10 Most Populated States of USA 2013

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We all know someone from The States, USA is New-York and Hollywood and fast cars with superb roads , its burgers and pizzas and sodas. The things that we associate with this country is vague and indistinct, a version we have imprinted in our mind from the movies and sit-coms. In this articles lets play the number-game. USA has 50 states, India has 28. When we add the area of three largest states of USA ( Alaska, Texas, California) we have a land same size of India. Population wise, we win. Our population is thrice the size of USA. Lets look at the top 10 most populated states in USA and few other tit-bits about them.

10. North Carolina

10. North Carolina

Population : 9,812,584
Nickname  : Old North state, Tar Heel State
Motto           : “Esse Quam Videri” (To Be Rather Than to Seem)

The State Song :

”In my mind I’m goin’ to Carolina
Can’t you see the sunshine
Can’t you just feel the moonshine
Ain’t it just like a friend of mine
To hit me from behind
Yes I’m goin’ to Carolina in my mind”

With more than 100 counties, the old north state is regal and royal in its own way. The major industry is farming, tobacco, poultry, textiles, furniture. It has seen a transition in economy base from farming to more diversified economy to engineering, biotechnology and finance based industry. The Old North state has given two presidents to the country, namely James Knox Polk, 11th President, Andrew Johnson, 17th President. The scenic beauty  and charm of this state is the pride of its citizens. The State flag is a blue horizontal bar on left corner with a star between the letters N and C. There are two bars of equal lengths of red and white. The charming coastline with equally enchanting buildings is a reason why people want to live here. Perfect blend of nature and culture, the 10th ranker looks to rise further in this list in future.

9. Michigan

9. Michigan

Population  : 9,839,333
Nickname  :  Wolverine state/Great lake  State
Motto           : “If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you”

The state Song :

“The whisper of the forest tree,
The thunder of the inland sea;
Unite in one grand symphony
Of Michigan, my Michigan.”

It is located in the mid-western part of the country. The state derive its name from the big five lakes that surrounds the state. literal translation is “large Water”. The five fresh water lakes makes it the longest and the largest fresh water coastline in the world. The state flag is a blue field with three mottoes i.e., On a red ribbon – “One Nation Made Up of Many States”, secondly on a blue shield – “I will Defend” and lastly On a white ribbon – “If You Seek a Pleasant Peninsula, Look Around”. The largest city of Michigan, Detroit, is the car capital of the world. The Michigan state university is well known all over the world with heavy student population dropping in every year to be a part of this rich heritage.

8. Georgia

 8. Georgia

Population :  9,921,585

Nickname  : Peach state

Motto           : Wisdom, justice, and moderation

The State Song :

“Georgia, the whole day through
Just an old sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind.
Georgia, Georgia, a song of you
Comes as sweet and clear as moonlight through the pines.”

The state is named after King George The second of Europe, Georgia overtook Michigan to secure 8th position in the population race with  headcount. President James Earl Carter Jr was born in Michigan. The economy is based on agriculture based industries like Poultry and eggs, peanuts, cattle, hogs, dairy products etc. and also many other industries like Textiles and apparel, transportation equipment and also food processing etc. The steady rise in every industry which in turn improved the economy, the population has increasing proportionally and this healthy rise is again complementing the growth in Economy. Capital is Atlanta. The state flag is three stripes of red white and red. The state  seal is inscribed on the blue field on the left corner of flag.

7. Ohio.

7. Ohio

Population :  11,555,168

Nickname : Buckeys State
Motto          : “With God, All Things Are Possible”

The State Song :

“Beautiful Ohio, where the golden grain
Dwarf the lovely flowers in the summer rain.
Cities rising high, silhouette the sky.
Freedom is supreme in this majestic land;
Mighty factories seem to hum in tune, so grand.
Beautiful Ohio, thy wonders are in view,
Land where my dreams all come true!”

Ohio, with Columbus as capital is one of the most well known state of States. The major industries are manufacturing of cars, steels, plastics, chemicals etc. The state flag is a  swallowtail design. It has a blue triangle which represents Ohio’s hills and valleys, and the stripes represent roads and waterways . It has a white circle with its red center which as dual  only representation, “O” in Ohio, and also famous nickname, “The Buckeye State”

6. Pennsylvania.

6. Pennsylvania

Population : 12,783,164
Nickname : Keystone state
Motto : Virtue, Liberty, and Independence

The State Song:

“Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania,
Blessed by God’s own hand,
Birthplace of a mighty nation,
Keystone of the land.
Where first our country’s flag unfolded,
Freedom to proclaim,
May the voices of tomorrow glorify your name.”

Pennsylvania grabs the number 6 spot with an estimated population of 12,783,164 people. It has 67 counties. It is located in the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic regions of the States. The capital city is Harrisburg. Its economy is based on dairy products, cattle rearing, hogs, hay, mushrooms etc and also tourism, electronics production, machinery among many others. The state flag is purple colored on which the state coat of arms is embroidered.

