10 Reasons why people hate Jews

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In history of Jews, they were hated more than they were loved. They are still being hated. People have started to wonder that there is something wrong with the Jews itself and nothing wrong with the people who hate them. This is because hating Jews is, you can say, a trend that has been followed since we have known about the world. Hating them is not just of the level where you hate and forget; instead, it is a higher level of hatred where you hate and exclude them. Over a period of 1700 years, Jews have faced over 80 expulsions from different countries of England. But what could possibly be so bad about them? Why do people hate them so much? Many historians debate over this question and the answers they come up with are mentioned here:

10. Over-smart:


People believe that Jews consider themselves better than all others. But what I think is that every one of us thinks that we are far better than the others; and this is because we love ourselves more than others. So, Jews must not be guilty to feel that way. Also, there are no writings about they think themselves as superior. In fact, Muslims think that they are superior to Jews and have declared Jews as pigs or apes in some of their writings. But this does not make them superior or make the Jews inferior. This, in fact, contradicts the assumption of Jews taking themselves as better than others.

9. Higher Moral:


Jews are hated for having higher moral and high values. When someone does something of moral responsibility, it reminds others for doing the same and people just do not like this. People never want to be reminded about their moral duties and moral values; and so they hate those who take a moral stand and do something for a moral cause. This is true that Jews took a moral stand during the Torah. They were chosen by God to do so and this is a higher moral standard; which comes with a blessing as well as a burden. But this is not the actual reason of hating the Jews; though, it can be one of the excuses people have to hate them.

8. Scapegoat:


People often use them to place the blame for everything. Jews were used by people like Hitler to put all the blame of everything. Jews had a certain reputation but Hitler even worsened it by blaming them for everything. The Nazi movement was all about targeting the Jews and enduring hatred towards them. Hitler convinced one and all that the root of all the problems are Jews, they are the real problem; not only for their country, but for the whole world. The solution to this was suggested by Hitler to leave Jews in isolation. People agree to this eagerly as they found someone to blame for all their problems and they eagerly agreed to the solution without second thoughts.

7. Stateless:


This is said by taking a reference from an editorial published in Jerusalem Post which mentioned this: Herzl once said that Jews were a stateless nation amidst the nation-states. They said so because earlier, Jews never had a perfect place or state made only for them. They were considered as ‘parasites’ in other states. They were considered as ‘capitalists’ who lived in other states and tried to take away from them. Jews were, back then, called ‘rootless’ because of lack of state. But, later, Israel gave Jews their right, their cultural freedom, and nondiscrimination in politics. This erased the mock of being ‘parasitic capitalists’ or ‘rootless cosmopolitans’ (as per the anti-Semitism). Even then, anti-Semitism did not shut; they said and tortured them by considering them as revolutionary socialists and ethnic chauvinists instead of parasites.

6. Different:

different from others

This is another reason that people will come up with when you ask them about hating the Jews. They often say that “Jews are Different”. They say that Jews eat different kind of food, in a different manner, dress differently with different type of clothes, speak different language and even talk in a different way. But isn’t every one of us different. A Christian would dress in a white gown at the wedding, whereas a Hindu would dress in a red saari, while a Muslim would wear a green kurti. Also, a Christian would eat a cake, a Hindu would eat sweets. All of us dress and eat differently than others. Everyone has their own unique custom and culture; this does not mean that we should hate them.

5. Satan:


The root and main cause of the hatred towards Jews and the main reason for the antisemitism is Satan. Satan did not want his head under a sword and better found a target head to protect his own. Satan always comes to steal, to destroy and kill. Satan and the dark powers are behind every action of the antisemitism. Many kings, political leaders and religious leaders were their willing partners in this which made them reach every common man on earth and convince them to hate Jews. But the reason why Satan did this to Jews is partially because Jews were loved by God and all Satan wants is to destroy and crush every plan and purpose of God.

4. Killed Jesus:

jews killed jesus (1)

Being the Chosen ones is not simple. If you have something great, you pay a great price for it. That is true in case of Jews. People often say that Jews plotted the plan for killing Jesus and made arrangements at Rome for having him crucified. But the real truth is not this. In the Bible, God said that no one can take His life from Him, that only He Himself has the power of taking His life down and take it again. So it is not the Jews or Romans who killed Him but the sins of humanity which killed Him. The Sin killed the God, your sin and my sin; nor the Jews, neither the Romans. So, one should not hate Jews for this reason. But since people are unaware of this, they seem to hate the Jews.

3. Chosen ones:

the chosen-people

It has been heard a lot of times that Jews are the CHOSEN people of the GOD. I could not agree more. The Jews are from the bloodline of Isaac as they are offspring of Abraham. And everyone is aware of Abraham being the chosen one. Bible has many evidences stating that God promised Abraham a better place to stay, respectful name, a great nation, and blessed him. It also states that the God promised to bless everyone who blessed him and his race, whereas curse those who cursed him. As Abraham is the Chosen one, so his offspring, that is, the Jews are the chosen ones. And people hate them simply because they do not have the privilege of being one of the Chosen ones. People simply hate them out of Jealousy.

2. Rumors:


People hate Jews because they take the rumors about them seriously. People do not try to find out what is right or wrong and simply believe what the rumors say. And, there a lot of rumors about Jews spread all over the world over the period of time. And let me tell you, none of those rumors have been proved correct and all of them are false claims. Jews are being lied about, a lot. Most of those lies are spread by those anti-Semites. Those rumors have been spread and used for political reason and to benefit one with the votes. Some examples of those untrue rumors are: Jews killed Lord Jesus, they were the cause of plague, they were responsible of spreading AIDS to non-Jews, they want to control everything in the world and already control the banks, media as well as government, (one of the most funniest) they drink blood of non-Jewish people for festival and holiday celebrations. Jews Killed Lord Jesus is not a complete lie though, but it is equally true that Romans also killed Him; and I never came across a group of people hating the Romans. It is always the Jews who are being hated for this; not only that, but Jews were hated even before the Lord was crucified.

1. Rich:


The most common reason the people hate Jews is because they are very rich and wealthy. It is supposed to believe that Jews possess a lot more wealth than others. It is human nature to hate all those who are better than them. This is partially true that the percentage of rich Jews is higher than that of poor. This is may be because God actually is favoring them as they are the Chosen ones. Hating Jews out of jealousy can be one of the reasons; jealousy of having property and money which is less than others. This reason would have been a valid one if all the Jews were rich, but that is not the case. But that is not completely true. In fact, there are many parts of the world Jews are very poor as compared to others, yet they are being hated. Poor Jews are hated as equally as the rich Jews. So money is not the only reason to hate them, but it is just a partial reason of why they are being hated so much.


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