10 Reasons Why Writing Is Good

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Writing can be defined in many different ways, such as, it can be characterized as a collected work of an author or an activity of putting data in written forms or a hobby and many more definition are there of WRITING. Usually people do not like writing down stuff or blogs or articles either due to laziness or because they do not know the advantages it has. With the help of this article, I would like to bring in notice, the advantages and benefits of writing, so that people can adopt writing in their lifestyle which will thereby help them in the long run.



Writing things down helps to keep in records and references, as whenever we write down something which is told and explained to us, it stays preserved with us in the notebooks and we can go through it as and when we want to. It is basically making notes which will help us not only to study but will also be beneficial as we do not have to go through all the material present in the book. This also, in a way, helps to save time during exams, as we have so little time and so much to prepare and all this added with the exam stress. So, we should write everything whether we find it important or not, as we never know what all of our written data can be proved useful to us in future.


increases knowledge

Writing is not only writing down everything we study but we can also write articles, blogs and many more things and can contribute it to different websites. This helps us to increase our knowledge, as the different topics on which we write have to be researched first which ultimately will help us gain knowledge. Also, whenever we write about anything new, it is very obvious that we will Google it first to get our facts clear. This may help us to learn about new facts, new theories and many new other happenings that are being held or are going all around the globe. This way we can keep ourselves updated and aware about everything. Being aware of different things help us to stand out in a crowd and also provide us with ample of opportunities. As it is often said that knowledge is the key to success, therefore, having knowledge about different things will always prove to be advantageous and will lead us to a brighter future.


help to express our feelings

Many a times, there are a lot of things going in our life which we cannot share with anyone. Everyone goes through such phases in life when it is not possible for us to share our feelings with anyone, as we assume that no one will be able to understand us. If we keep these feelings and emotions, buried in ourselves then it may prove to be problematic as thinking about anything in excess may lead to depression or other mental problems. During those times, the best way to cope up with our emotions is to write it down in our diary or journal. This will help us to understand the situation and our view point towards it with more ease and may sometimes also help us to take important decisions to deal with the problem.


can be opted as a career path

Writing can also be selected as a career path as it provides very high amount of income and plus being a writer also possess many added advantages. A writer can work in flexible hours, at different places and requires no formal dress code. A writer gets to meet new people and visit exotic places and last but not the least being a writer will make one famous and popular. Moreover, a writer is able to spend more time with his or her closed ones which is something everyone desires for, but not able to get due to excessive workload and pressure. In today’s world, where there is so much competition, choosing a career path of being a writer can prove to be very beneficial if one has a creative mind with a unique thinking.


provides side income

Writing also helps to generate side income as working or doing a job of a part time content writer or content developer or freelance writer from home will help us to earn more. As we know that writing jobs can be done online from anywhere, and all it needs is an internet connection, therefore we can work side by side with our studies or our job to earn. Nowadays, when everything is just so expensive and the rates are rising day by day, here writing helps a lot to manage these expenses by providing an extra side income. Moreover, it provides us with experience which will help us in our career growth.


way of passing time

Writing can also be adopted as a hobby or as a way of passing time. During free time we can write essays, articles, stories and many more things. This way we not only will be able to pass time, but it will also enhance our writing skills. We will also be able to score more in academics as our writing speed will be increased, which can help us a lot during our exams. Many a times, when people are bored they also start writing a song or a poem instantly. This may help to develop the creative side of the mind and will make us more fictive and productive in life.


enhances vocabulary

This is an obvious fact that a good vocabulary helps to get a command over English language. Nowadays, English is the most commonly used language while communicating and therefore being well aware about this language is very important, if one wants to expand his or her employment opportunities or if a person travels a lot or for studying abroad or for good academic records or to have access to a lot more advantages of this language.  Writing helps to explore new words, as while writing we tend to look into the synonyms of many words to make our draft eye – catching and this is how our vocabulary is enhanced.



Studying and memorizing by writing down is very profitable for tactile or kinesthetic learners, as they are able to concentrate on studies or are able to memorize and understand things, only when they are doing something involving movement while studying. This way they are able to learn things faster. Also, all those things which they have learned or understood by writing are given more importance by the brain, as while writing down, people are focusing on that topic. This helps to bring the topic in the forefront and to store it permanently in the memory. Writing is hence considered beneficial for learning.


sharpens our brain

Act of writing makes our brain sharper as it engages our memory and motor skills. It is considered as a cognitive exercise which makes the mind sharper as the person gets old. Writing essays on different topics daily is a type of exercise for the brain, and thence, as the physical exercise which we perform keeps our body healthy and sound, writing on the other hand keeps our brain active and it also flourishes the power of our brain. It keeps our brain alert and helps our brain to stay focused to any task undertaken.


leads to success

The various advantages of writing stated above, such as sharpening of our brain, enhancement of our vocabulary, increasing our knowledge and making us aware of new and different things are not only the benefits of writing but are also opportune when it comes to our career advancement. All these benefits provided by the writing will lead us on the path of success, and that to not only in the field of writing but in any field which we choose and are interested in. These are just benefits, of the qualities instilled in our character, by the art of writing, which ultimately are responsible for a bright and successful future of ours.


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