Hearing?

hard of hearing

     It often happens, that even though you are not hard of hearing, but sometimes the words just do not register right in your mind. Drastic miscomprehension of the statements can be extremely hilarious. Your friend is talking about something, and your mind is fathoming it all wrong, taking you in an entirely different realm. He could be talking about proposing some girl, and you think he is talking about your sister. What ensues is mayhem of “How could you, man?” and “What the freaking hell is wrong with you? Do you love her too?” Imagine the thought of loving your own sister…that way!

9.  Everything is edible; some things are only edible once

everything is edible; somethings are only edible once

You are in your neighbor’s house. Since you are new to the locality, it’s kind of a welcome dinner from their side. Now, the dreadful moment is when your hosts get up to lay down the meal. The terror of entering an unchartered territory enters your mind, because you don’t know what kind of food will be served to you. A babe in the woods, you have no option to recline. And when you the food, your fears are confirmed. That’s the moment when you learn to say “The food is awesome, your husband is a lucky man!” with a mouthful and tears in your eyes. Your insides are churning, but with a smile on your face. And then, “You are not even eating. Here, let me serve you.” Believe you me, later on, such incident will make you laugh till your stomach aches, and reminds you of that food again!

8. Running away from home, only to return back at the end

running away only to come back

Sometimes, and this is most common with teenagers, you feel like your family is driving you crazy. All are ignorant of your demands, and there is no light anywhere. Being a huge fan of Bollywood, you take inspiration, pack a small bag filled with nothings and run away. Out on streets, you realize you are a freaking idiot because you have no money. Meanwhile, your family discovers the ‘note’ you left for them. And because they are family, they know you’ll come back the same way you went. When you are exhausted, you return back, tiptoe to your room, only to be caught with smug faces of everyone. It might be embarrassing at the time, but the next time you think about running away, you will laugh at the scene you created last time. Some funny incidents are actually educational!

7. Forced to dance in a wedding

forced to dance

In a wedding, there are people as ‘relatives’ whom you have never seen in your entire life. But suddenly they start behaving like your best buddies. You’ll be pulled to the dance floor. Now, they don’t know you suck at moving your limbs. But you are trapped. You start dancing, the common wedding style with hands up and jumping up and down. Chances are people might stop looking at the couple and focus on the dancing clown. Embarrassing as hell, the laughter that trails and the memories of this dance will tickle you forever.

6. Uncle, you here? In the bar?

uncle, you here in the bar

When kids grow up, the most haunted place by them is any place where they can get alcohol, and girls in case of boys. Adults forget that even though their own kid is small, there are friends whose kids are grown up and inhabit such place. You are married, almost 35, and walk into a strip club with a nonchalant gait, only to share a table with your colleague’s son, availing the same services as you. Think of the awkwardness of the moment. What do you say, “How‘s school, son?” ? The worst part is that you are always afraid that the other may tell on you. Facing the same friend and his son is a herculean task, while the kid is having a gala time!

5. Being mistaken for someone else

being mistaken for someone else

Wise men have said that every individual has seven people in this world who look exactly like him. You never know when your look like may cross you path.It’s a usual day, you are walking down the street singing to yourself. Suddenly a lady comes to you and starts talking like she has known you forever. And when you try to tell her that you are not who she thinks you are, she feels you are pulling her leg. First thought? “Who the hell played this prank on me?” The woman isn’t willing to listen anything and drags you with her to her house for a cup of tea. She thrusts her shopping bags on you, as if you have been doing this for her for your entire life,and you have no other option but to follow the madwoman. And as soon as she unlocks the door of her house, all your friends come out of nowhere and laugh their stomach out at you freakish expression and hands with ladies’ bags. no doubt this will rubbed in on you for a long, long time, and will remain on your list of funny incidents. Okay, maybe list of embarrassing moments!

4. Horror movie? Nah dude, it’s funny!

A group of friends can turn a tragedy into comedy. What’s a horror movie, then? Watching a movie like Grudge or Evil Dead, with your buddies, can make the most gross movie the funniest movie you have ever watched. Predicting the twists, making fun of the make up of the ghost, or acting like one, hooting in the theater, the horror loses it’s control. Chances are that you might be laughing your guts out in a scene where a person is possessed by a evil spirit and is making terrible threats. Definitely a memorable and fun-filled movie time!

3. Games of love

Difficulty in proposing a girl you like? You take a few shots, to gather courage. Call up the girl to meet you. She comes with her friend. You are too hazed to make out the difference between the two, and end up proposing the wrong one. Depending on the kind of people involved, the entire situation can be one hilarious incident, or a lost love forever. And if the people are sporty, they’ll laugh their entire lives. ” Hey, remember when you almost married my friend thinking she was me?” This rub in will remain as long as your love remains!

2. The wrong twin

the wrong twin

You have twin brother/sister? This can be deliberate or by chance. Often, twins are mistaken for each other, and they take full advantage of it, specially kids. Let’s say there are two kids, twins, Brian and John. Mother calls out, “Brian, drink your milk else you won’t be allowed to play!” You go and say,”Mommy, you just made me drink this”. Switch places with your brother as soon as your mother isn’t watching and keep repeating this. Saved from drinking the distasteful liquid, without getting caught! Let Mommy think which one’s making a mess, and repeat the same thing when she catches one of you. God help parents who have twin children!

1. Someone falls off a stool

falling off a chair

This is the dumbest, yet the most laughed at incident. When the person in front of you, in an attempt to sit on the stool, mindlessly sits in air and falls with a thump, your first reaction is to laugh crazy than help him get up. It never fails to amuse, even when told again and again. “Remember when you thought the air was a chair? ” Truly, some incidents never stop being funny. Evergreen, old is gold!

These are a few incidents that can spice up your life, and give you some memories to tickle you and make you show your teeth when the monotony prevails and there is nothing to look forward to. If God is watching us, why not entertain him?


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