10 Hollywood Movies Which shouldn’t have Released

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We all have had few bad experiences with the movies we sometimes choose. The movies sometimes turn out to be disastrous to be called a disaster. This makes us wonder if it was at all worth paying for it, or if we watch it at home the sheer waste of time and ensuing depression is just too hard to tolerate. The falling standards of Indian movies made us shift to Hollywood. Most of us like the no nonsense, limited songs and cut-to-the chase stories. But here is the surprise person. What we see is crème-de-la-crème of Hollywood with some mediocre movies making its way in. But the sheer stupidity of some Hollywood movies will make you love Bollywood. Here is the list of all time low of Hollywood. For your own peace of mind and sanity


10. The Wild World Of Bat-woman.( 1996)

Wild world of batwoman

With the popularity of Batman television series, Jerry Warren directed this movie. However he was sued for copyright infringemennt. And the movie was renamed as she was a Hippy Vampire. The villain monster was taken from the movie The Mole People. The director had a bad reputation for holding on the lines of actors as a threat and if someone pushed him too hard he cut their lines. The actress was of the opinion that the script was like memorizing a telephone directory with random words out of nowhere. A company develops atomic hearing aid that allows limitless eavesdropping capacity.  It is powered by plutonium. The Government refuses to buy this and the villain comes in to buy the same from. Bat-women recruit Batgirls to protect the device. The uneven storyline is hard to handle. The action, acting and music are not in sync. This makes for a horrible movie experience

9. Turks in Space.

Turks in Space

The Turkish star wars. It is so called because of its unabashed illegal use of unauthorized footage from star wars. It has few shots taken right of from the loved Star War series. It starts with a spaceship crashing on a different planet of dessert land. They are shocked at this sudden turn of events. The star war scene is shown here at the crash scene. This is followed by a fight with horse ridden headless zombies, a fight for human brain , a wizard from 1000 years back, the fight for friendship, seduction and freedom with a message. The whole story is a stretch out with no backbone and no connection.

8. Anne B Real (2003)

Anne B real

It was a dramatic coming of the age movie. Sometimes the storyline can be good but actors, screenplay and uneven music makes it a torture. The story is a shameless portrayal of a teenager who faces the world with her secret, Anne Frank’s diary. The movie was criticized for its harsh language and the very real-life story without sugar coating.

7. Going Overboard ( 1989)

Going overboard

Adam Sandler in his debut made it to the list of movies which should not have released ever. Seems tough to believe? The disaster with this movie was that it was entirely shoot on a cruise with Miss Universe pageant on it. Thus the movie was surrounded by beauty. The cameraman forgot to pack the lenses and hence the whole movie was shot with wrong lens giving it a headache-inducing quality. It’s a story about a struggling comedian on a cruise who tries to prove his talent, faces ups and downs in the process and in the end finds his talent, saves a girl and well, that it.

6. Birdimic; shock and Terror( 2010)

6Birdemic shoch and horror

Based on The Birds written by Alfred Hitchcock. It’s a horror Romantic story noted for its poor quality. The story is a romantic tale about a software developer and a model. As the love blossoms the horror part creeps in. In the lovey dovey phase we see birds being washed up on the shore and bird corpse and un-explained fire. Then suddenly the fire spitting eagles and vultures attack the city, they explode on hitting the ground. The couple try to escape from them fight them off. They end up on a beach with few kids, settle down there fishing for survival. The birds enter from somewhere and attack they are thwarted off by the Doves who come into the picture out of nowhere. Movie ends with birds flying off into sunset.. It’s one of the Worst movies of all time.

5. The Hottie & Nottie (2008)


Paris Hilton makes the list again. With 9 Razzie nomination with 4 wins, worst actress, worst screen couple. The story line seems human as there is beautiful girl, her ugly friend, Ugly like the ugly duckling. The Guy like beauty but beauty refuses to date unless the beast gets a date. The guy gets to work. It’s all ok till here but the ugly is replaced by gross and the scenes are puke worthy. This is perhaps a torture which will be remembered by its grossness and nastiness

4. Manos: The hands of Fate (1966)

4. Manos the hands of fate

Harold P Warren:  Director, Producer, Writer and actor. This horror (no pun intended, it actually was a horror movie) movie was made as a result of a bet, with limited budget and no experience or knowledge in film-making what-so-ever. The plot revolves around a family on road trip. They get lost in Texas dessert region. Finally the reach an inn which has a notorious reputation. The devils at the inn plan to do evil with them and the family tries to escape. The movie has non rythemetic music, connectionless dialogues, and un-synchronized scenes. The movie was just released in personal theaters and buried into history. Later the Mystery science Theater appearances and DVD release made it popular. This movie is placed in worst movie list of all times.

3. Pledge this 2006

3. Pledge this

With Paris Hilton as a star and Executive producer, the bomb went out without a fizz. The reception to the hotel heiress was so poor that movie went straight to videos. The movie was a disaster in term of acting script and well release and promotion. More in eye of storm was the fact that this was supposed to be Hilton’s debut. But due to the want of more nudity and Hiltons refusal with the hurricanes in florid, House of wax became the debut vehicle for Hilton. The fans got confused and finally the producers got their way and added the controversial nudity and sold it as an R-rated video. Paris did not attend its preview and was sued for dishonoring the contract. The movie plot is scripted around sorority, bad-mouthing, stabbing in the back. The plot was unhealthy and doesn’t need more description because frankly there is nothing more to add.

2. Disaster Movie (2008)

2. Disaster Movie

Kim Kardashians debut in a feature film; it tanked at the Office and is considered as one of the worst movies of all time. It’s a parody with dis-oriented chain of events it starts in 10,001BC with a caveman escaping a predator. He is then seen in fight with wolf. He then sees a saber-tooth Amy Winhouse, she is drinking gasoline. After that he is told that world is destined to end on 29 August 2008, the release date. We wish the world ended the day this movie was written. We have many events like super sweet sixteen party for 25 year old, Hannah Montana cursed to death and reveled to be Miley Cyrus, we have sex and city stars, chipmunks and kung fu panda. The movie has step-up 2, Hellboy and Iron man trying to save the world. The only superpower this movie has is the ability to make you reconsider the way you make life decisions.  The award list is 6 Golden Raspberry Award Nominations.

1. Super-babies; Baby Geniuses 2, (2004)

1. Superbabies- Baby Geniuses 2

The title makes you wonder, why would I want to see it? The pathetic story line is a bummer but the fact that there were two parts of this makes you flabbergasted. The story is about four babies who have many secrets which they can convey to each other by well, baby talks. They collaborate and fight a devil with a plan. They get mixed up with media guy Biscane who has an evil agenda. The genius is again supported by ancient hero baby who happens to be super strong as he drank some weird chemical potions. This baby hero is Kanes brother. Biscane plans to kidnap kids and brainwash them to watch television all the time and not do anything else ever. The snooze fest of a story line makes you wonder why waste 20 million dollars for this. The awards on its mantle are four nominations to Golden Raspberry Awards and whopping eight nominations to Stinkers Bad Movies award. Needless to say it had a negative reception all over the world.


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