10 of the Best Meals from around the World

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Food isn’t just something we need to survive, it is a pleasure to savor. Good food can make us feel happy, create a dining experience that will never be forgotten. Different cultures from around the world have created different food experiences, variations based on locally available ingredients and tastes, and exploring these presents a real global journey, but picking out delicacies to try can be an overwhelming experience with so much choice.

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We looked at food from all over, not for the most pretentious, the most expensive or the most exclusive. No, what we have been looking for is the most enjoyable experience, the sates that you can’t forget, the smell, texture and appearance that is something totally different. There are some meals that just stand out above all others, they are not all exclusive and expensive, indeed, many here are very much the ordinary and every day, but they are all special. Meals that make you remember why you love food so much, that add more than just ‘food’ to your dining. Without further ado, here are ten of the best meals available around the world for you try.

10. Seafood Paella


One of most famous of the Mediterranean dishes, Seafood Paella is a Spanish dish, consisting of various seafood ingredients. Usually including Shrimp, Lobster, shellfish and cuttlefish, the Paella combines these with rice and herbs, producing a mouthwatering dish that you cannot fail to enjoy.

9. Peking Duck


A traditional Chinese dish, it features a crispy sweet skin, along with juicy and tender meat. Best experienced in a restaurant where the duck will be carved in front of you, and served with traditional steamed pancakes and spring onion to form a delicate and flavorful meal that melts in the mouth.

8. Moussaka


The national dish of Greece, and a wonderful one it is. Combining ground beef or lamb with eggplant, cheese and béchamel sauce, it sounds like a lasagna but tastes so much better. A real hearty meal to fill you up, it’s a wonderful and deeply satisfying dish, you can never get enough.

7. Fish & Chips


The British staple, a fillet of fish, dipped in batter and fried to form a crunchy outside and soft, moist inside, accompanied by thick cut fries, just add a touch of salt and vinegar and you have the perfect meal. Feel good food for any time, it may not be fine dining, but it is fine food.

6. Masala dosa


A vegetarian meal to fall in love with from India, this is a pancake made from rice and lentils. Spread incredibly thin and fried, the pancake is served with a side dish that is made from mashed potato and fried onions with added spices, along with a beautiful and flavorsome chutney. A wonderfully light meal that brings flavors perfectly to the palette, definitely one not to miss.

5. Sushi


The famous Japanese dish, not only is it full of wonderful flavors, but its preparation and presentation are almost an art form in themselves. It is not to everyone’s taste, which is something that could be said for most dishes here really, but it presents a dining experience, the sights and smells as much as the tastes, that none can rival.

4. Pizza


The Pizza is perhaps one of the truly great dishes of the world, however it has become somewhat sullied by what we consider Pizza today, what is served up at deliver to your door shops bears no relation to the original, and we think it is worth inclusion. A Neapolitan, hand thrown dough, fresh tomatoes and a wood fired oven. It’s Pizza, but not as you know it. Everyone should try one once.

3. Crab


Crab is quite a common meal around the world, but none do it as well as they do in India. Take a pot of garlic infused melted butter, and simmer the crab in it a few hours so all the buttery taste is absorbed into the crab meat. That is Butter Crab. And it is wonderful.

2. Massaman Curry


From Thailand, Massaman Curry is an eclectic mix of sweet, spice, savory and coconut. A true amalgam of tastes that explodes in your mouth, and probably the best curry in the world. Thai cuisine reflects the nation and its vegetation, light and welcoming, this curry will astound you.

1. Barbeque Ribs


Direct from the US, smoked pork ribs, coated in that thick, barbeque sauce. The perfect food for dining out, dining in, eating at a wedding or at a sports game. It is the food for all occasions, and the taste to remind you how good food should be.


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