10 Gifts That Say I Care

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Valentines day is not around the corner but don’t be a cheap skate, you need not wait for February fourteenth to show your loved ones you care. Birthdays, anniversaries, special days are the best occasions to shower them with tonnes of gifts, however if you are up for it, you don’t even need an occasion to express your love.
Gifts that are personalized are special and meaningful. It is generally these gifts which we cherish the most. It should be special to both you and the lucky receiver. If the gift has no meaning it ceases to hold relevance to your cause.

10. A mixed tape

As cliche as that is, it is an interesting way to show affection. The music you put on the mixed tape must be relevant to you and the receiver. The songs should either remind you of that individual or hold some special meaning to you both. If you fall short of music pieces you could always include some good music in there, like the Beatles, nirvana , pink Floyd and whatever else is not justin beiber or one direction. If you posses any musical talent you could also play or sing some music, or record a personal message. Making the gift from you takes a lot more effort than simply signing your name on the card

9. Collages

If you and/or the receiver are one of those who are great fans of taking pictures, a collage is just the thing for him or her. You can easily create a collage either online or even on your phone. Many photo shops also provide this facility. Personalised tshirts are just creepy, as do you really want both your faces plastered on an unattractive T-shirt for everyone to see? Collages on the other hand help you recall many fond memories. It also does not to be in the form of a picture. The collage could be done on a mug, blanket, pillows or even coasters.

8. Cupcakes

Cup masses are delicious, hence hard not to love. They come in everyone’s favourite flavours and its even possible to ice them with pictures or cute messages

7. Flowers

Flowers are overrated. They’re super cliche an boring, but if you do it right they could be very meaningful. If you are giving someone flowers add a small personalised card to it, and maybe a small gift as well. Some people have so many things that it’s hard to give them anything. Hence perishable gifts are ideal, as they can still enjoy it but they don’t take up any space. They have to be able to make people happy, after all, all the cheesy boyfriends bring flowers.

6. Home baked goods

If you have a talent for cooking you could simply bake a yummy batch or cookies, cakes, the works. Even if you haven’t baked before or aren’t a distinguished chef you can still pull out a recipe and give it a shot,however if you have a special talent for burning things,as a safety precaution you could opt for other types of gifts.

5. Cards

Either a hand picked card with a soulful, maybe even funny personal message inside or a card you have made yourself. People will know you can when they see that you have taken the time out to put together a bit for them. Funny, cute colourful cards do the trick especially when accompanied by a box of chocolates.

4. Something they’ve wanted

If you can remember anything that the receiver has mentioned wanting or wished for I don’t know why you even bothered thinking of anything else. This will make the receiver feel that their conversations are important to you. They will be so glad that you remembered this one passing comment and have gone one step ahead and even got it for them. It will make them feel important to you, and know that you care.

3. Scrapbooks

If this person is someone you know very well and have lots of fond memories with, you can put pen to paper and make a scrap book of your relationship. You can plaster he pages with pictures, cartoons, anything you like really. Preferably write a few nice things about that person, people like to hear positive things about themselves.

2. Personal items

If you have something that you feel is important to you and if that person is important enough you could give it to them. It’s probably the greatest token of appreciation. But while doing this make sure the receiver knows that what you are giving them is a prized treasure of yours,you don’t want them to think you are a cheap skate who is just getting rid of old stuff.

1. A date

I know it’s corny but the greatest gift you can give someone is time. If this is someone you care about, and if the feelings are reciprocated, no material possession could triumph over a few hours with you. Plan an outing, maybe a meal at a nice place, a swim together or even just going for a picnic. You could bring cake and maybe some balloons and make a party out of it! We’re all very busy with our own lives that we seem to neglect meaningful human contact. The receiver will cherish this gift the most as instead of reminding them of fond memories, you’d be creating new ones.



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