10 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Your Kitchen Bugs

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The kitchen is one of the most important elements of a house. Your guest room can stay vacant for a few weeks, you might not climb up to your terrace for days when it’s too cold but nobody can skip getting into the kitchen. That’s the reason why kitchen should also look and be as classy as rest of your house. Getting the latest of appliances and kitchen shelves can jazz up your kitchen but keeping your pantry bug free is also vital. Everything becomes futile when those tiny little creepy bugs get into your kitchen. They crawl on the slabs, fly over food, get inside the glasses and totally get onto your nerves. So, what to do? Getting a pest control is a cumbersome task and can also cost you lots of money, while using chemically synthesized insecticides and pesticides will be equally unhealthy for your family as it is for the bugs. So why not try some natural ways to get rid of these bugs from bugging you. Here, I have got a list of 10 such ways which can be quite a deal in keeping such insects at bay.

10. Cornmeal


Made up from corn or maze, cornmeal is used for a huge variety of dishes. It can be used for gravies, soups or for binding snacks. But did you know that cornmeal can also be used to kill ants. Cornmeal has got a sweet taste that attracts the ants to eat it. But the digestive system of ants does not allow it to get digested. So if you sprinkle some cornmeal or its finer version cornflour, at various places in your kitchen, the ants will eat it, carry some for others and all will eventually die.

9. Garlic


Garlic is quite known for its characteristic smell, various health benefits and also for repelling blood sucking vampires! But garlic can also be used to keep your kitchen free of ants and cockroaches. Keeping some fresh garlic cloves on the kitchen counters or at the corners of kitchen will make the bugs run away for their lives. If the garlic seems to be drying out then replace them with some fresh cloves and you will find this trick pretty useful. In place of garlic cloves, garlic spray can also be made at home and used easily. All you need is some minced garlic cloves, a tablespoon of mineral oil, some dish soap and water. The garlic spray can be used in kitchen as well as in kitchen garden to protect your plants from insects. While using for kitchen garden, you should always first test spray it to check that it is not harmful for your plants.

8. Eucalyptus Oil

eucalyptus oil

Oil extracted from the eucalyptus tree is an essential oil and it has got a sweet, pleasant fragrance and can be an effective pest control tool. To use eucalyptus oil for keeping your kitchen bug free, mix some of it with water and store the mixture in a spray bottle. This mixture can be sprayed on cockroaches, spiders and other small insects that keep entering your kitchen and they will die immediately from it.

7. Mouse traps

mouse traps

A crawling mouse over your undone dishes can creep anybody out, wanting them to throw away the dishes itself. But dealing with mice isn’t that difficult as you though it to be. Buy a mouse trap from a supermarket and prepare something to use as bait. You can use a candy or anything which is sticky and sweet. Or you can also use a mouse’s favourite food “cheese”. The mouse won’t be able to resist it and will get ambushed in the trap which you can later on pick and throw out of your house.

6. Boric Acid

boric acid

Another way to kill the insects is by using Boric Acid. Combining Boric Acid with flour and sprinkling the mixture over the insect kills it naturally and almost instantly. The kitchen bugs will eat the mixture and die. Boric Acid can be easily bought from a local pharmacy but if it is unavailable, then its supplement Borax detergent can also be used to serve the purpose. Boric powder can be either used directly over insects or it can even be mixed with sugar and water to make it more effective and is used as a common bait.

5. Soap Solution

soap solution

Using a soap solution is the easiest way to eliminate all the bugs in your kitchen. You need to make some soap solution by mixing any type of soap with water and store it in a bottle, preferably a spray bottle. Now just splash this solution over any insect you spot or simply on your kitchen counter after cleaning it. Soap water works best for killing cockroaches as it forms a thin layer over their skin and roaches breathe from their skin. So the moment the body of the roach, especially the head and abdomen comes in contact with the soapy water, it will die.

4. Fly Paper

fly paper

Fly Paper is something you can get easily from Walmart or make your own at home. Fly paper, as the name suggests, is a trap for flies and comes with a sweet fragrant coating but is very sticky and any fly or a bug coming close to it gets stuck. You can put fly paper at various areas in your kitchen. Hang it from the ceiling or put at the windows or corners in the kitchen. But make sure you are prepared for viewing a whole bunch of dead creepy flies glued to your paper next morning.

3. Vinegar


Vinegar has a pungent acidic smell which ants don’t like and are natural to escape. So spraying white vinegar at the door of your kitchen or at the window frames will keep the ants away from them. And you do not need to go out to buy vinegar, it can be easily found in one’s pantry or any supermarket and it makes a perfectly simple trick. In fact vinegar makes a pretty good weapon to scare off the bugs from your kitchen and keep it clean.

2. White Wine


A glass of your favorite white wine is not serving just your taste buds but is also liked by fruitflies and hence can be a natural way of keeping them out of your kitchen. Fruitflies love the sweetness of white wine and if you keep a dish of white wine on your kitchen counter, then they would dive in to taste it. But won’t be able to come out of the wine and will die in there. It’s a quick and inexpensive method which will kill the insects instantly. If they return back then spray some more wine and they will be gone.

1. Keep it Clean

keep it clean

Preventing the insects and bugs from entering your kitchen is any day a better solution than poisoning them and killing them. And for that keeping the kitchen clean is the key factor. And that has to be done on a regular basis and should not be just once in a while thing. Always keep all the food in air tight containers and store them in cabinets or fridge so that the insects cannot reach them and get into them. Clean the kitchen and scrub all the surfaces, including counters and cabinet doors, with bleach water. If any liquid or curry spills over the counter, clean it immediately before it attracts insects. Fix all the leaky pipes and check for cracks and tighten the faucets so that there is no scope for any standing water in your kitchen. Never let dirty dishes accumulate in the sink and wash them and put them back to their place as soon as possible. Bugs linger on the remaining food on these dishes and the standing water becomes the breeding ground for mosquitoes and many other insects. And you want to avoid these unwelcomed guests at any cost.


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