10 India’s Most Powerful People 2013

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Power defines who you are and what you can control. Power exercised in the righteous way can tumultuously change the nation. But if used with a streak of diabolism, this authority can cause a catastrophe. Right from Politics to Sports to Media to Films, power has many morphs. These people in the powerlist have name,fame, money and control. Be it for a noble altruistic cause or for entertainment or for exploiting the people, they own you somehow. Be it good or bad, power is power.


10. Anna Hazare (social activist)


When Kisan Baburao Hazare, a frail old gentleman from Ralegaon Siddhi took center-stage in 2011, no one imagined what monstrous proportion a ‘Fast-until-death’ would take. For about 2-4 months, the Government was tossed as per an ex-military personnel’s whims and fancies. Its ripples can be witnessed even in 2013. Right from the conceptualization of the Jan Lokpal bill and the constant pressure from all sides, it seems that this phenomena will soon be a reality. Getting the CBI under the Lokpal is a prime focus and still people discuss about this hypothesis becoming a reality. RTI functions in a root-corrupt country thanks to him. The whole tussle between Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi, Prashant Bhushan and him lead to a massive fallout of the whole India Against Corruption idea. Ralegaon Siddhi is touted to be an ideal region with regards to administration and law enforcement, all because of Anna. Though Anna Hazare is now not a fierce storm prevailing, yet no one will disagree that a person who can barely speak Hindi, technically ignorant who took the government for ransom for a noble cause deserves a place in any power list.


9. Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Cricket)


Captain cool as referred to by many is my choice as no.9. A cricketer, a calm but analytic leader, a hope for India’s religion-cricket. Synonymous with consistency and victory in the IPL, MSD is not merely a name, it’s a brand name. With endorsements like Pepsi, Reebok, Reliance, Aircel; as per statistics his value has been raised from 250cr to a whopping 450cr. He apparently surpasses Wayne Rooney in wealth issues. Definitely India’s next big thing in the sports sector, MSD has a long future. Chennai Super Kings in the IPL is just incomplete without captain cool’s leadership. Even during the recent spot-fixing controversy, he kept his calm and kind of handled the situation smoothly. One of India’s best captains in the years, MSD deserves a place in a power list.


8. Manmohan Singh (Politics)


You joke, mock, comment, hate or say anything about this Son of Sardar but the fact of him being a power figure will remain a reality unless the Congress is overthrown. Reigning for the past 10 years, the meek political figure is respected for his geekiness and his economic reforms with regards to Foreign investment. On the other hand, Mr.Singh continues  to face criticism about him being a puppet to madam Sonia. Who could have thought ‘Theek Hai’- Two words which a billion use everyday would be at national level focus. After the Delhi gang rape case, Mr. Manmohan mouthed this pearls of wisdom! PM sir meek hai par ab tak sab Theek Hai.


7. Digvijay Singh(Politics)


For all the wrong reasons, this powerful General Secretary of the All India Congress Committee has been the favorite TRP source of the media. Mainly during the Lokpal tussle, Digvijay was a perpetual potty-mouthing machine throwing potshots at Team Anna. His idiotic remarks  surrounding slain ATS chief Hemant Karkare were highly communally provocative. His comments regarding the Batla House were equally controversial. Strangely he still remains The Congress party’s trump card even today. However controversially popular, Digvijay Singh remains power figure for all the wrong reasons.


6. Sushil Kumar Shinde (Politics)


Sushil Kumar Shinde, Home Minister, another political entrant in the power list. Ajmal Kasab-India’s live terror proof’s execution and Afzal Guru’s execution was carried out under his term. Two high profile, highly controversial and ‘Hanging till Deaths’ ultimatum were successfully co-ordinated and carried out in his tenure. This very Justice provision surely makes him a power figure in the eyes of the people. Afzal Guru who was rotting in India’s justice was hanged in February this year making people respect this man for his actions. Controversies surrounding him include his ‘Saffron Terror remark’ surrounding his remarks of the BJP and RSS promoting and festering Hindu Terrorism. Later he paraphrased his concept of Hindu Terrorism to Saffron Terrorism. Also his promises of Naxal elimination will have to be judged when they become reality.


