10 Questions to Ask Before Killing Thyself

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Over the past couple of years the suicide rate has been going up by the year. It is saddening to read each and every day in the newspaper about people taking their lives. Most of these victims are generally teenagers. This world has become more competitive and it is the survival of the fittest so everyone wants to be the best. There are many reasons for a person to ‘give up’; love, loss of job, money, family, studies etc. Life is all about the bumpy ride, there are ups and there are downs as well and that is how one learns. If a person comes to this, it is obvious that they have decided that they can’t handle life anymore and they choose to end their life. Some say that suicide is a right and a person must be able to decide whether he or she wants to live or die. But life is precious so why waste it?

10. Am I sure the afterlife is better?

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No one really knows what comes after death. Is there a heaven? Is there a hell? Is it better than life itself? These questions will never have concrete answers. So one can never be entirely sure. So if you think it’s better to end your life..fine! But how can you be sure it’ll be better after. Society judge’s people based on their actions and sometimes drive people over the edge. You have a wonderful life here with people and friends all around you which you shouldn’t give up that easily on. Maybe there is an afterlife but here on earth your story will be over. Religious people say that it is a sin to end you’re life because God gave it to you and only he has the right to take it away.

9. Did I take enough responsibility?

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Not every event in your life is your fault, but they are your responsibility. A combination of the decisions you make and some external factors which you have no control over brought you where you are now. So you cannot blame yourself for everything. If in case you were wrong then you must learn to own up to it. The past is unchangeable and must be left behind us and we should live in the present. Positively taking full responsibility of your situation and getting on the right path can change your outlook completely.

8. Is this how I want it to end?

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Think about it, is this really how you want to be remembered? Is this how you want your life’s chapter to end, so abruptly? Life is more than just about our daily problems. There is so much more to it yet to be discovered and experienced along the way. Every worthwhile goal is worth the struggle to get there. If you’re actions don’t take effort, you won’t make progress. You can’t expect success without any hard work put in. It’s like wanting oxygen in your lungs without making the effort to breathe. Your struggle may be physical, emotional or both but in the end your hard work will pay off. There will be failures along the way but eventually that will lead to success and one mustn’t give up half way.

7. Have I actually lived?

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Stop! Think! Do you want to end your life so quickly? Not everyone is fortunate enough to live completely, some die due to accidents and various other reasons. So if you are still alive then be grateful that you have been given the chance to actually live and do what you want with your life. Everyone goes through rough patches and emerge from the other side as a new person altogether. Take a holiday with friends or family and go relax, the world is beautiful and you are bound to find peace of mind.

6. Is school really worth dying for?


There have been so many cases where young children have been taking their lives because of bad grades or failing and they are very scared of facing the parents after this that they think ending their life is the way to go. Peer pressure gets too much or they are being bullied and they are driven by all these circumstances to just end their life and all the humiliation. If there is a subject you aren’t good at and maybe keep failing it doesn’t mean you are dumb, it just means that you are weak at that subject and there might be other things which you are good at. Academics is just a phase, do not get stressed out about it. You will graduate and do something with your life!

5. Lost love?


True love is not a fleeting feeling rather it consumes you and that person becomes your center of your universe. Sometimes when the love isn’t reciprocated or there is loss of life then the person is left feeling alienated. Sometimes people get so hurt from love that they even commit suicide and call it true love because they died for it. But can we really call that true love? We are responsible for our own thoughts and feelings. We are the ones who can make ourselves feel happy. Sometimes due to a bad relationship we claim love to be bad and hurtful. But it isn’t loves fault, it is our own.

4. How have I been coping with what’s happening?

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There are always other solutions to our problems. Ask yourself if you have gone through all the other possibilities. Talk to friends or family about your problems. There are many support groups that exist for people who face suicidal tendencies that help people. If must remember that your problems are temporary but death is permanent. Don’t let anyone think that you aren’t strong enough. Your growth potential is as large as your thinking.

3. Am I really a quitter?


Life always throws many things our way, some are good and some are bad. But that does not mean we should just give up and let life win. When we get knocked on our backs we should stand up, dust the dirt off and walk on. Everything we go through in life makes us the person we are. Is this how you want to be remembered? Everyone has their own problems to deal with but how each one survives it is what makes them who they are. So don’t quit that easy. Hang in there!

2. How will the people I know feel?


Picture this: you are dead and you can’t say anything anymore and everyone you know is all around you. Imagine how they would feel about it, how each person would react. Maybe you think no one cares about but that isn’t true. Even if there is just one person who cares about you, imagine how they would feel. Talk to people about your problems they will help you and stand by you. You must learn to live your life for your own self rather than for other people. Your death might end your pains but it will never end your family’s suffering. Suicide doesn’t only affect you but also the people around you.

1. Why?

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Why do you want to do it? There is no reason to end your life. Maybe at that time it feels like your world has ended and what you are facing is the biggest problem you have ever gone through. But this too shall phase like all things. Think about it rationally, your actions will cause reactions. You may be tired and want a break but death is irreversible. You are the owner of your life, of which you get only one so make the most of it. So don’t do it! Life gets better. You need to look life in the face and say ‘Bring it on’ and face it proudly because what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!


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  1. kenya smith

    January 2, 2014 4:03 am

    I’ve been having suicidal thoughts for a long time now….but luckily my friends helped me through it. Even though they do, i still have those thoughts because i was bullied for a long time.

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