10 Important Things every Parent must tell their Kids

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The relationship of parents and children should be more like close friends who should be able to discuss their hearts out to each other. The shyness of child from her parents or the busy schedule of parents sparing no time for child can only make things worse. The parenthood comes along with certain package of responsibilities that any parent is obliged to follow for the betterment of their child or children. Sometimes a universal way of parenting goes with every child, but then there are reported cases where parents have to be extra cautious and parenting has to be peculiar of the child type. Here is a list of certain things that every parent must tell their children for their safety and better lives.

10.  Avoid talking much to strangers

Avoid talking much to strangers
This is probably the first thing that every parent tells their children. In the innocent childhood when little kids barely know many people except for their parents, it is vital on the parents’ part to teach them this practice.  While it is considered good to help lost strangers by helping them catch the right path or answering strangers if they ask for time etc. , but responding to those strangers who try to collect personal details about family or house , seemingly unnecessarily , is not to be done ! Most parents also beware their little children against abduction practices by strangers.
9. Help others because the world is round
Help others because the world is round !

Although schools and colleges are meant for overall growth and development of child , the social development of child still lies in the hands of his/her parents , to a much greater extent . The society we live in , works on the principle of give and take – you give good , you get good and you give in bad , and the bad returns to you ! So , parents should tell their children about assisting the one in need , about helping the weak and feeble . Only this way , can we expect our posterity to be tied by the relations of humanity and friendliness . Respecting elders and helping them by offering seat in a crowded bus , or by helping them carry their bags can be just a few ways to mention .


8. Share about the mishappenings

Share about the mishappenings

Every child should be taught so that if ever anything goes wrong with him /her , the first thing that should light his mind is to tell the parents about it ! This is one of the basic symbols of good parenting and care taking. In various cases , children keep on stressing themselves with the unduly burden of secret they treasure , which in fact should be avoided as stress at an early age can hamper the very growth of the children . Sometimes a child witnesses some disaster and keeps it as a secret fearing the dressing down of the parents. The child might also wonder himself as the cause of the mishappening, while this may or may not be the reality . In such cases , parents should be able to read the behavioral differences in child and should talk to them so as to unburden them off the unnecessary tensions .


7.  Love your body and the way you are

Love your body and the way you are

we should know the fact that god made us all different, with obstructed yet purposeful reasons. Children are the very tender specimens of the adults. They should be given suitable and comfortable environs to grow , blossom and prosper . Parents should tell their children to never compare themselves with others . There may be differences in their skin color , texture , heights , physiques , speech , thinking capacity , artistic attitudes etc. and hence this should be taught to the kids that it is absolutely normal to be different than others . The feeling of inferiority in any child can turn out to be a massive explosive building inside of him/ her , which can demolish his/her own self and sometimes others’ too . It is the duty of the parents to make their children feel good about themselves and their bodies.

6. Discuss the changes In body with the parents

Discuss the changes In body with the parents

During puberty , children – both girls and boys are undergoing a lot of changes , both physical and mental . This is the very crucial time when parents need to be very friendly to their child so that she/ he would tell them the minutest detail about their body. This is certainly the examination hour of parenthood . If proper communication between the child and the parent is absent, then the child may bear a lot of stress or may even start hating himself and his body because of the sudden changes in him/her .  If the child is shy , then it is totally the responsibility of parents to have an inspection of the child’s body and make him feel comfortable during that . The parents can divide the tasks , as father can examine the son and mother can look up for the daughter.


5. Tell children about the private parts

Tell children about the private parts

the parents should tell the children about their body parts . Just like children know about nose , eyes , ears , mouth , legs etc . , they should also to be made aware of their private parts – penis , bums (posterier) for males and  breast , vagina and bums for females . For children , mouth is also treated as a private part . The children should be taught that the private parts are solely the authority of the child and should be guarded . The only people who can touch or examine the private locations or the genitals are the doctors and parents other than the child . The children should be told so as to defend or guard their body against those who try to harm it and that they should not permit the entry of anything undesirable into their private parts .


4. Protect yourself

protect yourself

Young children should be taught about simple practices as how to defend themselves and combat the situations of unruly harassment . There are cases of child harassment resulting in serious repercussions for the child. Hence , the children must be warned in advanced and should be given basic training , just in case if they meet such situation . The sadists who enjoy teasing children tend to target their private parts and mishandle with them . The lusty monsters also can seriously harm the child in fear of being caught , if identified by the child in front of the police . Thus a frightened child might not tell the parents about such thing . Therefore, it should be taught to the children from the very beginning that in every situation of dander , they should scream their lungs out and do every possible effort to run away from the situation to their parents , and tell them every detail about the same.

3. Learn to say – NO !
Learn to say – NO !

As children grow up , they should be able to decide , what actually they want and what they should reject . Children should be delved into strong spirits so that they can decide for themselves, work for themselves and protect their unique self  It is good to help others but not to a point beyond the child’s dignity . There may be strangers that try to harass the child , in the clothes of weak n needy , but the child must be able to identify them as who they really are . Kids after understanding the differences between the good and the bad , should be able to judge what is good for them , who is good for them etc . The parents should also themselves follow the correct judging path so as to teach their children.


2 . Teach children about expressing their feelings

Teach children about expressing their feelings

The children should be able to tell his feelings verbally so that the parents can know about the difficulty the child underwent. The parents should their kids about the feelings of ‘security ‘ and ‘danger’ and the differences between them. Whenever there is any situation of danger occurs , there is a multitude of commotion that goes on inside the body , sufficient enough to tell that the situation is undesirable . For instance , if palms begin to sweat , or hands start to shiver , hollowness sticks inside the gut and there are butterflies fluttering  inside the stomach , then it should be considered a condition of threat .


1. Tell children not to keep secrets

Tell children not to keep secrets

Secrets are sometimes the burdens on the souls that our little children might not be able to bear . Thus, the  practice of keeping secrets from parents should be absent in children . Moreover, parents should tell their children about the differences in keeping secrets . Certain things which tend to hurt somebody , can be kept and buried as a secret , but any issue of past , which haunts the children – some offensive view or some accident  , should not be kept as a secret and instead should be discussed and dealt out with the parents .


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