10 Reasons Why Impromptu Travel Is The Best

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People travel. Some for work, some for space and some, well, just travel. There are adventurers and there are serenity seekers. Whatever be the reasons, often trips are planned. Planned with a timetable. An articulate routine. A drafted itinerary tradition passed down the genes of mankind. Boring! Wonder what would it be like to break the laws of travelling and to get into your car and escape to a place without a clue? Ready to ditch the same old conventional ‘planned’ travelling methods? If yes, we tell you what’s in store for you.

Here’s 10 good reasons why you should travel impromptu:  

10. Less luggage. : Only what is necessary.

Luggage is a big liability. And even bigger, taking care of it! Any undecided trip cuts slack on luggage you carry. Carry only what is necessary. May be just a couple of shirts, a pair of jeans or two, shorts and shoes tucked in an overnight bag! It’s all-purpose plus a lot more convenient and stress free. Lesser the luggage, lesser the need for you to keep an eye out. Voila, enjoy the trip!

9. Cost cutting. : Save money.

A big bonus on such impromptu trips is cost saving. Yes, you read it right. Trading a regular restaurant for some random deli or a highway shack you met on the road or renting an onsite cheap motel for a pre-booked hotel room can save you good bucks. You can’t possibly get every detail on the map. You can easily get good deals if you look around. If you’re low on cash, you can always improvise on onsite options. Besides, you can always know when it’s time to get back home!

8. Get off the Grid. : Leave ‘em behind.

You don’t need to tell your friends, your relatives or your buggy neighbors! Just go off the grid. And you can stay that way for as long as your conscience and your paycheck allows you to. Planning a trip usually finds its way out to your inner circle and later? Outer. And that might turn things sour for you if you happen to live in a company of ‘taggy’ peeps – especially the ones you want to get rid of. So, don’t plan. After all, if you have nothing to tell, what’s there to tell? And as soon as it’s possible, run. Savvy?

7. To Explore. : Find new places.

The very crux of travelling impromptu is to explore! You never know what lies ahead. People often miss out on places which are usually not there in a travel guide. Take your time to explore. Make stops. A lot of them! There are two ways up/down a building. Either you take the lift. Get off your floor and know nothing about the rest. Or you take the stairs. Traverse each floor and get to know who the hell lives on each one.

6. Learning experience. : Get to learn things first hand.

“A planned event does not leave room for spontaneity.” People often freak out in situations when they are needed to hold their grounds and act wisely. Study reveals most people fail to make effective decision and regret at a later point of time. Reason? They never tried going out of the bounds. Their psychology accommodates events only up to the radius of their planned curriculum. Their perception always have been limited. Not planning anything in advance will allow you to act spontaneously at the very moment. Going out of your way to try new and interesting things is always a fantastic learning experience, and if it’s not, well, that can be super-fun, too.Its like putting pieces of a puzzle together. You do and then, you learn. Plus, it’s always good to expose yourself to new things.

5. Adventure and Fun. : Excitement and thrill.

Would you enjoy a thriller if you already knew the plot? I guess not to the best. Where’s the fun if you knew everything to come? There’s no room for novelty! Don’t plan everything. Go to a movie, and then may be, another. Go to a club, roam around. Let things get to you. Loosen up. Certainty is a killjoy. There’s no adventure in it. This kind of trip allows you to take in your surroundings like nothing else. Since you don’t have any definite end-destination in mind, you’ll be watching every town as you drive by – both small and large – for anything fun. On contrary, when you have a set destination, these potentially fun things remain nothing but billboards on the other side of your car window.

4. Bonding moments. : Family and couple.

Such travelling goes through many a moments of bonding. With an unplanned trip, you work out difficult situations against odds. Be it a breakdown or a bad weather. You face it. Together. It builds interactions and a sense of togetherness. It creates a belief that someone has your back. If going through a rough patch, it gives you room to mend relationships. And that’s for both couples and families alike.

3. No Rules. : Off the schedule.

What if someone asks you to spend your holiday with a timetable? What if you need to catch a flight, although when you are in a mood to stay, just because you booked it already? What if, you can’t make it to a show you already paid for in advance? Imagine you can’t visit anything in town just because it happens to be a holiday and you’re stuck as you already made payments for the room. What then? You either end up doing things as per schedule or worse, shelling out more cash (if you happen to change plans that is!). There is an absence of freedom! What good is a holiday if you can’t enjoy every bit of it? Agreed, prior planning might save some money but at what expense? If you find that you’re ready to head home after one night, do so. If you want to stay out a whole week, make it happen! This may not be quite so easy for people with strict working days and hours, but hey, do what you can within the time that’s available.

2. Living the moment. : De-stressed and care free.

When nothing is planned, everything is new! You see new places and new faces. You don’t have to worry about a schedule. No worries. No care. You are alone, with yourself. And I tell you, that is the moment when you connect to yourself. You get to live every moment. One might argue that planning relieves you of future mishaps and thereby allows you the same experience. But I daresay, sir/madam you are sincerely wrong. You are in a constant effort to meet everything as per schedule, so where is that carefreeness? Ask yourself, do you feel de-stressed? Every delay only adds to your stress level. So why have your travel planned altogether?

1. Make a Story. : Add a page to your book.

You can sit at home wondering what’s out there or you can go pack some clothes, pack a meal, get in your car and start driving. It doesn’t matter where you go, it’s the experience, not the destination that counts. Pick some place you’ve never been where you long to go and head that way. Need company? Pick a friend who is as crazy as you. Don’t keep it in. Better do it than regret not doing it for the rest of your sorry life. Because down the memory lane, you’ll be proud of it. Someday!

So next time you think of a trip, make sure you at least have a couple of days to yourself-Unplanned.


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