10 Reasons why Night is synonym with Love

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There is nothing as romantic as a moonlit night and L-O-V-E. Women bat their eyelashes when their man asks them to go out on a stroll, on those moonlit nights, in the park, near the stream or even into the depth of solitude just as long as it’s romantic and with the man she loves. To put it in single words night has come to being a synonym to love. This relation of night with love is something that have grown in us by various factors that are simply so intoxicating, and 10 of them are listed below, just what makes night be synonymous to LOVE:


love songs

Aah! Those love songs. We all hear those strings of lyrics that talk of the night, the inspiration of every song writer, the time when their loved ones seem so near and so close, in their dreams. The love songs, at least majority of them portray the night to be their muse. Everything about it is an inspiration. The moonlight, the melancholy nothingness, the bitter sweet silence, it all add up to their love. Their emotion and with those we are inspired. Some sweet melody, some nice thought and the thing or person we love most. Oh! How cupid works his magic at this time.



To say that women love the night to be loved is not their fault but that of the poet’s they have been reading from time immeorial. Every single romantic poet has either compared the beauty of their ladies to the moon or has spoken their radiance to be similar to that of the beautiful light that the moon emits at night. Taj Mahal, what we know is the epitome of love emits a different beauty when it’s the full moon.  While Coleridge speaks his heart with his poem NIGHTINGALE the ecstasy he feels with the song of the nightingale, his emotions conveyed through the feeling of the drunkenness. The beauty of the nature captures his soul and his mind. If they were inspired so much, then we the people are bound to be influenced.


why not the morning

Love is a feeling, an emotion something felt deeply. It truly has nothing to do with time. But tell me, or rather ask yourself, so you feel any love, when the cars around you are honking, you are sweating to death and the heat keeps growing? When your boss is asking you to get the work done with such a tone, that you might want to shut your ears? Or when the professor is shouting in his monotonous voice giving instructions as to how you can be the bigger and the better person? How the math works or how some romantic poet has explained love in their own words? Truth be told, love does not happen with such chaos, you may feel the thing. But when you are left alone, all you can do is admire your love because this is the time you have to yourself and no one can take that away.



Friends are important. Indeed they are. Some may argue that the ones you love must be your friend and all that. But love is something more than friendship and it need to be nurtured and a lot of time. That is not possible at times when your friends need you. so when in the morning, your friends are calling you to meet up, or are busy pouring their heart out, you can’t help but ignore the love you have in you and listen to their words as they too are really an important part of your life. So when the time is right and the friends doze off with their pain stricken heart or their tired brains, you go back to your room and call up that special person and put on that broad smile that you have been longing for so long. It’s been done by all. And that is what the night time has. Night is the time that you get to nurture the love, the ones that is bore so deep in your heart.


long days work

Working for long hours and then feeling tired, when you return home and see that face all the worries seem to fly away. This is the love and the immense power it emits. As said earlier, love needs a lot of nurturing and working is essential for life. But you can’t mix them both. Both of them have a different place in one’s life and so, to be honest, love is neglected for major part of the day. But when night falls and it’s time for you to go home and be with the loved ones, there is nothing more joyous than that. Even if it was a rough day, the tension, the worries, the thoughts of the world beyond the building all flees away, because right there in front of you is the world that you have built separately with dreams.


call is a must

Honestly speaking, love comes with a price. And this price that I am talking of is the ones you can calculate with money- the phone bills. Even if you are married or you are in love for the very first time, you have got to call the other person to stay in touch. And thanks to many phone networks, who have taken their time out to think about those poor fellows who would have to pay like a zillion dollars because they have to talk through the night. So, with phone connections that has discounted offers on their calling rates, who wouldn’t want to fall in love at night?


new romance

Every single person, those who are in love, have fallen out of it or even those who are almost at the verge of falling into it, knows what it is like to be in the phase of new romance. It’s the best, if you ask anybody. All you want to do is finish work early and meet that person, talk through the night and be with that person all the time people who are the lovebirds, newly in love, they have this deep connection with the night time. This is time when their love buds and everything seems completely different.



Love is not just about some person. Those in love with the nature find a deep connection between the world around them and themselves at the night time. The night is a dark, melancholy place with its own strain of happy melody portrayed through the dimly lit street lights. The world is silent yet speaks of the deep thought of the people. This love is a different form of romanticism, something that can’t be replaced with any other sort of love. Nature and romanticism goes hand in hand and with people having no time to breathe in the light of the day, night works its magic of love for those people who have missed out the major part of the time working.



That round illuminated thing, which borrows its light from the brightest thing on earth- the moon is like a magician. When there is love, there is the mention of the night and with the mention of the night what comes to our mind is the round moon emitting feeble light. It is the most romantic thing to think of, for both the nature lovers and that of the love birds. It is mysterious, seems perfect and bright, something that we compare our loves with.



Life is hard on us. We have to work for all the time and are surrounded by hoard of people all the time.  The only time when you can bid your work a good farewell, till you see it the next day is the time you are home- with the night fall. That is our time. The solitude you have been longing for a long time, when you were all surrounded by a bunch of people blabbering and asking and annoying you. This is the solitude, the time for love, to love oneself or just to feel the romanticism that the nature has to offer.


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