10 Habits of Guys that Girls just don’t Get

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As a major liquor brand says, “Men will be men”, we totally agree that. Take a look at all the men around you. Father, uncle, brother, cousin, boyfriend, husband, neighbors and one thing you will find common- their annoying habits. Men crib about women all the time and keep complaining about their habits, but nobody, not even men themselves can deny that they require women in every step they take. Well, even we cannot deny that at times they are absolute Prince Charming, but most of the times they behave like annoying devils. They have some absolutely annoying and weird habits that we, women will never be able to make sense of. Let’s finally speak for ourselves and discuss elaborately those habits of guys which will never change!

10. Wife/ Girlfriend jokes

No matter how hard we work for them day and night, men will always crack jokes on their partners or wives as if their life has turned to a hell ever since they have got married. Why can’t they straightaway accept that the little discipline they have in their lives is because of their female counterparts? As long as these jokes stay in their friends circle, we are okay with that. Things get really annoying when they will crack jokes on wives in family gatherings and parties which they attend with their partners. So, we cook for him and his family day and night, take care of their needs, never forget their birthdays and anniversaries, run errands all day and what not? Aren’t you satisfied yet?

9. One Word Replies

What is it with men and one-word replies? They always seem to be in a silence zone and find it very difficult to talk or take part in a conversation properly. “Yes”, “No”, “Yeah”, “Huh” are their best friends. No matter how serious conversation you are trying to make, they will find solace in annoying others with this habit of giving replies in one word or shortest possible sentences. And no, it is not like they are in a bad mood or depressed. One word replies are very common to them even when they are happy. Men, care to explain?

8. “My Mother is the Best cook”

Dear Men,

We put lots of efforts into each dish that we cook. Remember the first time we met your family and we were asked about a dish with an unpronounceable name? We immediately rushed back home and Googled the recipe. Or how about those times when your friends dropped by without any notice and in such a short time

We cooked the best we could just to save your grace? You see, we all are independent beings but still we cook every dish with a lot of love and effort. The next time, can you please stop making us feel like fools and amateurs compared to your mother and make a nice gesture by at least appreciating thee efforts we have put in? We will be thankful.


7. ‘Match’ Made in Heaven

Yes, we all worship cricket. But men make it a point to watch every sport that exists. Cricket, football, hockey, kabaddi, volleyball, basketball and every other possible sport that the idiot box telecasts. We are still okay with that. The problem is that men tend to forget the real world and enter into a lucid world, where as if they are present in the stadium itself. You cannot get the remote or expect any help from them. Wait, that’s not all. The weird creatures will call up their friends in important matches and watch together. The result? The perfectly decorated house will turn upside down (okay, not literally) and resemble a fish market after they leave. Why can’t you guys just go out and enjoy the match in some giant screen outside?

6. Unaware about Household Chores

Men, you need to understand that you are not the sole working person in the house. There are other people working too. So how can you be so unattached and uninformed about your own household? You don’t know anything about what is being cooked, or what your children are doing, that your mother was ill earlier during the day. When you actually get into a conversation with men about their households, it is likely that the speaker will feel as if the person concerned dwells in another planet. My father once had admitted me to the 2nd standard, when he was supposed to get me admitted to the 3rd standard and buy books for the same. High time!

5. Infidelity

Men will do everything and even go out of their way to woo a girl and earn her faith. Yet studies show that infidelity is more common among men than women. Where’s the logic, dear? Why do you need to cheat at all when you have a beautiful and dedicated partner already? On second thoughts, why did you have to woo your girl at the first place if infidelity is your thing? The answer to this shall remain forever unknown and unexplored.

4. Get Drunk Irresponsibly

Common trait in men. They will get drunk as if they have a tanker inside their tummy and once the intake level crosses their inbuilt capacity to store liquor, they will start doing all weird things and annoy others. Especially, when it is a treat from somebody else, men forget that they have to get back home. What is most annoying is when they keep on drinking in flights just because free drinks are served. That looks really cheap. But no matter how hard we try to explain to them, nothing actually works!

3. Selective Permeable Ears

As if one word replies were not enough to annoy us, man seriously have a problem with their hearing capabilities too. It is strange how we keep on speaking but men hear only in bits and parts and later come asking about details of the conversation. Isn’t it really frustrating? Okay, leave aside normal conversations. Even when you are fighting and shouting at the top of your voice, it is still the same with them. They do not take in everything. Please go get an ear check up!

2. Indiscipline

No matter how much we criticize men for their indiscipline, it will seem less. Visit a bachelor’s room or leave your house to the man for a week. It spells disaster in big, bold letters. They can never keep anything gin place, not even their own things. Unpolished shoes, smelly socks, wet towels, razor blades on the couch, unwashed utensils, worn clothes in the bucket- these are few examples of how irritatingly undisciplined men can get. What we don’t get is how can someone not arrange their OWN things?

1. Romance is Always about Sex

This is the most irritating thing in men! Romance is NOT always about sex. There are times when we girls just want to lie down next to you, cuddle with you, have a drink, whisper sweet nothings, get a little naughty and flirt with you guys. On cold nights, we just want to sit with you next to the fireplace or go for long romantic walks. So the next time, we girls drop in a gesture that we want to get a little romantic, please do not run to the nearest chemist shop!



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