10 Qualities That Parents Must Teach Their Children

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Raising children is not all that easy. Every parent wants their kid to be perfect. For which they inculcate the best of values in their children.Well, most of the qualities  that children learn are from what they observe around them. Teaching certain qualities is an important element in supporting the development of a child.In short there are such basic qualities that every child must be taught because it forms the base of their personality. This is not an exhaustive concept but is just a positive approach towards the development of  the inner spirit of a child. Well if you’re wondering as to what these qualities are then have a look..


Well honesty tops the list of good qualities that children must be taught. A very well written quote “Honesty is the best policy” is drilled into a child’s mind. A child must be taught honesty from childhood itself. Failing to which they often end up telling lies even for the pettiest of issues which later leads to some massive ones. Usually children lie to escape the consequences of something wrong they’ve done. If the children fall a prey to dishonesty, they start enjoying its advantages and the condition worsens if they’re not stopped.


Every successful person is well aware of the importance of punctuality. Doing things in time leads to an easy life. And once you’re into the habit of running late into things, you can’t be helped. Therefore childhood is that stage of life wherein children can be taught certain positive things, punctuality being one of them. Instill the value of punctuality into them. Even small things like reaching school on time, rising early and many more can get them into a habit of being punctual. This will for sure lead to a smarter child.


You might think this is not a necessity as the children often gain confidence on their own. Let me surprise you because this is not true!!! Unfortunately many a times children lack confidence to a serious extent which goes unnoticed by the parents. The reason for it could be anything like lack of friends, being bullied at school or facing ignorance at home.. Well in such a case parents could lend a hand. Having self-confidence is a necessity like any other therefore begin by appreciating them for the little good things. Make sure that your child often participates in extra-curricular activities. Motivation on the part of parents can work wonders for the children.Having done this, the child will gain self-confidence which will help him in achieving great heights.


We all know that respect is of vital importance and is one of the qualities that a child must be taught. Children must be taught to respect their elders, teachers. We do know that 95% of everything children learn, they learn from what is modeled for them. They easily adapt almost anything  from what we speak or do. Therefore don’t disrespect your children so that they do the same for you.Teaching to respect people is evitable and therefore must not be left ignored.


Being kind to people around you reflects a sort of positivity in you.  No one likes to be treated with a barbarous nature. Children  too must be taught to be kind with people.They must be taught to be well behaved and interact politely with people.This practice can start at home. children should learn to be kind to their siblings, friends. For this a peaceful environment must be mainatained at home do that the child adapts to it easily. And rest is all on the saying “If you want people to be kind to you , you have to do the same”.


Realizing your responsibilities and undertaking them is imperative. No matter how big a person you are, running away from responsibilities is cowardly. This very same fact must be taught to children. They must be made mature enough to realize their responsibilities so that they can act upon them. These petty things once taught are never forgotten. So start now before its too late.


Patience is the bitter truth in a human’s life.  No matter however confident you are all good things happen gradually with the passage of time. Parents should not fail to inculcate the value of patience into their children. If the child is taught to be patient, he will take things slowly and will do them in the most efficient way possible. But in case a child lacks patience he will do things hurriedly often ending up into ruining them. Obviously you don’t want that!!!Therefore patience is a great deal important.


Children should always learn to be social. Turning into an introvert or shying away from talking to people is a negative aspect. They should learn to interact with people. Making friends is a result of being social. Interaction with people makes you more confident and a rather positive personality. For this they can be introduced to people of their age, and they should be talked to more often so that they learn to open up. None can do this better than the parents.


Not everyone has the habit of taking initiative in things. Many people avoid doing work and enjoy the pleasure of watching others do it. Well this sure isn’t a good thing. A child must learn to take initiative in things. This could be any of the stuff like taking part in helping people, or volunteering into different things. All of this needs to be taught to children so that they remember it for lifetime and never lack behind in being the first one.


Whenever anything bad occurs we are into a habit of thinking negatively. Being assertive is the road to success. Once a child learns to take things positively he will never fail in life. Even the smallest of things must be dealt with in a positive manner. Learning to tackle problems is necessary too. Often children have a negative approach towards things and therefore they panic when a challenge occurs and do not achieve it. So a child must always learn to have a positive attitude towards things. This will change his attitude positively and problems will be tackled more easily.






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