10 Occasions When you should Wear your Best Clothes

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When was the last time you splurged on clothes? A few weeks back, I guess. The fetish with clothes is a very common thing seen in girls and guys alike. No matter our wardrobes are stuffed with jeans, tops, shirts and n number of accessories, we still find an excuse or two to get more. There is a marriage next month, the shopping starts this day. Birthdays make for an excellent pretext to shop for the best clothes on this planet. You want to impress the girl next door, put on your best at the earliest. We see that occasions are innumerable and so are the excuses to look one’s best. While writing this article, I have visualized myself wearing that pretty little dress for the fresher’s night. Different occasions call for different dress codes, and as much as you would like to get in your comfortable worn off jeans and a tee, you just cannot. You will have to put on the best of the lot and look the most beautiful or handsome person in the party. If you have got cocktail dresses gathering dirt in the back of your closet, don’t worry for below are the top occasions when you need to look your best and can use those forgotten clothes as well.

10. Funeral


Unlike weddings, funerals are where you want to look subdued. Dressing appropriately is a sign that you show respect to the deceased. Dark colored suits sans ties and bows are the way to go. Best dresses are not only meant for show off and celebrations. Funerals are where you should look well groomed and neat. Don’t hesitate to be a little formal about the dressing sense. You don’t want to catch attention of the people with your neon colored tees and purple jeans. Best signifies best for the occasion.

9. Speaking in public


Public speaking can frazzle a lot of people. It doesn’t matter how well you dress, it won’t make you a great orator. But dressing surely gets registered in the minds of your audience. The key is to wear something that the audience will accept. Even the most attentive person will find it very difficult to listen carefully to you if you dazzle like a neon bulb. Go for cool colors which give a calming effect. If possible, go for monochrome. The audience will not be distracted by the unnecessary colors and stripes. They have little choice but to focus on your words rather than your lines or breaks. Being dressed in the same color is very trendy after all.

8. Casual events


What about those casual dinner parties and meetings with your colleagues? Have you ever given it a thought that those occasions are not just any other occasion? They are important from the perspective of your relatives and office mates. You cannot take them lightly by wearing whatever you put a hand on. It’s not a formal event but it is to be considered. It is a state when a man is dressed up, rather informal. For girls there are many options to go for a casual party wear. A guy on the other hand may put on a pair of jeans with a t-shirt. Shirts tucked in with a tie are an instant hit.

7. VIP lounge/ nightclub


Dress to impress. You want to be trendy and get hold of the phone numbers of a few ladies. Get in a few dances. Leave the faded jeans and break out all your vintage clothes. Don’t look at the factors whether you have returned from the office or just came back from your relatives. Get, set and be ready for the party. You don’t want to look uptight, so forget about tucking in your shirt or ironing your collar. Use cologne liberally because clubs are often packed with people grinding to the music all night. A big part of looking best also lies in confidence and attitude. Don’t look as if you are trying too hard to look the best. Wear the brands and carry them off with style and panache.

6. Meeting the parents


This is all about first impression. Chances are your prospective in-laws will look for faults and you don’t want to be the one receiving unnecessary flak. To impress, be in semi-formal. Go for nicely ironed and well fitted clothes. Let them love your look first and then if you get lucky you can make them fall in love with you. You can’t go wrong if you choose to dress in a conservative manner. A polo shirt tucked in for guys and smart denims with not too tight tees for girls should be your priority. Some parents may be allergic to cologne. Better ask your girl/boyfriend about it beforehand. You don’t want them to be sneezing and cussing you all the way.

5. First date


You cannot simply ignore the significance of such a big occasion. There are a few fairly safe combinations which can go well any day. An open-collared shirt with a jacket is a good way for the guys. This has the added bonus when she feels the chill. You can wrap your jacket around her and be the chivalrous, adorable guy. Girls can go for corduroy if they feel adventurous about it. For a more laid back look, simple denims are the best option. They can be teamed up with a variety of tees and even one piece if you aren’t comfortable with showing off your legs. For the footwear, go for brands like woodland, if you feel sporty and heels if you want to show the trendy side of you.

4. First day of college


One thing before going to college which I asked the most was about my outfit. Obviously, classroom attire is one of the most controversial hot topics in college. You want your first impression to be the best one and not the last. You can look more beautiful in the coming days. Someone who loves fashion more than his/her morning nap is the one who will stand out. I am not saying that you should spend the entire morning pondering over your dress and forget about breakfast or that fashion is more important than anything else. But nice is important and you should get ‘dressed up’ before you head on. Keep it simple and chic but don’t go on wearing sweatpants to your class. Even if you are getting late, don’t neglect to look cute and beautiful. In a nutshell, if you love fashion, you should wear your fabulous clothes on the first day of your college.

3. Marriage


Be it you relatives’ or your best friend’s, marriages are the panache for fashion and glam. Put on the best in your set and you will manage to get a few friend requests on Facebook. Saris for women are hot and hip this season. Sexy backless blouses with chiffon or Georgette saris are a must for your collection. Shervanis and casual coats are often worn by the guys. I agree that marriages call for big trouble. Not only buying gifts is a pain in the butt, but also trying to figure out what to wear. The basic rule of thumb is to wear the best and look as good as you can without upstaging the groom.

2. Your wedding


The best day of your life, your wedding day is the one you awaits the most. A beautiful wedding dress sets the mood for the guests. You and your partner should make sure that you get it right. The bridal gown and suit are the focal points of any wedding day. You have hundreds of eyes zeroing into you to check out your smile, your make-up, your gestures and most of all your attire. Don’t miss out on this one. Personalize the colors, textures and accessories to look unique and the best among the rest. It is your day after all!

1. Every day!


Isn’t it true that all of us want to grab eyeballs? Having the opposite sex check out your elegance, girls going green and red seeing you steal the show is one of the best feelings of the day. Why wait for any occasion when you can dress every day. Go for bright colors. Guys go for cool t-shirts and jeans. Loafers and sports shoes with a funky haircut! If it suits you, then it is the best for you. No day could be better to look awesome than today. Pick for the accessories which would go with your neon’s and denims. Grab hold of shades to show off your taste in fashion. As Oscar Wilde’s famous quote goes, “you can never be overdressed or over-educated.”


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