10 Reasons to Do a Work Internship

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An internship is a program where an individual, be it a college/university graduate or any certainly qualified person applies his knowledge and works for a company in exchange for work experience.  It may be an intensive program that could range generally from few weeks to few months where the individual develops in capabilities and at the same time, delivers a mutual assistance to the company in whatever field S/he has been selected for, as an intern. With globalisation  cut across borders and unified education emphasised upon all over the world, internships are now a trend among the college graduates to help themselves to get acquainted with the ambience of the actual workplace by involving themselves in internships related to their interests and field of study. There are many online portals that deliver internship programs on behalf of the company/start-up where the students can apply and give it a shot.  They could be on the site internships or those where you can work from home. Those with internship experience find themselves in a whole lot better position with respect to confidence and awareness at a holistic view point.  After an internship, you will find yourselves as an embodiment of skills and virtues sought after in the job market. Top recruiters look for the work experience of the candidates so that the man power they have easily adjusts to the pressure and their requirements. As you read on, you will realise that each of the reasons below are not entirely independent. Infact they are all related to each other and contribute in unity towards your growth as a notable individual.  We will have a look on the reasons as to why it is suggested that one take up an internship and work on it.

10. Personality Development

Personality Development

Being an intern gives you an insight into yourselves, your attitude and your response to the various factors that influence you. Personality doesn’t come by looks and marks alone. It also comes with your outlook on the world around you, it comes with your ability to understand the details of what’s happening around you and consolidating your strength and confronting your weaknesses.  And for you to analyse all this, you must give yourself an opportunity. As a student, an internship is the best option that you must think upon to develop in entirety.

9. Work experience

Work experience

The primary benefit you have out of an internship is the tremendous work experience you gain from it. Work experience matters as job recruiters look for people who can understand the company’s situation and work in accordance to that to meet its goals. Work experience also removes the starting problem that many of us face due to a new environment and greater expectations. An internship fetches you the must required expertise in going on with your job or future study. It helps you manage deadlines, deliver quality work, to be reliable and anytime counted upon. It teaches you not to run away or hide or let go under stress.

8. Handle Pressure

Handle Pressure

A dedicated individual is always under the pressure of successfully completing whatever task he has been assigned. Being an intern, you will learn the importance of time management skills and appreciate how essential it is to discipline oneself.  It acts like “Pre-Boards” that students take before the much more serious “Boards” so that update themselves and be ready to tackle however difficult the situation might be. It gives you the essential sense to face difficulties and still succeed.  Another analogy would be the dress rehearsals before the Annual programs. We all are well aware of the above analogies and hence, it wouldn’t be very difficult to understand as to why internships are the best to learn how to handle pressure.

7. Learn


And as obviously one can guess, internship is the best place to learn. Learn from your successes, learn from your falls, learn from the people around you and learn from the situations you handle. Learning from all this indirectly gives you the much needed experience required to continue with the job. No amount of knowledge, however small is ever wasted. But you must also keep yourself open to learning. Dedication, meticulousness, punctuality, etc are some essential traits you need to develop and will develop as well, during your tenure as an intern provided you explore your opportunities and break out of your comfort zone.

6. Emulate


Be inspired by your director or supervisor on managing and handling pressure and how they take the organization forward. Books do not and cannot instill practicality unless you emulate the good and positive things from your counterparts. Also, if you develop your skills you can emerge as an example yourself that will help you stand in a good stead.

5. Networking


An internship can definitely help in building your circles. First of all, you have an association with the company and can also think on joining it as a full time employee. Second, your counterparts who’d work there as interns will help you increase your networks. This results in greater contacts with people of your own field. You can also use the contacts as references while citing your work experience.

4. Confidence


Confidence is the result of a strong personality. One can develop confidence only when one is well carved to fulfill the task assigned and is capable of delivering positive outcomes. Internship helps you acquire a strong hold on your abilities. It makes you confident and courageous. It instills in you notable work ethic. It also makes you resistant o depression in hard times. And why is confidence necessary? Confidence enhances your personality and proves that you are ready for the job. When a confident person enters the room, people do notice. Confidence speaks volumes about a person while he/she is negotiating and holding discussions. People tend to agree to the more confident person than to the one who restrains back. A successful internship will flush you with the much needed confidence that you will explore more and develop and grow.

3. Apply Knowledge

Apply Knowledge

An internship is the first step in culminating the class room knowledge you acquired all these years into application in reality. Just like how practicals solidify our understanding of theory, an internship helps you get along the lines of an employer’s expectations. Knowledge of application is imperative in courses like engineering where theory will not help you pursue forward unless you have decided to pursue research. Even in the IT sector, you need to be well versed with applying your programming skills which can be honed to the desired level by doing internships in the concerned field.

2. Competitive edge

Competitive edge

In this teeming world of competition where companies receive a deluge of applicants for a job post, it becomes imperative and a matter of serious concern if you stand up to the expectations of the company as to why should be hiring you. To make yourself stand apart from the host of applicants, you need something that stands above them all. This is where an internship comes to your rescue. It proves that yes, you are right for the job. This is where your networks and contacts can reference your work as good and that ensures your interview goes successful.  The competitive spirit has to be nurtured inorder to prove your mettle. An internship is an ideal opportunity which helps you do just the same.

1. Improves your Resume


And finally, it all jolts down to this one piece of paper that can decide your fate. A resume must be capable of attracting job recruiters and it tends to work best if your resume catches his eye. As mentioned above, the work experience and your application of knowledge will recommend you and there it is, a call letter or a grant for research or scholarship. Working on your resume therefore is the ultimate step in reaching your goals and inorder to be able to do so, you must do an internship that helps you acquire the above traits that inturn puts you apart from others.


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