10 Important Life Lessons that we learn in School

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School days are the best days in our life and the happiest days ever. School days are cherished forever where there is no responsibility of real world except a huge life and death tension of completing homework in a given period of time.  The days when we used to thought of growing up very soon and always try to imitate like a matured grown-up person. And importantly, the school life is not about academics but it is all about developing social skills, respect, empathy and realizing our own potential.

The school teaches us what is good and what is bad. It creates the first, best and last impression on every child’s learning life. School is considered as temple and teacher is our Guru/God, says our mythologies. School life teaches many values and ethics. It is also a view finder of child’s bright future. It is a hardcore truth that we learn a lot in the teenager years, through high school especially. At that time we might have hated high school, but looking back now, one has to be thankful for the school life’s experiences, memories and lessons. So Here are the 10 important lessons that school teaches us.

10) Togetherness:


School is a place which con fluxes so many children at one place. Each one is creative and every child is a gifted one. But we learn bondage of togetherness in school. Two best friends will have different religious background and they belong to different traditions. But once under a one roof called class, the rest is all about how we adjust and learn together. Hence school is the one which teaches us to be together, learn, play, share and enjoy in a group.

9) The power of words:

The power of word

Yes, it is the power of communication. Some teachers empower us and coaches us how to talk and how to write. There are some teachers whom we remember for lifetime, those are the ones who have motivated, informed and inspired us in the school life.  Throughout school life we have written so much and spoken so much. At present the ability to communicate is so much important in our life. And the base of the communication starts from our school. I personally learned a lot about communication from school. I always thank my beloved school teaches for motivating me to be expressive.


8) School friends are forever:

School friends forever

 We will meet so many great and lovely people in our adult and middle age, and think they are our best friends, but mind you! Childhood friends are the best friends forever. They are the best ones to understand us the most. They are always true friends in all our life stages. The main reason is we know them very well, who they are, and we have seen then grow and develop along with us. We seriously develop some inner confidence and bondage with the kind of person they are. It is not that easy to have same kind of insights in the friends, whom we meet them later in life. School is place where the deepest friendships blossom. School life along with togetherness gives us the best and trust worthy friends.

7) Discipline:


School is the first place which teaches us to be well disciplined and well behaved. We might have cursed the teachers at that time who scolded us and sometimes beaten us. But once we are grown up we realize that it was because of our bad indiscipline behavior. The goal of discipline is to teach us to be obedient, we were instructed repeatedly to obey our parents and, by extension, all those who are in authority over them. It is through discipline we inculcate and keep up other good qualities like punctuality and respect. Success isn’t measured by your academics ranks or social activeness but it is is measured by our discipline and behavior.

6) Visualizing bright future:

bright future school

In school we visualize so many things which in turn improve our thinking power, sometimes beyond the horizons of creativity. Here is a small personal school time incident of mine. When I was pursuing my 7th std , my language arts teacher, presented me a book saying the following words “I want you to invite me when you pass your 10th std,” I always remember these words and when I passed my school stage I invited her to my 10th std send off, she had a happy smile on her face. So this replicated my imagination that I imagined in 7th std. We dream to become so many things, we will have so many role models at that time, and we also aspire to become various types of professionals. Hence imagination and visualization are often only experienced and seen in school life.

5) Uniform, hand kerchiefs and cutting nails:


This might sound very funny. But true as these are the small things but very important ones. How many times our teachers would have told us to pin the napkins on our school shirts and cut down our nails. So these are small and very basic lessons that we learn from school. Our attire, even that matters a lot because it is through uniforms we cultivate a feeling of equality at that age. Cleanliness is build from school. So these are very small and funky things which we learn in school but utmost important and essential in our life.

4) Nostalgia:

The sense of accomplisment

The sense of accomplishment, the best and most important we learn in school. It is to relish our accomplishments and to cherish and embrace the way they make you feel like. Even though our trophies can break and certificates can fade. So we must always make an effort, wholeheartedly to remember and relish our school time success as it is a result our own hard work. Especially our achievement on creative projects has to be remembered as they are individually exclusive and unique. So all these works of school energizes us and gives a pleasant feeling of accomplishment.

3) High school is a little piece of our education:

high school

School’s important phase and life deciding and turning phase, high school and remember it only brushes the surface of knowledge. It just helps us to gain initial knowledge but rest must be learnt out of the 4 walls. High school sometimes takes fun out of learning and that is the time to re discover learning by teaching yourself. And very important one learn to think. There comes a time where we have to take in charge of our own education it is a part of school life.

2) Sports and Extra curriculum:


List cannot be completed without this point. Sachin Tendulkar (Indian Cricketer) at the age of 40 says, he played his best cricket in school times and considers his school time opener Vinod Kamble as his best co-player (opener). So, school is where one really learns basics , it is that small legs that run and become a champion , it is those small hands which play music and become world class in future. Hence, whatever we pursue in school are the best and will influence a lot in future. The dance, skits, songs, sports, etc all starts from school. School is c/o moral values, social responsibilities, character building, developing our talents and molding ourselves.


1) School is all about what you make of it:

A group if Indian school children huddle together and play in the village of Hampi in Karnataka, india, jumping up and waving their hands, they seem to ooze confidence and happiness.

After reading all the above points some might disagree with me because each one has got various experiences and opinions about their own school life. We have to know, how much we learn from and enjoy school life.If we are involved, we instantly show compassion, look things with a positive attitude, and keep an open mind.f we do the opposite judge, fall into negativity, and close our mind to other’s opinions. The result is also vice verse. That is how both kinds of lessons can be learnt from school.


Conclusion: All these lessons can be applied for the ones who already passed that phase and for all the present school students as well, majority wise many people will always learn good things and gain hard foundation from school. Remember all your school life incidents and it is sure that the knowledge you learnt is unconditionally influenced by school. School is the right place to learn a lot , we have learn as much as we can when we are young because things get tougher and busier once we get older.


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