10 Reasons Why it’s Better to Age with Grace Rather going Under the Knife

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We live in the age where tastes and preferences of people change according to the fancies and whims of the elite ‘connoisseurs de la mode’. These designers and fashionistas sit and decide what trends are in and what trends are out with every changing season and people go way out of their comfort zone to make sure that they are always in fashion. Needless to say, staying young will always stay in fashion and countless people are going under the knife just to keep themselves younger looking. Without giving enough thoughts to the repercussions of partially or completely changing your facial structure, people are opting for plastic or reconstructive surgeries, protein intakes such as Botox and other harmful external ways to look a few years younger. But is this really necessary? Does making your face look younger make you any younger? The answer is NO. And more and more people need to know that nothing is better than accepting your age and doing so, gracefully. So here are the top 10 reasons why it is better to age with grace rather than going under the knife.

10. Complications of surgery


One of the most obvious shortcomings of plastic surgery is the risk of complications. People with a sensitive body are most susceptible and vulnerable to infections from the surgery. Chances of something going wrong during or after the plastic surgery, in turn resulting in an infection, disease or illness, are very much there. The world has seen many more cases of plastic surgeries going wrong than right. Not only do these post-surgery complication make you believe that you have wasted a ton of your money but also puts you through a lot of pain. So why would one want to go through something that does not have secure returns and is likely to cause pain with a side-dish of regret?


9. Slow healing processes

6) watch horror movies

Women are more prone to getting insecure about their bodies as they age and are much more likely to go under the knife than men. Studies also show that a woman between her 30s to 50s years of age is most likely to opt for a plastic surgery to make herself look younger. What women tend to overlook or ignore is that it is not just about the surgery. The post-surgery healing process takes days, months and sometimes even years to heal completely. This healing process differs from person to person depending on age, skin type, body type etc. Thus, your ‘my neighbor got a surgery and was scar-less within weeks’, argument is not a safe enough assurance that you will too, if you decide to get a surgery done.


8. Addiction


Believe it or not, but plastic surgeries have become addictions to people these days. It starts off with ‘just one small reconstructive touch-up’ and one day, you will find your entire face completely different. One surgery leads to another. You correct your wrinkles but your cheeks start sagging. You correct your cheeks but your lips look smaller. It’s a vicious cycle that never ends. We have an array of people whose first surgery was a disaster and these people went back for more surgeries to correct their previous ones. But alas! No lessons learnt.


7. Costly


It is no secret that dermatologist are minting money at the expense of the immature few who think surgeries will work wonders for their lives. Plastic surgeries cost a bomb and not only will they leave you looking fake as a Barbie doll most of the time, but also cause a major hole in your pocket (or your husband’s pocket, for whom you probably went under the knife in the first place). Why not invest that money in something better like a vacation if it is revival of your marriage that you are looking for?


6. Chances are, men don’t care about your wrinkles

men dont care about your wrinkles

99% of the time, men cannot understand the difference in a woman after she’s gotten a new haircut. What makes you think that your wrinkles matter? We over-exaggerate and over-emphasize the few and the small shortcomings we have. We must know that no one is perfect and the secret to life-long happiness is accepting that fact. We try our best to look perfect but in truth, all we have to do is look happy. Men do not care about how you look when you are 45 or 50. It’s who you are inside that matters. Accept this fact and avoid any pressure that you have been putting on yourself of the dire need to get rid of any signs of aging.


5. You don’t have to worry about your nose falling off

nose falling off

Countless number of people have gone under the knife for corrective surgeries and the most common body part that faces this wrath of the surgeons is the nose. We have international stars like Micheal Jackson whose nose almost, apparently, fell off. To stick to national celebrities, we also have Koena Mitra, whose numerous plastic surgeries, all of which were corrective, failed miserably and made her smoldering hot looks disappear with her nose. Karishma Kapoor, Sri Devi are other examples of beauties who lost their natural charm after their nose-jobs.


4. The curse of reversal

curse of reversal

Melanie Griffith, Meg Ryan, Donatella Versace are some examples of women who went under the knife to make them look younger but ended up looking much older than they actually are. Sometimes, the sole purpose of Botox and plastic surgeries is to tighten the skin and sometimes, this tight skin does the reverse of what it is supposed to do – make you look younger. With the quality of skin taking a deep dip in the ocean, it only makes you look older. To top it off, no medicines can heal this reversal. And it only leads to you wanting to go back in time and stop yourself from taking the decision of going under the knife


3. Outside vs. Inside

inner beauty vs outer beauty

Sure, no matter who tells you what about the risks and problems of plastic surgery, your wish will stand above them all. And you do decide to go under the knife, what will happen? You come out, looking 5 or maybe 10 years younger. But what about the body itself? Your organs aren’t a day younger thanks to your surgery. If anything, they’re now at a higher risk of being susceptible to infections. Aging is a process which takes place externally, as well as internally. Just because you fixed your external looks, doesn’t mean your internal organs stop aging too. So what will you do when you look 25 years old but feel 50 years old?

2. Two Words- George Clooney.


Anyone who wants proof that aging gracefully is not fruitful, I present to you, Mr. George Clooney.  At 52 years of age, George Clooney teaches us that healthy food and exercise is a cheaper, safer and a much, much better way to slow-down your aging process instead of going under the knife. Celebrities like Meryl Streep, Maggie Smith, Julia Roberts are living examples of how aging gracefully can give you a glow that nothing else can. You completely change the way you look with these surgeries and lose the very essence of your appearance. Some humorists say that people who undergo surgeries to look younger appear to have hit puberty twice in their lifetime.


1. Wanting to go back to the old ways


The chances of you wanting to go back to how you looked before your surgery are VERY high. Most people regret going under the knife after they see the side-effects and the repercussions that the surgery has on the body and also on the mind. One has to go through a lot of difficulties such as public acceptance of you after the surgery, healing of the scars, you also have to maintain the surgery’s outcomes by making sure you regularly visit your dermatologist and keep burning large holes in your pocket. What is worse is having to live with that regret for the rest of your life. You see people around you have age normally and perfectly and you see yourself as someone completely different that what you once used to be and it is not easy. So why not accept the fact that we all age and do so as gracefully as you can and make the best use of what years we have in our little life.  Natural look is something that is god-gifted to each and every person and no amount of surgeries or Botox can match the natural charm. So be kind on yourself and go natural all your life.



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