5. Illinois.

5. Illinois

Population : 12,896,257
Nickname  : Prairie State,
Motto           : State Sovereignty, National Union

The State Song :

“By thy rivers gently flowing, Illinois, Illinois,
O’er thy prairies verdant growing, Illinois, Illinois,
Comes an echo on the breeze.”

 Illinois’ population has seen a noticeable rise every year. Illinois has major share in the agricultural output and productivity of the nation and hence is vital for the economy. The capital is Springfield. The economy is based on production of corn, soybean, wheat along with dairy products, hogs and hays. the industrial contributors to the economy are Machinery industry, food processing industry, electric equipment manufacturing, chemical production, printing and publishing, fabricated , petroleum and coal industries. The great seal of Illinois against a white background with the word ILLINOIS inscribed underneath is the proud flag of ILLINOIS state.

4. Florida.

4. Florida

Population : 19,221,784.

Nickname : Sunshine State
Motto: In God We Trust

The State Song:

“When will I see de bees a-humming
All round de comb?
When will I hear de banjo strumming,
Down in my good old home?”

Florida ranks at number 4 with a population count of 19,221,784. sharing a border with Gulf of Mexico, Florida has many illegal immigrant who line-up into the States wth hope for better life. Regardless of the influx, Florida thrives on its agriculture and tourism industry. With the likes of Universal studios and Disney World, along with the stunning seashore the retirement State is rising on population chart. The state flag is white field with red cross and the state seal.

3. New York

3. New york

Population : 19,442,080
Nickname  : Empire State
Motto          : Excelsior

The State Song :

“There isn’t another like it.
No matter where you go.
And nobody can compare it.
It’s win and place and show.
New York is special.”

Usually mistaken to be the most populated state, this dream-land is known all over the world for it has a confluence of trade and economy of the world. With over 19,442,080 people, New York packs a cultural punch with the museums and gallerias. Capital is Albany. The state Flag tells you everything about the state. It is a bark blue field with the coat of arms emblazoned on it. The Goddess Liberty on right, Goddess Justice on left with sun rising over the mighty Hudson, a ship sailing,an eagle perched high with the state motto inscribed in white ribbon, the flag paints proclaims a true-blue lineage. The Home to the Mighty Yankees, this state is always on the go, 24/7. The ‘it’ city of the world,  with fast pace life, the catacombs of subways, people come here to have to have a respectable life and inadvertently fall in love with this land. Lady Liberty proudly welcomes one and all into this majestic slice of heaven.

2. Texas

2. Texas

Population : 26,017,907

Nickname :Lone star state
Motto: Friendship

The State Song.

“Texas, Our Texas! all hail the mighty State!
Texas, Our Texas! so wonderful so great!
Boldest and grandest, withstanding ev’ry test
O Empire wide and glorious, you stand supremely blest.”

With 26,017,907 people, Texas is 1st runner-up in this race. When contribution to agriculture, industrial, technological and energy sectors are considered, Texas doesn’t let you down. So much is the contribution share that many economists believe that without Texas, the economy of USA will collapse. Converted and developed out of a mere desert land, the beauty of Texas is enviable. Capital is Austin.The State Flag is a blue horizontal tripe at right hand corner with a white 5 point star, blue represents loyalty. There are two vertical stripes of white and red representing strength and bravery.

1. California.

1. California

Population :  37,884, 786

Nickname  : Golden state
Motto          :Eureka, I have found it.

The State Song

“I love you, California, you’re the greatest state of all
I love you in the winter, summer, spring, and in the fall.
I love your fertile valleys; your dear mountains I adore,
I love your grand old ocean and I love her rugged shore.”

The easy winner of this race is the Hollywood state of California. With a startling count of 37,884, 786 this state has the capacity to offer employment to a large group of people. Thus people flock to California to try their luck at a better life. The Hollywood inspires many people to try their luck at the show business, this spins many different professions and the population is, thus, not a mystery.  There is more to the state than film industry but the glitz and glamour is the USP of this land.  Home to many stars of the world, California boasts of rich mixture of class and culture. The State flag of California is a star on the top left corner representing the lone star state and  a bear representing many Bears in the state. The word CALIFORNIA REPUBLIC is inscribed below the bear.

With vast lands, mighty rivers and miles of sea-coast, the continent has all the favorable elements that makes it a superpower. The Democratic government with a strong independence for state makes it a smooth running nation. over 2 centuries into freedom, this country has become the beacon of hope for developing nations as it can provide livelihood, also the stronger dollar makes it a lucrative prospect for people to provide for their families. The tourism industry is another strong point with scores of people visiting this land with fervor. The above numbers show that this nation has much to offer.


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