10 Most Common Medicines in the World

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The 10 most prescribed medicines worldwide aren’t those on which we spend the most. The medicines on which we spend all the money are very new to be protected against generic medicines for example from 131.2 million prescriptions for Hydrocodone as a pain killer to 94.1 million approvals for statins worldwide for lowering cholesterol. We only choose to be a part of this medicated world rather than looking for various other substitutes available. In this busy life we hardly take any pain of spending an extra hour on our health. Instead of being pro active and being responsible we are dependent on allopathic model i.e. quick fix all the health problems. Every year 4 billion prescriptions are written, and minor mistakes in medical prescription are causing death. Most prominent among all are accidental deaths by painkillers. Let us all together make a commitment and start looking for substitutes. From incorporating rich foods into the diet which causes no side effects to regular exercise. Now, let’s have a look at the 10 most prescribed medicines worldwide:

10. Sertraline such as Zoloft

Sertraline such as Zoloft

This drug is used in the treatment of depression. According to researches women are more prone to suffer from depression as compared to men. There are 70% more chances of females suffering from depression in comparison to men. There are natural Remedies to deal with this problem such as usage of more fish in your diet. Even studies have suggested that fish oil is also very helpful in overcoming effects of depression. According to Doctor Miller seafood is also a great anti-depressant. Daily a teaspoon full of liver oil, green leafy vegetables, pumpkin, walnuts, dairy products, meats or even a capsule of Vectomega is of great.

9. Zolpidem tartrate such as Ambien

Zolpidem tartrate such as Ambien

It is helpful in treating insomnia. According to a national foundation 60% of the Americans every night experience a sleep problem. It is actually torturous to feel sleepy but not able to sleep. Expert says that if you start taking sleeping pills you become habitual.  If we flip prescriptions we will realize that people who take Ambien for more than 10 days will start developing various other problems. There is another medicine called melatonin which naturally produces a hormone in the pineal gland. This is easily available over-the-counter. The perfect dose is 0.5 mg, any higher dose like 6mg or more will gradually start decreasing night time acid in our body which again will cause another problem.

8. Alprazolam such as Xanax

Alprazolam such as Xanax

It is used in the treatment of anxiety. People suffering from neurotic problems are kept on heavy doses of alprazolam to maintain the balance of anxiety. Worldwide it is seen that females are 60% more prone to risk of anxiety disorders as compared to males. There are substitutes to deal with anxiety problems rather than depending upon medications. An anxious feeling always start very small but gradually becomes big which is very difficult to handle that too anxiety related to day to day activities. To deal with situations like speaking in front of a group, office issues, issues related to in-laws etc try to share it with someone instead of keeping it to you. Even writing down all your problems daily will be very helpful. Writing about feelings, thoughts and actions help us in becoming more aware of our behavior. It helps in understanding our own right or wrong doings.
7. GLUCOPHAGE such as metformin

GLUCOPHAGE such as metformin

It is Oral anti-diabetic drug. It makes upto 7% of the top most prescribed medicines. Even being in the top ten charts its prescription rate is low but it is rapidly increasing. It is one of the most preferred medicines by all in the treatment of diabetes. Mainly to deal with problems like overweight and obesity. Indirectly it also reduces LDL cholesterol. It activates an enzyme which helps in maintaining whole energy balance of the body and also glucose and fats. Regular or long term intake of it results into impaired kidney function, thyroid problems, bladder cancer and heart failure. The drug can be substituted with Black tea, vinegar, turmeric, nuts and coffee. Even cinnamon, grapes, oatmeal, spinach, beans and strawberries are helpful and effective.



It is an Antibiotic. Together azithromycin and amoxicillin adds a mind-blowing 17% to the list of top prescribed medicines all over the world. Each of them contributes about 8.5% individually. Derived from erythromycin, it is one of the most and best selling medicines worldwide, whereas Amoxicillin is more preferably used for children. Both the drugs increase the amount protein synthesis required for immunity and digestion. Again excessive intake of this drug results into inflammation of the liver and stomach, destruction of healthy bacterial in the body, allergic reactions and obesity. We can substitute this medicine by intake of more food items like garlic, coconut oil, turmeric, honey, extracts of olive leaf and green tea.

5. PRILOSEC such as omeprazole and nexium


It is an antacid. It alone grabs 8% of the share in the list of top ten most prescribed medicines worldwide. One of the most widely approved medicines for the treatment of reflux disease is Omeprazole. Even internationally ulcer is treated with the help of this drug and also in some countries available over the counter. Excessive dependency on it results into Angina, ulcers, palpitations, high blood pressure, irritation in pancreas, elevated blood sugar, weakness in muscles, skin conditions and urinary frequency. Intake of grapes helps in healing of stomach ulcer, even aloe vera juice, baking soda and Manuka honey helps in dealing with problems related to acidity.
4. SYNTHROID such as levothyroxine sodium


It is used in the treatment of hypothyroidism. It is a generic drug and makes a whopping more than 11% on the list of most prescribed medicines all over the world. It is used to maintain the balance of thyroid in the patient’s body. Together with this a related drug called dextrothyroxine (D-thyroxine) was given in the past in the treatment of increased cholesterol but later it was withdrawn due to various side effects and particularly on cardiac. It helps in replacing the thyroid hormones which halts the natural production of it in the thyroid gland. Continuous intake or dependency causes side-effects on the heart and decreases bone minerals. This medicine can be replaced by more intakes of food items like seaweeds, fish, eggs etc. together with diet regular exercise for at least 25-30 minutes is a must.



This helps in reduction of high Blood Pressure. Norvasc and Lisinopril together are one of the most prescribed drugs worldwide. Almost it makes a massive 23% of the top most approved medicines. It is the most widely prescribed generic drug for blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. Lisinopril is used in the treatment of hypertension and heart attacks whereas Norvasc is given to deal with problems related to angina and also hypertension. Regular intake or excessive dependency on this medicine leads to problems like depression, impotency, and increased breast in males, skin problems and above all high risk of cancer. To substitute this drug one can include food items in their diet which are rich in vitamin C like parsley, green leafy vegetables, guava, pepper etc. Even food items high in magnesium like Brazil nuts, cashews, almonds and black nuts are helpful.

2. STATINS such as Lipitor/Zocor/Crestor


This is a cholesterol lowering drug. Alone in US in 2010 $7.2 billion was spent on this drug. It helps in decreasing of LDL Cholesterol. It artificially reduces enzymes which are responsible for production of cholesterol in the liver. Almost 15% of the prescribed drugs are generic statins. According to a recent study statins increases the risk of diabetes to the extent of 48%. There is no scientific evidence till date to prove that this drug helps in reduction of diseases by cutting down LDL cholesterol. The new trend of reducing the cholesterol is actually a major reason behind increasing cancer cases worldwide. Excessive intake of this drug leads to pathological breakdown of muscle, diabetes, severe kidney failure, cancer and finally to death. Substitute to this is more usage of food items like spinach, fatty fish, green tea, beans and most effective one is having two apples a day.

1. HYDROCODONE such as Acetaminophen/Vicodin/Oxycontin


This is the most prescribed medicine in the world. Worldwide annually doctors prescribe this drug to minimum of 131.2 billion people. It is basically used for Pain. It is seen that in recent times pharmaceutical companies are paying huge amount to doctors to promote this specific medicine. It is a generic drug, making up more than 20% of the top prescribed medicines in the world. According to experts doctors are prescribing this drug as candies, even for minor injuries. Excessive intake of it results into respiratory depression, coma, cardiac arrest and liver damage.


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