10 Ideas for Kids Birthday Party

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Is it the birthday of one of your kids? Are you worried about the party? I am sure it is not easy to plan and organize a birthday party, especially for kids. Being the host for the party, you may get a lot of stress. The only way to avoid is plan everything well in advance and arrange all the things. Send invitations to all the friends and relatives you want to invite at least two days before the party day. Arrange everything you need for decorating and keep goodie bags/boxes filled for all the guests. Buy everything you need for cooking for the party. Arrange maximum you things you can before the party day. On the day of the party, do the remaining and you will see yourself being perfect. Here are some amazing ideas you can implement on your child’s birthday.

10. Messy theme:


If you let the kids do spills and splatters everywhere, you can be the coolest mom for them. Mess will be there anyhow, because you are hosting a party for the kids. Therefore, let it be the theme and let them enjoy. Paintball pops are the best thing; arrange that if you can. Otherwise, fill balloons with colorful sparkles and let them throw this at other for a while. Stick a paper on you wall and keep different colors in the plates. Let the kids print their hands on the wall. You can do the same on a table instead of a wall. Ask the kids to wear old clothes or bathing suits. You can keep this party in the backyard so that you won’t have to worry about the furniture. Keep a kiddie pool and add water. Hand over the kids a squeeze bottle each filled with colorful washable paint. Keep cupcakes in a sealed plastic bag. Let them have the cupcake and eat it later.

9. Disney theme:


Plan a Disney themed party because love everything about Disney. A Mickey Mouse cake which is easily available on any bakery and even you can make it. To make a Disney cake, make a perfect circular cake, and two equal sized but separate circle cakes much smaller than the previous one. Place the two smaller cakes as if they are the ears of the Mickey Mouse and your mickey cake is ready. You can make birthday caps from a paper and draw Mickey Mouse on each. You can also make a head band with ears of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse to keep it more attractive. Send invites on a paper shaped exactly like a Mickey’s face. The Disney world is not just about Mickey Mouse, but there is a lot more like Winnie the Pooh, Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, etc.

8. Cops and robbers:


Cops and robbers is very interesting and unique theme. The kids watch a lot of movies and a lot of TV which informs them about the way the cops and robbers work. As soon as the kids arrive to the party, distribute fake pistols to all the kids. Divide in them in two teams, one team will play the cops and the other will play robbers. Take a bag full of fake cash. You can make fake cash by simply cutting the paper equivalent to the size of a dollar. Mark the bag with a dollar and keep it somewhere near the food counter. The robber team must find cash and distribute the cash among each other and hide wherever they wish. The cop team then starts to look for the places where the robbers could hide the stolen cash. Every cop will be given a gift as soon as the hidden cash is found. And those robbers, whose cash was unable to locate will be given a gift. Make caps and badges for the cop team and handcuffs to make the theme look more perfect. Make fake paper masks for the robbers and paper mustaches for them.

7. Spiderman themed party:


The Spiderman is loved by the kids. All the kids know about him and want to become like him. Bring Spiderman theme at your place. This can be done if you keep everything in red and blue. Buy the Spiderman wings from a near-by toy shop. Place statues of Spiderman to decorate the house with that theme. Paste different Spiderman posters all over the walls. Even buy Spiderman stickers and paste them on the hands of kids, on their birthday caps, on their return gifts, on their shirts where they can see that sticker. Kids will love to act like a Spiderman and love your party. Bring a special dress for the birthday child. Even keep his/her sheets of Spiderman (those are available at almost every other kids shop).

6. Pajama party:


Pajama party is another very cool idea to celebrate a birthday party. Ask all the kids to bring their night dresses with them or wear those while coming to the birthday party. Decorate the party place by dim lights, cozy pillows everywhere, cozy beds, lot of them. Serve the kids to eat in bed and place cozy blankets for them. Ask each of them to narrate a bed time story they hear at home. Also let them play pillow-fight.

5. Circle party:


This theme is really simple to implement. You can have bubbles, balloons, polka dots on the table cloth or dresses, etc. Start by making party invites on a round shaped paper. For the food, have a circular cake, cut the square bread in circle and make circular sandwiches, have pizza, doughnuts, dessert can be circular bowl with an ice-cream scoop. Activities can be playing ball, games for balloon and bubbles. Keep goodies bags filled with lollipops, bottle for bubbles, etc. Make them sit in the circle and pass balloon until it is blown. You can ask the kinds to run in circles and catch one another. Keep little plastic balls and let the kids play with them. All in all, everything must be round.

4. Chocolate theme party:


This is something you cannot miss to have. A theme involving chocolates cannot be less than perfect. The chocolate themed party would not be a very big headache for you as well because you will get all he material for decoration and serving in the stores easily. For decoration, make big candies, lollipop, toffees, etc. out of large paper sheet and stick it on the walls. Be sure to arrange or make a chocolate cake without fail. It must completely chocolaty. Invite cards must on a chocolate brown paper and stick a Cadbury bar with the invitation. The return goodie bags for the kids must be filled with variety of chocolates. You can have a chocolate fountain at the center table. Serve the kids chocolate doughnuts, chocolate bars, and chocolate flavored ice-cream.

3. Italy café party:


Decorate the house like an Italian café. Have a checkered table cloth over the tables. Set up a counter for food. As soon as the kids come, give the boys each a stick-on mustache made from paper and a (artificial) pearl necklace to the girls. This will make them behave like the elders. Let them make their own pizza at the pizza station set up at the counter by you. Do not leave it entirely to them. Let them choose their own topping. After the pizzas are made, make them sit on chairs as in a café. During the dessert time, set the counter with colorful jelly sauces and colorful cherries (each color in a separate container). Let the kids have their own choice of the topping over their ice-cream. Let them select whether they want a vanilla sauce or a chocolate sauce.

2. Treasure-hunt theme:


The basic idea of treasure hunt is that when the kids do stuff, the find variety of gifts and treasure inside things. You can start by decorating the home by hiding candies and chocolates (such as gummy candies) all over the place, under the cushions, below the sofa, etc. Later when you cook, also hide stuff in the dishes you make, for example, hide candies in a cake; you can also place the clues below the dish that you make for kids, for example, below the sandwiches. The clue can be anything stating the place where the kids could find toys and candies. Do not to make the clues very difficult to understand; they must be simple and easy. You can also design fake plastic coins and paint them by golden color and place hints for them under the plates. Write the clue over a scroll if possible and make some eye-patches for the kids. This will be a lot of fun for the kids. Even ask them to hunt for their return-gift. Hide the return gifts behind the flowers, in the backyard, etc. Also arrange some extra gifts for those who won the treasure hunt.

1. Rainbow party:

Rainbow food

Decorate everything in the rainbow colors. Everything must be multicolored. Use multicolored fruits and vegetables to give a colorful serving at the party. You can use purple cauliflower, green cucumber sticks, red tomato, yellow cheese, etc. Try to make the juices colorful; grapes will have a purple juice, orange juice from oranges, red from cranberry, etc. Use multi-colored straws. The birthday cake must be rainbow-colored. You can ask this from any bakery in advance or you can also make it by adding drops of food-colors. Decorate the house with rainbow colored balloons, your table cloth can be laced by rainbow ribbon, keep a butcher paper on the wall and let the kids paint a rainbow on the wall. Send small invites for the party on a rainbow-colored paper and ask the kids to wear colorful uniforms. Bring colorful beads and give the kids an activity to make a friendship band for the friends and let them take those at home. Also pack the return gifts in multi-colored gift wrapper.


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