10 Most Difficult Life Situations

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Life is a gift of god. It is beautiful yet unpredictable. If at times you have enjoyed life to its fullest there will also be times when you are let down. We all go through hard times. No matter however satisfied you are, everyone goes through the most difficult situations of life. Life is not a bed of roses. The difficult situations play the role of thorns in it. There comes a time on life when you are a little blue. One or the other rough situation occurs in your life which leaves you shattered with a heavy heart. You are left hopeless. Most difficult situations of life may be different according to different people. Some may get affected by one and some by the other. These situations that you go through are just a test of your patience. You need to act strong. Therefore, stay calm and let go. Don’t give up. Following are the different situations of life wherein you just don’t seem to let go.



There might come a time in your life when due to certain difficulties or problems that you face, you give up on yourself. Your belief in yourself vanishes away. This is another one of the difficult situations of life.

You lose hope from life. You lose all ability to face the world. This may be due to any major circumstances where you are forced to give up on your self esteem. Losing self confidence is the lack of belief in yourself. Once you lose it, it becomes tough to grow out of it and come back to normal.This situation is a normal one. Everyone for once experiences it.  Always remember nothing goes on forever so you need to start a fresh.



Everyone for once in a lifetime experiences old age. This is that situation of life when you are almost done with all of your responsibilities. You sit back and wait for death. Parents spend their whole life working for their children. They do all that they can for their secure future. Instead of this what happens most of the times is that when the parents grow old children run away from their responsibilities. They treat their parents as a burden. Can you imagine how it feels to be treated in this manner in spite of having spent your whole life for your children? Well, honestly speaking it feels bad. Being a burden on your own children makes you feel worse. This becomes a difficult situation of life wherein all you can do is sit and think where did I go wrong? This is another one of the terrible situations of life.



Natural calamities are said to be an act of god. They come just once in a while but take away all that you have. If you have faced it you might know what a horrible situation it is. Be it earthquake, hurricane, flood or any other, all of them cause destruction on a massive scale. You lose all that you have including family. All that was precious to you comes to an end. You feel devastated. Having to go through such a situation may come as a bad luck.



Divorce refers to splitting up of a married couple due to unavoidable circumstances. It may occur due to lack of understanding or love between the two. Sometimes  over the years of marriage people seem to realize that it’s not working which leads to this decision. This causes mental pressure. This is such a situation wherein not only the couple but also the child in case any goes through a rough time. Dealing with divorce turns out to be hard upon the family. This gives way to a different situation where you have to live alone. It takes sometime in healing up but having to face it requires strength. Hence it’s another one of the most difficult situations of life.



God forbid, but there comes a time in some people’s life when due to some terrible accident they fall a prey to being handicapped. Handicap is a condition that markedly restricts a person’s ability to function physically, mentally or socially. It may be blindness, a missing leg or hand. It sure is a difficult situation of life. Even the thought of losing a part of your body runs shivers through your mind. So can you imagine living with it? It takes a whole lot of courage and inspiration to live life happily in such a situation. Unless you are supported by your peers dealing with it is quite disheartening. This is a situation where you feel tortured.



Just for a second imagine losing your job all of a sudden with no place to work! It feels hopeless doesn’t it? this tough may occur in anyone’s life.It leads to unemployment for some time. You are left with an insecure future. You lose faith in yourself and give up quite easily. This time leads to mental tension. You have to deal with pressure for looking up another job in minimum time. Looking for a new job becomes cumbersome and on top of that getting rejected at certain places simply leaves you disappointed. This is a tough situation wherein  you lose hope.


loss of child

A child is the most beautiful gift to parents by god. Birth of a child leads to a whole new world of happiness. The loss of a child is the most devastating experience a parent can face and missing the child never goes away. The age of the child at the time of death does not lessen the hurt or devastation. Losing a child comes as a hole in the heart of the parents. They feel left alone for a while. Dealing with such a terrible situation is too much for a parent . This sums up as another difficult situation of life.



Making an attempt to do something and getting a negative response comes as a failure in life. It is a state or condition wherein a certain objective is not met. Dealing with a failure is a tough situation. Facing failures and learning from them is the right thing to do but seldom are people able to do that.

It comes as a disappointment to them. They are left with no hopes for the future. Failure may be in any sense, exam result, job interviews or any other. Whatsoever form it may be in, but it always comes with hurt. It is a disheartening situation of life. You need to muster a lot of courage and stand for yourself in such cases in order to go through this situation.



Falling in love and falling out of love is a part and parcel of life. This situation mostly occurs in the lives of youngsters. They seem to be quite influenced by love. Often it happens that a certain relationship does not work and comes to an end which is tagged as a breakup. Cases are also such that one of the partners dump the other or cheat upon each other. This is the worst situation. You have been in love with someone and all of a sudden it comes to an abrupt end. You can’t help crying your eyes out in such times. You happen to miss your partner all the time. Everything reminds you of him/her. Having to face such a situation comes as an awful experience. This situation of life is quite common and may happen with anyone.



This is an inevitable situation of life which people don’t seem to accept. The loss of a loved one turns your life upside down. It is hard to know what to do. You seem to spend hours grieving over the loss. A part of you seems to have died too. Not knowing how to react you might end up going under depression. Loss of a loved one comes as a matter of shock. Facing a loved one’s death leaves you in despair. This is a traumatic situation. You don’t seem to get a hold of yourself. Coming out of this situation takes a whole lot of courage and encouragement but do not give up. Be strong.


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