10 Pros and Cons of Having a Girlfriend

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“Love makes the wildest spirit tamed and the tamest spirit wild” Plato wouldn’t have given much thought as to how long will this quote be apt, before voicing it. Each grand love story has its pros and cons , some end in happily-ever afters whilst some take the course of Romeo and Juliet not necessarily that bitter. Albeit there are some that take the road less taken but like every other thing that human encounters Love has its facets, some are way too romanticized and then there are some that leave us scarred for life.

Contrary to the popular perception love not necessarily involves and man and a woman, the world today has come very far on accepting the extent of the facets of this phenomenon and the number of people choosing to come out of the closet embracing their LGBT status is remarkable and equally extraordinary. Anyway we for the sake of our article take into consideration the general relationship between a man and a woman from the perspective of Adam’s progenies. Listed below are the 5 pros and cons of having a girlfriend, to suit your make or break purposes.


5) Opposite-Sex Opinions


Do not deny it, when it comes to advising especially regarding fashion, cooking, décor etc you can always rely on a female’s advice. They can tell you upfront how hideous that yellow t-shirt looks on you or how beautifully fuchsia complements your eyes. What goes with your embellished watch and how is that crew neck different from the button down and polo.

They have a developed sense of aesthetics that means your cushion covers will always match your curtains. Having a girlfriend also means that you longer have to stick to those ‘world’s best mom’ coffee mugs and ‘world’s best sister’ T-shirt as being a girl she can relate to all your female kiths and kins and introduce you to a wider variety of choice. So a girlfriend won’t just provide warmth and love but an added perk of advises.

4) Excuses


Have a reunion you are not interested in? Bunch of male friends gathering up for a movie for some ‘bro time’ and you don’t like it even a tiny weenie bit. Just say “you have to take your girl out”. You won’t be labeled as ‘killjoy’ or ‘party bummer’ in fact the world will know how chivalrous you are to be taking care of the one you love by sacrificing on things the world expects you to like.

Having a girlfriend also ensures that you don’t have to worry about going ‘stag’ anywhere. You get to avoid all those clubbing hassles which allows ‘couple entry’ on certain nights. The music is good and the drinks are free for your ‘lady’. However keep your jealousy feelings at bay.

3) Good food


Girls love cooking yes even the ones who say they don’t. They love good food and every once in a while they try to learn it and if they happen to have an enforcing mother then the culinary skills are inherited. If you have a girlfriend who loves to cook as much as she loves you, you better renew that gym membership for such girls truly believe that the path to a man’s heart lies through his stomach. Your fridge will never bear the barren look of Mars and your kitchen cupboards will always be well-stocked. Not only will you cut down your expenses on pricey taste-less fancy restaurants but you will also have romantic dinner nights waiting for you every other day.

2) Party Organizers


More than half the world’s renowned event managers are females. Why? Because they love to organize things, be it your cluttered cupboard or be it a party. If planning an event throws you into your worst crabby moods then you can always take help of your girlfriend. She will take you under her wings and show you how to organize a least-calamity gathering, while you can pretend to be helping as you cheer her up and complement her on her choices of the beer glasses.

Though that doesn’t mean you will exploit her organizing skills lest you love the couch.

1) Bought one, have two


You and the girl share the same interests and thus, you two fell head over heels for each other. Now everything that belongs to her; the books, the games, the Pokémon cards collection, the rock album CDs can be used by you and there is the catch, it goes vice versa too. You two could go dutch over the steam sales and you don’t have to empty your pockets for that second choice for your other half would have already bought it and then you can have a romantic face-off finishing the opposite team.



5) No time for Friends


They say being in love is a full-time job. If your girlfriend happens to be an overly attached one, then that would mean minimal (read none at all) interaction with your female friends and less time with your male friends unless you want to argue about your priorities and search for reasons to justify that you don’t love them more than you love her. Sounds tough right? For if she acted like that it would be a natural choice to drift away. But that comes at a cost of incessant arguments and backbiting. In the worst case scenarios having a girlfriend could end up choosing between mental peace and love (if you can call it that).

4) Bills


It is shameful to ask a girl to pay and it’s expensively chivalrous to pay for her. You can’t expect a girl to call you or to pay for you that sounds odd right? But in practicality this oddity could be the right thing to do if you don’t want to end up in a bankrupt situation. Girls often put up a huge show of the gifts that their significant other buys them. Inevitably it has to be expensive.

And how can you allow your princess to eat at home while she thinks (and you are made to believe) that she deserves a nice romantic dinner in an expensive restaurant. Rephrasing Peter Parker’s uncle, “with a beautiful girl comes huge responsibilities and a jaw dropping credit-card statement follows.”

3) Can’t watch manly things (no perversion intended)


When you have a girlfriend and her mood for a romantic film or her favorite tele serial clashes with your cricket, football or rugby matches. Then it’s better to forget about your needs for once and for all. You can’t win them over on this one.

You will see your action, horror and thriller film tickets being replaced by pre-booked ones for mushy, romantic and emotional drama flicks. You can’t dare to say no because such films apparently helps to keep the spark in your relationship and you could learn something from them.

2) Arguments


It is comparably easier to win a Nobel, Booker, Pulitzer or Oscar then winning an argument with a woman. Soon those sweet talks are replaced by trivial incessant nagging arguments about where you left your damp towel and how the toothpaste tube is aptly capped. Then you wake up to a rude shock and voice the same question, “Why did I not remain single?” Sacrificing your happiness for something so momentary!? Your discretion is seriously advised.

1) PMS


How could one not resist oneself from citing this definition of PMS. It couldn’t have been more accurate, “A powerful spell that women are put under about once every month, which gives them the strength of an ox, the stability of a Window’s OS, and the scream of a banshee. Basically, man’s worst nightmare”

True to each word PMS is something that can be used to justify their tantrums every five days a month. You better run for your life and look for a safe hideout, because during these days you will face the constant threat of extinction. On a sincere note though your girlfriend can get away with the worst of her through this excuse and you wouldn’t be able to argue your stance because, “It will be so inhumane and misogynistic of you”. So save yourself from estrogens running high on every moon’s turn and enjoy the singledom as long as it naturally lasts.



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    August 15, 2016 3:17 am

    Whew boy, the last time I saw a list this sexist was back in ’38 when there was bloodmoney on suffragettes. I hope you and your wrinkly-ass, shedding, 43 year old cock are having fun in life, because your current life situation is not going to improve. The fact that you haven’t managed to mature in that much time is a phenomena that’s going to baffle scientists for decades, so why don’t you start off the research by dissecting yourself?

    Stalin did nothing wrong and sandy hooks ████ ██████ █████ ███ . Ron Paul, over.

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