10 Misconceptions About Introverts

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There are so many incidents where we stereotype certain people, and the most common of them all are introverts and extroverts. It is assumed by many that if someone is outgoing, they are an extrovert and if someone is sitting quietly in a corner they’re introverts. Why such misconceptions? So before you start judging anyone who’s sitting alone and isn’t looking happy, consider the following points which will inform you that introverts are not what you make of them! Here are the top 10 delusions that people have about introverts which are entirely FALSE. Take a look!

10) They are antisocial

Just because someone is sitting quietly at a party and is not shouting at the top of their lungs like everybody else, it doesn’t mean that they are introverts. In fact, at times people do need space to just relax and enjoy the view from a distance or maybe they’re not feeling well! It can be that simple. But such people are generalized as being introverts just because they aren’t mingling with the crowd.

9) They don’t like attending parties/social events

It’s not like introverts don’t like to party, they do. But they sure don’t like to be so loud and flashy about it! It is a common misconception that parties are a big NO for them – it may be true for some but we cannot say that for everyone. Introverts just like to keep distance and don’t want to talk unnecessarily to people they’re not comfortable with.

8) They don’t have many friends

This is completely false. Everyone in this world wants to have friends and family whom they can trust and introverts are no exception to this. The thing with them is that they just like to keep a small circle of friends whom they can REALLY trust. For introverts, there is no such thing as ‘casual’ friends – either they end up making really good friends or none at all. There’s no middle way for them.

7) They are extremely shy


Another misconception that introverts have to deal with is being labelled as a ‘shy’ person. Just because they don’t want to talk when it’s not required doesn’t mean they’re shy! Incessant talking with people they don’t even know, that’s what introverts don’t really do. They enjoy good company and will speak when it is required on things which matter to them. Beating around the bush and exchanging pleasantries just for the sake of it is not their thing.

6) Introverts are rude


Introverts may come off as rude to some people, but it is not so. Just because they don’t go socializing with everyone doesn’t mean they’re rude! Sometimes it’s better to keep our mouths shut – that’s what introverts do. They don’t like wasting their time on things that don’t matter and don’t engage with people just to please them. There’s nothing rude about it. If someone doesn’t feel like talking to us, we leave them to their own company. But introverts have to bear the grunt of this because of such stereotypes!

5) Introverts are judgmental of other people


That’s totally incorrect! Introverts just don’t care enough to talk about people who don’t matter, and judging them is entirely something else. They themselves are victims of such labels and are aware how much it can hurt people so there is no chance that they will do the same to others. Introverts mind their own business and they like it that way.

4) They like being indifferent


It might be true to some extent that introverts don’t want to be like everyone else, but to generalize the statement is wrong. They do have their own peculiar likes and interests and maybe that’s why people like to call them indifferent. However, one thing to realize is that isn’t everyone a bit indifferent? Introverts aren’t the only exception. The only thing that is completely false is that they’re indifferent to people and their emotions. Introverts may seem to be a little off to some people, but they have the ability to connect to those people who’re extremely important to them. They like having a closed group of friends and family.

3) They can’t connect to people emotionally


Introverts have often been compared to those people who’re emotionally shut off. However, it is not so. They don’t believe in having many friends – they just want a small group of people with whom they can enjoy and relax. For this reason, people have said that they’re incapable of connecting emotionally. They just like having their space and will help any person in need, but won’t be the first ones to ask for help.

2) Introverts are sadists


Sadists are those people who derive joy from other people’s sorrow. Introverts are nothing like that! In fact, introverts are known to help those whoever is in need of their assistance and are known to be great friends. But assigning a term like sadist is a bit far-fetched.

1) They suffer from depression


All introverts do not suffer from depression. They are simply content with their own thoughts and do not want unnecessary conversations with people. Being depressed means being unhappy with things or self-harming, but introverts face nothing like this. They are quite happy with themselves, and enjoy their own company. They don’t like to put on a false face and pretend to be happy all the time!


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