10 Man Made things that Contribute to Climate Change

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Can you believe this astonishing fact that scientists have found out that half of the contribution towards the world pollution is due to humans? Well it is known to all of us but we still try to neglect this said truth and move on with our respective lives. Half of the extreme weather related events which occurred last year were due to man-made causes. From around the world in a dozen reports and surveys, scientists have tried to boil down to the simple theories and laws proving the authenticity of man-made pollution. From northern Europe’s unusually wet summer to hurricane sandy, we are responsible for every iota of change happening on our mother earth. There are many factors such as sea surface temperatures, change in incoming solar radiations which are being studied thoroughly by the researchers. There are a dozen other factors which are of natural variability but over the past few decades humans have become the forerunners of environmental pollution and climate change. While climate models point out to the fact that compounded human activities increase the frequency of extreme weather events, primary natural causes may still be the most important factor in any individual event.

10. Industrial revolution


When the first of the machines were made, people got extremely excited due to the increasing rates of employment and source of capital income. No one would have given it a tint of a thought to the far reaching consequences those smoke puking big chimneys would cause. Even today when there have been so much advancement in the field of environmental technology, there are some factories which have not adapted to the changed norms and regulations. They still follow the old SPM count and continue to pollute the environment. It is true we get every other thing from these big towers but when now since they are the ones causing an enormous change in the scenario of our climate, it is better to shun them to their minimum use.

9. Cloud seeding


Cloud seeding is a process of changing the amount of precipitation by dispersing a certain foreign chemical compound in them. It basically increases the rate of condensation, makes the clouds weigh heavier and causes heavy rains at places. These are carried out where crops need rains and the natural rainfall rate is unable to suffice to the requirements. It is a matter of question and concern how cloud seeding operations can come to affect global weather patterns. Researches are done in molecular manipulation via waves and frequencies. These have come to impact our environment in even greater ways.

8. Deforestation


A single full grown tree can suffice your life long needs of tree products. Isn’t it amazing to know this fact? Why not plant a new sapling every year on your birthday? This is followed as a tradition in many parts of the world. This way you are replenishing the loss in trees during your lifetime. Trees are cut for numerous reasons, some due to their direct uses and others due to the requirement of land for secondary purposes.

7. Transportation


It is of high privilege and status symbol that instead of having a single car, people prefer to own more than one car and bikes. But they do not see to the fact that owning more than car will aggravate the situation of the atmosphere. It is only the lower levels of the atmosphere that gets heated up. The sole reason is the emission of gases from cars, buses and bikes. If we start being a little more conscious about our surroundings and pay more attention to the planet, we would definitely contribute to reducing the harmful gases content in the atmosphere.

6. Agriculture


With the rise in the number of people and their ever increasing demands, the food resources have started to pinch the governments of the nations. More and more ranches are raised and cattle are used. What one fails to notice is the pungent smell in those ranches. Have you ever wondered what causes that foul smell nearby those big fields? It is the smell of the methane. Due to excessive numbers of cattle and their raising, the dung produces huge amount of methane gas which is the major contributor in increasing the temperature of the atmosphere. It is no wonder that methane is called the greenhouse gas for good as well as the bad reasons.

5. Population explosion


Do you get irritated seeing the ever increasing rush in metro trains and on roads? Everybody over here goes through the same condition. But do we find a serious reason other than to blame others? The sole reason is lack of education and poverty. People tend to think less when it comes to family planning. More the people, more the demands for resources, more will be the burning of fossil fuels and the atmosphere will get heated like never before. The air gets heated due to excessive accumulation of methane and other similar gases of hydrocarbon nature. Methane is produced whenever coal and oil mines are drilled. The gas is non-toxic in nature but is the number one cause for global warming. All these cause the climate to change boiling down to heating of the globe.

4. Waste disposal


A major problem for today’s large scale industries is the waste disposal. Half of the waste which can be burned are incinerated and spewed into the atmosphere; the rest is either dumped into landfills or flown with the oceanic currents. They are killing the earth’s natural carbon scrubbers. There is no way to deny that we are not truly responsible for the climatic change on our part.

3. Carbon emissions


You see the factories spewing large trails of thick black smoke and you will know that the atmosphere is getting concentrated with huge amounts of carbon. Carbon is not harmful in elemental form but its other forms as compounds are toxic to nature. Carbon dioxide for instance is not suitable for the atmosphere balanced air composition. Its monoxides are the most toxic form possible. Methane on the other hand is a greenhouse gas causing global warming and uneven heating of the atmosphere.

2. Global warming


Let us have a brief introduction into this point. What is global warming? In simple words, the warming or the heating of the planet is referred to as global warming. Earlier when this heating effect was of not much prominence and yielded good results it was termed as the greenhouse effect. Even today when we need some part to be heated for crop production, we construct glass houses and grow crops in it. The glass allows the small wavelength from the sun but disallows the longer wavelength reflected back. This results in the entrapment of heat. When we use CFCs and HCFCs which stand for chloro fluoro and hydro chloro fluoro carbons are the major global warming gases. Do you want a clear picture of the things which can produce these? Blame those expensive deodorants and the liberality with which you use them.

1. Pollution


The big word of today-pollution is on the tongue tip of every guy next door. Spanning from an engineer to a NASA scientist, the demand is high for research papers and theories on environmental-friendly tools and equipment. Pollution is a man-made phenomenon and is the major contributor to climate change. It is of high concern that pollution has spread its wings to such an extent that we now find every type of pollution ranging from water, air, soil, land or even electronic waste. Pollution results in the emission of a number of gases into the atmosphere and increases the risk of global warming. It can also change the chemical composition of water bodies and lands tending them to turn into useless. These resources are important from the nature’s point of view as these are the elements which help in maintaining the equilibrium of earth’s climate.


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