10 Ideas for a house warming party

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Want to organize a house – warming party and get all the compliments? House- warming party is an amazing way to know your neighbors and know them. It is also a great way to show your neighbors your beautiful house. If you are thinking of ways that will leave your neighbors in awe then you don’t have to worry much cause we have these 10 ways which will surely help you to organize an amazing house warming party. Read on and impress your neighbors.

10. Invitation cards

The most important task before organizing a party is to make a list of the people you want to invite for the house warming party. If you do not want any problem with any neighbour in future do not miss them. Revise the list. Now when you have made the list, you have to make the invitation cards. There are very creative ways to make invitation cards. You can cut a card sheet in shape of a house add glitters and colourful papers on it, write an invitation note and your invitation card is ready to impress your neighbours.

9. Open house party

If you are organizing a party in the evening and if you have a nice backyard to flaunt then an open house party is what you need to plan for. Put adequate lightning. If you have trees in your backyard decorate them with lights and frills. A barbeque is a perfect option for a open house party. This kind of party is most suitable when you have a large gathering and you have no plans for house games.

8. Casual Party

If you are not in mood to unpack then this kind of party is the best for you. Everyone can understand that it is a hard job to move and tiring too. So even if you have unpacked boxes in your houses you can throw a party. A dinner is good enough to know your neighbours. A great idea for those people who do not have time to unpack their knick knacks is to organize a simple dinner party for the neighbours with light music.

7. Theme for the party

When you have decided whom to invite and what kind of party you are going to throw then it is time to decide a theme for your party. Don’t go for weird or too classy themes. House warming parties are great with very casual and simple themes. You can organize a formal party too by having a sit down brunch and you can even have wine tasting sessions where you and your guests can talk about your new house.

6. Decoration

You do not want to fill your house with all kind of decorations. Your guests are coming to the party to see your house and if you hide your house behind too much decoration, the party will not be of any use. Keep the decoration to minimum. Get a house warming party banner for the house entrance, light some candles on the tables and decorate the vases with flowers and now you are all set with the decoration.

5. House tours

The essential part of a house warming party is organizing a house tour. You have to keep a back-up host who can attend the new guests arriving and look for the needs of other guests. If you want to attend the new guests you can assign the house tour duty to a family member or a friend. You can also allow your guests to see the house by themselves. If you have made renovations in your house, then put some before renovation pictures on each door of the room.

4.  Party essentials

When you have moved to a new place, you already have lots of work to do. If you will use your house dishes to serve the guests you will be left with piles of dishes to be washed after the party gets over. So it is advisable that you use paper plates to serve the food. Paper napkins are also must if you do not want to wash clothes napkins. Keep a dustbin nearby so that your guests do not have to find a place to keep their plates or throw away their napkins.

3. Activities and games

If you do not want your guests to get bored at the party you need to keep them busy with some fun games and activities. You will not need to think of many games as the chit- chats, drinks, food and the house tour will keep your guests busy. But then why do you want to waste the opportunity to organize a game night along with a house warming party? games are best way to have fun with people and it also helps us to get them know better. Games like truth and dare or others which requires less set up time should be preferred.

2. Food

The most important part of organizing any party is the food. If you are thinking about what kind of food you should serve then we have solved your problem. You should serve something that does not require much effort and time and which can be serve as a buffet. You do not want to spend your time in kitchen when you have guests in the house. Use starters like fruits, nuts, crackers or fries. You can also make little tea sandwiches and include desserts like dip chocolate sticks.

1. Expressing thanks

If your friends are helping you move in you have to be grateful to them and you can show it by giving them small gifts. You should also not forget to thanks your guests for coming to your house and making the party wonderful.


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