10 Reasons to be an Atheist

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People have several beliefs and notions and most of these are embedded in their mind with the course of time by constant interaction with the social surroundings. Among the various kinds of belief, the one is the belief in God. The concept of religion is rooted deep into the beliefs of most of the societies.
The existence of God is often debated and we have another group of people who do not believe in God. These people are generally termed as atheists. Atheism is a subject which can fascinate many people as it targets the reasoning of humans. At the time of birth, children do not know about the various religions but they are bound to accept the one which is being followed by their parents. But atheism here comes with an alternative and it can really be of our interest to know more about it.
Whether to agree with or not, but it is of no harm to listen to the other side. And we never know that the truth for which we are searching might lie in the ideology of this other side. It is said that to deny listening every opinion in a matter is always harmful because some part of the truth may be lost forever.

Here are the 10 reasons to be an atheist:

10. Passiveness and rigidity

Passiveness and rigidity
Religion can make people passive. The followers of particular religion may never understand the wrong elements of their religious ideology. They will never even try to improve these ideologies, religion makes people too rigid. Atheism gives you the opportunity of being flexible. Atheists are always ready to improve according to the need. Atheism is more close to humans instead of believing in supernatural powers. Atheists work more according to the need instead of following one fixed way of doing various things.


9. Underestimating humans

Under-estimating humans
Most of the religious ideologies give an impression that all is in the hand of the deity and humans are just there to live according to the God’s wish. Implications of belief in God are the beliefs that underestimate the power and importance of humans. It is true that birth and death are not in the hands of humans but it does not mean that what all we do is of no use or everything is out of the humans’ reach. To hold God responsible for all your achievements or failures is also not good because it is not so that our work has no results. Atheism does believe in the work as well as importance of humans.


8. Restrictions

Religion imposes restrictions. It has a code of conduct and followers are supposed to abide by that. When a person follows some religion then it also becomes a kind of restriction on his/her children to follow the same religion. This means that the child gets no opportunity to analyse all the religions and is bound to follow the one which is being followed by the parents. Most of us are the follower of one particular religion not because we liked its ideologies, in fact most of the people die without even reading a single book on their own religion, but because we were born into the family where the same religion was used to be followed. So, it is not the matter of choice but of imposition. Why not to be an atheist and live according to the choice?


7. Religious preachers

Religious preachers
Religious preachers are considered the people of virtue and wisdom. But it is not true always, we come across with many instances where these so called learned people are found to be fraudulent and do involve in cheating practices. People easily come under their influence because this is attached to their religious belief which ultimately proves bad for them. Being an atheist prevents you from these problems and as far as the teachings of learned people are concerned, it is not so that only religious leaders are the one with great knowledge. And even if they are, then atheism does not mean negligence of any group rather it encourages you to listen to everyone.


6. Negative aspects

Negative aspects
Religious theories and scriptures are not always right and might talk about wrong ideologies and can even promote prejudices in the society. In the name of religion people follow the traditions which are not rational and even the practices that promote inequality in the society. Religion can make people irrational. But when you follow atheism, then you look at every religion from different point of view. An atheist will point out all the wrongs and rights in a religious ideology and will always act rationally.


5. Dependency

When one follows a religion and believes in a deity then the person builds a tendency of becoming dependent on the powers of that deity. People start associating every event, success and failure with the will of God. This belief also builds a tendency of alleging God for all the bad happenings. For example, in India, we can often see people alleging God for all the miss happenings in their life. This kind of attitude takes a grip on the people and they become too dependent on their deity. Ultimate form of this kind of dependency is the instances where people start believing that some specific kind of offerings to the God will help them achieving their goals. Being an aware person acting like this is kind of foolish. Better are the atheists who just work accordingly to achieve their goals.


4. Secularism



Most of the people who follow one religion become sceptical of the goodness of other religions and are always in attempt of proving the supremacy of their own religion. An atheist never looks one religion as superior and others as inferior. There is always a situation of communal dispute among the followers of different religions and they fail to see the goodness of each other. The follower of a particular religion does not even recognize positive things in other religions but atheists always have a secular attitude. Secular belief helps atheists taking good aspects from different ideologies and implementing those in their lives.


3. Conflicts


If the whole world had been atheist then we would never had any kind of communal conflicts. An atheist is at least free of one kind of conflict in life, that is, communal conflict. Countries and places with communal disparity are too prone to communal violence. Religion is supposed to give a direction to people’ life but it seems that violence is the path towards which it is leading humanity. The most cruel conflicts and riots witnessed by humanity were on the name of religion. If atheism can teach peace and harmony to humans then no doubt it is the best path to be followed.


2. Fear


It is very often sighted that devotion to God is overpowered by the fear of God. In general, people are in fear of God rather than being in effect of the teaching or ideology of the religion. The religious leaders also do the work of keeping people under fear and this eventually results into the internal weakening. To be under any kind of fear is truly devastating as fear can never lead the person forwards. It is better to be an atheist and live free of fear, as the development of human faculties can only be at its best when one is fearless.


1.Logic and reasoning

Logic and reasoning

Following a religion and believing in some deity also come up with following other ingredients of that religion like believing in the teachings of it and following the code of conduct prescribed by the same. But following all these might make a person illogical and unreasonable. For example there are many people in India who still believe that some particular kind of sacrifice helps in amusing some specific God. So, here we see that cruelty and inhuman acts are being perpetuated with the belief in deity and the religion. So, it’s better to be logical and reasonable.


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  1. Post169

    May 17, 2015 4:01 pm

    “Atheists work more according to the need instead of following one fixed way of doing various things.”
    No, I have not seen this to be true. As a grad student, I’m getting ready to research a new theory of evolution that takes into account the last 60 years of discoveries in molecular biology, which are left out of most biology classes. This theory is made by an atheist, but most atheists are fighting tooth and nail against this theory because they want to follow the one fixed way of explaining life, Darwinism, at the expense of being able to explain decades of discoveries.

    When I talk with Darwinists about the science that conflicts with their theory, they tend to claim that that’s a unique exception… Decades of science have seen nothing but unique exceptions.
    Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iYfKYLgKPU

    I don’t believe any of the other claims of “Religious people have this problem, but atheists are automatically perfect” are true. The fact that the Soviet Union was based on atheism provides many easy counterexamples, and there are more throughout American culture.
    It’s a common assumption by such atheists as Karl Marx that religion is the source of all problems, but empirical observation of human society supports the Bible’s claim that it’s just built into humans to be foolish and make trouble. Whether that’s because of the Fall or some other reason is another question. (Part of my Christianity is to highly value truth, and try to always distinguish what can and can’t be drawn by logic and reason.)

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