5. Salman Khan (Actor)


Salman ‘Bhai’ or simply ‘Bhai’ or Sallu miyaan, whatever you refer him, he is definitely the king, the real badshah at the box office. His latest films have set the cash registers ringing like crazy. No-brainer movies tailor made for his set of crowd is his forte. Whistle and cheers all over when his films release. The 100cr club founder Salman Khan has had films like Ek Tha Tiger, Ready, Wanted, The Dabangg series, Bodyguard to his kitty. Being Human as his charity foundation, Salman has won the hearts of a million. Controversy’s favourite child has many brawls to his name. In 2013, it is predicted he will rule the BO with Mental and Kick. He is that powerful with his crowd that SALMAN MARRIAGE is kind of a national discussed issue. No doubt Sallu miyaan is a power figure.


4. Arnab Goswami (Media)


Who could have thought a person born in a family of jurists could create a poignant atmosphere just by uttering THE NATION WANTS TO KNOW. Even the toughest of political and social figures open their mouths in front of Arnab. Heading THE NEWSHOUR at prime time, he is a favorite journo in the eyes of the common man. Perhaps the only media figure alongside Rajdeep Sardesai to encapsulate the viewer and keep him gripped. Right from lashing out on Abhijit Mukherjee to challenging the Delhi gang rape views, Arnab made sure his viewers received entertainment along with the desired plausible news debate.


3. Rahul Gandhi (Politics)


Love him or hate him, you JUST CANNOT ignore Raul Vinci, I mean Rahul Gandhi. Politics is hilarious! The most stupid people never fail to occupy a top slot in a power lost. Amongst many deserving candidates, there has to be a Pappu. 2013 had a trend on Twitter titled #PappuCII courtesy his speech at CII (Confederation of Indian Industry). He was criticized from all sides for his unpreparedness and his irrelevance in the speech presentation. Pappu has also been criticized for his fake ‘YOUTH LEADER’ promotions and illustrations had shown that aptly-like boarding an empty train. Dude! If you want to relate to the youth, travel in a Virar train in the evening. However stupid it may sound, in India, if you have a Gandhi surname at the end, even if you deserve or not, you will be featured in a power list.


2. Narendra Modi (Politics)


Just like SAF(Sir Alex Ferguson) was the heart and soul of Manchester United, the development in Gujarat is synonymous with NaMo. In the last 10 years, he has catapulted Gujarat to unbelievable heights. A favourite candidate of the BJP for the Prime Ministerial position, NaMo continues to enthrall the nation. For such a power figure, hatred against him is evident. Along with #PappuCII we saw #Feku as a hashtag highlighted towards Modi for his false claims and not fulfilling promises as said. Godhra continues to haunt his chances of winning hearts all over the country. Possibly the biggest national controversy is associated with one of the most powerful people in the country. In this year , May 2013, Narendra Modi addressed Indians dispersed across 18 cities through voice-video conferencing. Earlier his speech at Shree Ram College of Commerce(SRCC) has stirred the crowd. He spoke about development, governance and utilizing the country’s potential. Surely a powerful and a revered gentleman in India’s current political scenario.




Okay! This may appear strange but seriously, Bookies proved what convoluted nexus they weave making them super powerful. Direct links with the D-Gang and fixing International level IPL matches buying the trust of players’ is what they orchestrated. By fooling a billion people who follow one religion with their heart-CRICKET, the bookie made a fortune. The bookie made headlines in this current year by exposing the underbelly of Cricket, the darkness behind flashy post-match parties and the fickle trust and affection of players towards their teams. A negation definitely, but hard to disagree the impact and power of these bookies. Power is power! Be its propensity towards a dark side, it does impact lives. The bookie makes it to the numero uno slot at least as of June 2013.


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