10 Promising Career Choices that you can choose after High School

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Careers are the pattern of work and the related activities that we develop in our lifetime and it includes a series of job, a person gets. We all have careers of some kind and it vary in the type of work. We all have some aim or goals, but some people work harder to make their goals as their career and some people make their career in jobs in which they are not paid such as volunteering or caring for poor people.

Your career affects your whole personality and it determines where you live and the amount of money you earn. As the world is getting modern, everything is reaching new heights and as for instance, the increasing cost of higher education, not everybody is capable of pursuing college degrees. So some students do not get the chance to go for higher studies and are forced to earn for themselves and for their families. But this world provides us with endless opportunities. Even if you are unable to pursue education after high school, you can still earn very good money. There are numerous amount of job opportunities available with just a high school degree. So here is a list of career options which you can opt after high school without going to college.


10. Manufacturing Sales Representatives

Wholesale and manufacturing sales representative’s job is to sell goods and products for manufacturers to big companies, government agencies and other businesses. They have to contact the customer, explain the details of the product, convince them to buy their product, answer their queries and negotiate the prices. These sales representatives have to work under a lot of pressure as their income is based on the number of sales and the amount of merchandise they sell. They specialize in non-technical products and earn 27% more than the full time job worker and the median annual wage was recorded $73,710 in May 2010. The pay is good, unlimited opportunities are provided and a high school degree is enough to get a job like this and you just need a one-year training degree and you are a professional after that and can earn good for a living.


9. Telecommunications Equipment Installer

Telecommunications Equipment Installer also known as ‘telecom technicians’, maintain devices and equipment which carry signals, access the internet or connect to telephone lines. They have various fields and departments, some work in the electronic service centres or central offices and some workers handle the outdoor work by travelling to the repair sites such as homes or offices for installation process. Their growing opportunities and salaries are 32% higher than the national average and the median annual wage is $54,710. This profession can also be opted without having a college degree. Installers usually work in the climate controlled central offices or building companies setting up telecom lines in offices and private houses.


8. Construction and Building Inspectors

If you are looking for job without a college degree, construction and building inspection is one of the best jobs to apply for. These inspectors examine the construction, repair, alterations and other structures to make sure of the ordinance and specifications. They work for the local government or private firms, reviewing plans and standards to assure the safety of the public. The growth rate of this profession is 18% till 2002 and the median annual wage was $52,360 in May 2010 and is expected to increase with the increasing job opportunities. No formal education is required but experience is expected.


7. Plumbers, Steamfitters and pipefitters

Plumbers are the most demanded people almost everywhere in the country as they have to perform the basic tasks of households or building sites. Pipefitters are needed to install pipes for heating or cooling systems in buildings or construction projects. They are needed in factories, homes, construction sites, businesses and they have to sometimes lift heavy materials, climb ladders or work in uncomfortable spaces. A typical plumber earns around $46,000 a year by plumbing, or fitting pipes and appliances or even being construction helpers and 45%  increase in the employment is expected till 2020. These plumbers and fitters learn their trade through apprenticeship and can also work after high school.


6. Electricians

Thanks to Electricians, that we are living more comfortably than ever before. An electrician install wires, fuses, maintain voices, data and video wiring and as more complicated gadgets are coming up, which means more skilled electricians which means approximately 134,000 jobs are added by 2020. An Electrician can specialize in maintainence or construction but some specialize in both fields. They are needed to work in homes, factories, construction sites, etcetra. A typical electrician can earn almost $48,000 per annum with a high school degree and apprenticeship so this profession is good enough to earn a living.


5. Pile-Driver Operators

Pile-Driver operators are those who control large machines that hammer piles in the ground, works on skids, barges, cranes, pound steel or offshore oil rigs. Piles are heavy pieces of steel that support buildings, bridges and piers.These operators should have the ability, strength and physical coordination to operate the complex machinery and they should also be good communicators as taking and giving directions is an important part of their job. Operators are supposed to sit in cabs of machines and control it with pedals and levers. These pile-drive operators are expected to make 19% more money than the national average and their annual salary is $47,550. High school education is enough but atleast three years of apprenticeship is required to emphasize industry standards for safety.


4. Insurance Sales Agent

Insurance sales agents are the agents that help clients to choose policies for health, life, disability, long-term care, etcetra that suits their needs and demands. They also offer financial planning services or retirement plans for future. Independent agents work for several companies but captive agents work for one particular company. These agents are also suppose to prepare reports, files maintain records, search for new clients. They sell a variety of insurances and these agents held about 435,000 jobs in 2008. Their median salary is about $47,450 and a high school graduate is also applicable for this job who has the ability to work in sales department.


3. Physical Therapist Aids

Physical Therapy Aids work under the direction of physical therapists and they make therapy session productive by helping patients to recover from injuries, illnesses, manage pain and also by preparing treatment rooms and escorting patients. They are also supposed to keep the treatment areas clean and organized, improve functioning and mobility and assist patients. Employment of physical therapist assistants is expected to increase 46% from 2010 to 2020 and they earn a median annual salary of  $23,680. To become a physical therapist assistant, a high school diploma will do and the on-job training.


2. Medical Secretaries

A Medical Secretary performs clerical duties like typing, billing, maintaining files in a medical office. They also handle duties like interacting with people, taking phone calls, making appointments and they should have excellent computer skills and should be efficient in handling records of the patients. A medical secretary work is necessary for the functioning of any patient care facility. The employment in this field is expected to grow around 41% till 2020 and the median annual salary earned is $30,190. A typical requirement for a medical secretary is high school education or a equivalency diploma and they should have basic office skills and medical terminology which can be obtained through classroom education.


  1. Glaziers

A glazier is an individual who works with all types of glass and is familiar with the process of fitting, installing and cutting glass, and the products made of glass including windows, mirrors, shower doors, etcetra. They work for a variety of settings for residential clients, for commercial clients to install security windows or installing curtain walls or panels for industrial clients, in banks, offices, retail stores, etcetra. In this profession, a 42% increase in the employment is expected till 2020.  They earn a median annual salary of $37,350 and an apprenticeship can also help you make this a full time job.


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