10 Poorest Countries in the World 2013

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We do not inherit Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. The Earth is a home for 204 countries, 809 islands and 7 seas yet the Earth has not equally distributed its resources all over the world. With highly developed countries to highly poor countries; the Earth breeds all! With some countries having a high standard of living, some other countries do not have the basic necessities of life. With very little degree of variations, the suffering of millions of people is quite common and inevitable. With poverty stricken, Malnutrition, diseases, scarcity of food, the world has been a devastating place for hundreds of thousands of underprivileged people who literally have no standard of living.

Here is a list of the top 10 poorest countries in the world (2013) which reflects how the world still needs to implement a good deal of ideas and resources to the underprivileged countries and wipe off the poverty from the face of Earth.

10. Togo


Togolese Republic is located on the West Africa; a Sub-Saharan country which is highly dependent on agriculture with a climate that provides good growing seasons. Unfortunately, it is one of the poorest countries in the world. Unavailability of basic health facilities, natural resources and scarcity of food, the Togolese people face the crisis of a famine all throughout the year. The problems have no end and the solutions are at far end. Home to 6.7 million people, the country remains helpless and clueless of its present state. Also known as a ‘The Slave Coast’, the country has a GDP per capita of $830 which leaves it as one of the poorest countries in the world.

9. Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

Another country in the West Africa, the Republic of Sierra Leone has language and customs of its own. Predominantly a Muslim country, it is known for being one of most religiously tolerant nations. Known for its ethnicity and religious predominance, it still remains one of the poor nations in the world. Though the country is not in the list of largest countries, but the government fails to provide the basic amenities for its half a million population. In spite of its dependency on economic resources to support the livelihood of its inhabitants; social unrest, violence and other parameters has pulled it back from progressing. With innumerable lives plagued, the country survives on a poor GDP per capita income of $780.

8. Central African Republic

Central African Republic

Largely dependent on agricultural products, this Central African Republic province remains one of the poorest countries in the world. With an estimated GDP income per capita of $760, the country has neither proper economic resources nor any aid to cater to the needs of its inhabitants. With least possible tourism, the country witnesses no kinds of funding in what-so-ever form. Illegal weapons and and social unrest are one of the most common sites in spite of the nature be quested dense rain forests and endowment of timbre. The country’s underdevelopment is the result of its unstable existence since its independence in 1960’s. With lack of least potential basic amenities, the Central African Republic suffers with major poverty and hunger stricken inhabitants.

7. Malawi


World’s 100th largest country in area yet, the poorest country. Known for its ethnicity, Malawi is among the world’s least-developed countries. The economy is heavily based in agriculture, with a largely rural population. The Malawian government depends heavily on outside aid to meet development needs, although this need (and the aid offered) has decreased since 2000. The Malawian government faces challenges in building and expanding the economy, improving education, health care, environmental protection, and becoming financially independent. With high prevalence of HIV AIDS, high infant mortality and low life expectancy, the country is devastated and has no signs of progress. With a meager GDP of $733, the country is going through a worse scenario.

6. Eritrea


Another Horn of African country with the same old major social issues and devastated by poverty. In spite of the boon of natural resources like Uranium, the country struggles to push its economic stability. Constant violent activities, lack of strong political leadership has resulted in suffering of hundreds of thousands of people violating the human rights of the people living in this multi-ethnic country. Apart from food scarcity and limited provision of resources, Freedom of speech, press, assembly, and association are also limited. The GDP is also restricted to $730.

5. Somalia


If you are wasting the food served on your plate, think twice! Known for its food scarcity, Somalia is said to have been hit by worst natural and man-made famines thus, devastating its existence. Largely famous of pirates at the international level, it has been termed as the world’s most dangerous country to live not just because of its terrorist activities but because of its economic conditions which plays a key role in making it the worst country in the world. The roots of terrorism in Somalia go back to the poverty where people used weapons to get money. There has been no end to the hunger and health problems and its GDP still remains frugal with $600.

4. Burundi


You would not be obliged to be welcome to this country which is a home of diseases. Severe plagues, tropical, sub tropical diseases, the country has no count of these diseases and also the death rate. It has one of the lowest per capita GDP of $410 any nation in the world. The country has suffered from warfare, corruption, poor access to education and the effects of HIV/AIDS. Burundi is densely populated and experiences substantial emigration. According to a 2012 DHL Global Connectedness Index, Burundi is the least globalized country in the world. The pandemic spread of HIV/AIDS is a common disease in this country.

3. Liberia


The Republic of Liberia is again a country located on West Africa bordered by Sierra Leon. One of the filthiest places on the Earth with no basic amenities for life. The horrible sanitation system and lack of food is a thorough combination for destruction and devastation. With arbitrary rules and collapsed economy, the country is facing crisis on larger scale. In spite of lifting the ban on diamonds and timber which led to a lot of social unrest mainly the civil war, the economy is brought to literally its foundations. With the world’s third lowest GDP of $360 and infrastructure thoroughly ruined, almost half of its population survives on less than 1$ a day which is a pretty pathetic standard of living.

2. Democratic Republic of Congo


Like other African nations, it has its own long list of colonization but its colonization was by Belgium. The Second Congo War, beginning in 1998, devastated the country and is sometimes referred to as the “African world war” because it involved nine African nations and twenty armed groups. With a respectable 53 years of independence, Congo has faced a long and unending series of social military conflicts which has cut down its development to its foundation. Also, conflict for control of the mineral wealth is behind some of the most violent atrocities. With a GDP as low as $355, it is estimated as the poorest country in the world with literally no standard of living.

  1. Zimbabwe

Welcome to the world’s poorest country! Not just for its poverty stricken-Mal nutrition people, awkward geography or food scarcity but also for violating the rights to shelter, food, freedom of movement and residence, freedom of assembly and the protection of the law. Home to precious metals, minerals and other natural resources, the lives of its inhabitants are miserable. In spite of the abundance in the availability of diamonds, the political conflicts that turn out to be military conflicts have made destroyed the living standards. It is one country which was colonized at the end of 19th century and the British colonizers left it very late. Its latest constitution was approved three months ago which quite explains its plight. With the lowest GDP, it is ranked as the poorest country in the world.



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