10 Reasons Why We Hate Exams

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Exams reminds us of that horrifying experience of waking nights, pressurized atmosphere and books spread all around. The news of exams itself creates havoc in the mind of students. They are a part and parcel of our education. They are here to test what we know. While the criterion of ‘judging’ a student in itself is a defected idea, exams are here to stay. We often grumble about the exam and its origin. Let us jolt down some of top reason why we so much hate exams.

10. Boring Exams

Exam time is a headache for us. The onset of the exam creates a boring and melancholic atmosphere in our study room. The fact that we just have to sit on books, learn and revise ignites our hatred towards exams. We have to eat exam, drink exam, and live exam.

9. Fear of being judged

Well! The indomitable fear of people judging us one the basis of our marks creates a disinterest instudies. We tend to lose the essence of education which is to become a good person and have right knowledge about things. We end up mugging up our lengthy chapters just to score some marks. Every member of family is ready to grill you by comparing your performance with your friends or even siblings.

8. Pressure from all Corners

The notion of exam is associated with a lot of pressure from all side. The constant peer pressure and parental pressure combines together and burdens the students. There is so much made out of this whole idea of examination that we perceive exam as a war where we are more or less without weapons (in case we have not done our homework).

7. Our Expectations

Our never ending expectation happens to exists in the exams also. We all know no matter how much we study, our results are not going to satisfy our so-called high expectations. We aspire to get better and better but what happens is the pretty opposite. We are well acquainted with the feeling of remorse and distress when these expectations are not met.

6. Study whole day and night

We have to study day and night for our exams. The pain of waking up whole night is just inexplicable. If somehow our results are not what we desired, we feel regret about those long nights. Then after all this, there is this severe headache during examination because of lack of proper sleep and further our brain tends to mix up all those points for which we took that extreme pain.

5. “I Can’t Remember” problem

Well we all try harder and harder to get the hang of the syllabus, but we all have a list of topics which is so tedious to understand. As it is often said that those questions comes in the examination which we have not gone through. They have this “I can’t remember or understand” problem, which gets reflected in their results. We are able to grasp better when we are off exams. In fact,  most of us find that more time is consumed in comprehending any topic during exams because of so-called exam pressure which slow down our brain.

4. All Work No Play

This is about which we all complain. Children are not allowed to watch TV or play some games during exams. Parents further make sure that this culture of  “all work and no play” is maintained throughout the exams.

3. Entrance Exams

We have to qualify entrance test to get into the best colleges and fulfill our long term goal. These tests are barometers where some minimum marks opens up gate of these renowned colleges for us. Several students are unable to cross that minimum barrier and fail to achieve their goals even after preparation of an year or two. We feel worthless because of failure in these exams. This sense of worthlessness add fuel to our rage against exams.

2. Fear of Result

Besides above, there is persistent fear of result from the day you came to know the schedule of exam till the result day. The marks and grades keeps our mind occupied with wild thoughts of failure. It may trigger depression in boards or entrance tests. We are quite aware of figure of suicidal cases because of failure in either boards or JEE and other entrance tests.

1. Exams Again !!

Well! Consider it your so-called fate, you have to face examinations at every step of your life. The fact that they are inevitable will always be a cause of apathy towards studies and examinations. But take this for granted that we can’t help it. We need to do hard-work every time these traumatic exams comes.

The above reasons are still not enough to describe why do we hate exams so much. We must not forget that these exams helps us to learn the concepts and achieve our goals of life. Though the whole idea of judging someone on the basis of score of exam seems ridiculous to me, exam continues to exists! Sigh..


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