10 Reasons to Move Out of your Parents House Now

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Do your parents get on to your nerves sometimes or they don’t let you do things the way you want? Because they have that “My House, My Rules” agenda. And you are just living like that, cribbing about how your adult life sucks. So why don’t you do something about it, like MOVING OUT?! Maybe rent a place of your own or do some down payment and put the rest on loan. Sounds good though but ain’t that easy. Explaining it your parents that why you don’t want to live with them anymore and need a place of your own can be quite a task. Though you have tonnes of reason of starting an independent life which is not confined in the house your parents paid for. So what do you do? Well, I have got a list of 10 reasons (I know you have got your own of at least hundred!) of why you should get it together and take the big step.

10. You can call your friends over anytime

you can call your friends anytime

Your friends want to meet up for some chit chat or have a house party and you really want to have it in your house. But a aoh! There are some other people too who are living in that same house. And they would never allow Pitbull or Rihanna to keep playing all night and liquor flowing like a fountain. Also you can’t enjoy with your peeps because everyone is a totally different personality at home and out with their friends. 90% of the conversations we have with our mates are absolute awkward to do in front of our parents or with our siblings. We can’t chill out the way we do with parents around. And at this very moment, you wish you had been living alone in your own bachelor/bachelorette pad and have all the crazy fun you are right now missing on.

9. No time check

no time chheck

I leave for my college at 8 o’ clock every morning and if someday it takes me more than 6pm to get back home, then my cellphone becomes a constantly ringing alarm. You take out your phone from your pocket and 14 missed calls. Parents just can’t stop calling! And what if you have to go for a party and your parents give you a time limit till midnight. 12am?? That’s when all the parties start. But how do you construe that to your family members? Problem!

8. No constant nagging

no constant nagging

Somehow parents are very likely to point out all the flaws in their children or indicating the unfinished chores. Or at least we think so, where they might be just doing that for our own benefit. Why clothes are still lying on bed, why there is too much piled up stuff in your room? Parents have a say in everything we do which most of the times takes the form of lecturing, scolding or punishing. But youngsters don’t like anybody else to take charge of their lives. To tell them when to clean their room, eat lunch, not watch too much tv or spend whole day on the laptop. We want to live our life the way we want and I personally believe that taking a bath at 9 in morning or at 9 at night should not create tiniest of problem for anybody on the planet. So just to avoid the lecturing and nagging, you might want to move out.

7. You can have things your way

you can have things yoour way

I want to paint my room’s wall neon green and put on a huge poster of Curt Kobain over it. BUT, guess what? I can’t. Because according to my parents, having a neon green wall is way too freaky an idea and it won’t go with the whole house’s décor. I think we all have to deal with such things. And it’s pretty natural and you can’t really blame your parents because what they like, you might not like and what you like, they definitely don’t like. So having a place of your own gives you the freedom to design it the way you want, make your own rules, live life on your own terms and have pizza for dinner for endless number of days! (That’s actually not at all healthy).

6. Mental Peace

mental peace

Teenagers or young adults are sometimes immature, they behave kiddish, do things they should not and get into unnecessary arguments. But even parent can behave puerile and unfortunately many a times they do. We always have atleast 1 such person in our friends’ circle who often stays distressed due to his/her parents’ brawls. And they can’t even do anything about it and just prefer to stay out of home to get some piece of mind. So to stay out of your parents’ quarrels you will need your own little shelter.

5. Privacy


No matter how frank your parents are, or even if you claim that you have got the coolest parents in the world, there is also always some stuff you would not like to share with them and you prefer keeping it private. It can be your personal diary, the stuff inside your cupboard, your cellphone or anything. And with your parents around in the same house, your privacy suffers. No matter how many times you tell them but they don’t believe in “Knock before you Enter” decorum. You want total privacy? Move Out!

4. No ego/opinion clashes

no ego-opinion clashes

You must have heard about the generation gap. Our parents belong to a generation which is almost twice a decade older than us. They ought to have a different mindset, different ideologies and different likes-dislikes than us. What seems fun to me can be bizzare and unacceptable for my parents. What they find enjoyable can be monotonous for me. Difference in opinion often leads to ego clashes where often nobody is wrong but they just can’t agree with each other. And this often results to family conflicts which are unavoidable if you and your family are living under the same roof.

3. Give them their space

you can give them their space

It’s a well appreciated fact that once somebody becomes a parent his/her whole life takes a 360 degree turn. What used to be drinking late night with friends now becomes changing the diapers or making the kids do their homework. Earlier they could go out and enjoy romantic lunches as a couple anytime they want but now they have a family which takes the prior most position in life. They become unable to manage spending some quality time with the spouse. So it’s time to give them some private space so that they can enjoy life the way they want. After all it’s not just about your freedom every time. Your parents’ is as much important.

2. You become responsible

you become responsible

Maturity, responsible behaviour and the fundamentals of life, these things don’t come easy. You actually have to be in that situation to learn what is the ideal thing to do, to behave responsibly like an adult and not like an adrenaline pumped teenager. Once you are on your own you are bound to face many adversities and you often get into a crisis, but dealing with it unaided and living upto your duties without your family’s help will keep ultimately result in a more responsible you.

1. Independence


Who does not like an independent life where you are not reliant on anybody, be it your parents. The life where you count more on you and less on others. You believe in your instincts more than your parents’ experience. Then be it in monetary terms or for simple household chores. Doing everything on your own imparts a confidence which is much required in the today’s tough life. I know when I’ll be living away from my parents and my brother, I will surely miss them and often get homesick but the independence and the impudence that it’s going to provide is crucial. So moving out is a huge and positive step that might be just the thing you need right now.


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