10 Reasons Why you Should be Happy Always

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You must have heard that “Happiness is the best medicine”. It is true! Laughter is undoubtedly the best antidote. Happiness is not overrated! It is when you are happy and free of all kinds of worries that you appreciate its worth. No other feeling can give you this kind of fulfillment. Happiness the best emotion one can experience. It is overwhelming, yet subtle. It is the most fulfilling, yet comes in traces. It is hard to spot and difficult to achieve. But it is the ultimate purpose of life. No matter what your position is in the society, all you seek is happiness! Your goals and aspirations ultimately lead to happiness. Creative pursuits like music, dance, theatre and art all thrive because they give us happiness.

With the advent of the ‘busy- bee’ life and the life of cut throat competitions, it is difficult to stay focused and be happy. With so many distractions that can make you unhappy, it is very difficult to be rooted. To be happy, it is very important to stay grounded and feel the contentment. Unfortunately, happiness will not come at your beck and call. You should just shrug off all the worries and live for the moment. You should embrace and accept life as it comes. You must be willing to let go of the past and stop worrying about the future. That is when you will be happy!

Why do you think all these laughter therapies, comedy shows and laughter clubs have come up? Not just for entertainment. They promote laughter for a reason. Humour and mirth are missing from our lives these days. The importance of being happy cannot be emphasized upon enough! Happiness is the right way of life. It opens up new doors for us, ones we didn’t know existed. It brightens our lives and adds hues to monotony.  Disappointments and bad incidences make us unhappy. It is very easy to become distraught and lose hope. But the only way to be happy, is to be happy! It will change your life, for good! This article elucidates ten reasons why you should be happy always. After reading this, I hope you will try and be happy always, no matter what!


10. For good thoughts – Optimism


When you are happy, you will be optimistic. It is a chain, part of a virtuous cycle. The quality of your thoughts will improve. You will see and embrace the lighter side, the brighter side of life. Negative thoughts will not haunt you anymore.  Pessimistic thoughts are driven away! Being optimistic is very important to be successful. It is the right mental attitude that we have to develop, which will come about if we start being grateful and happy.

9. For better problem solving ability


When you have the right attitude, you will see the solution to every problem. You will take on challenges with ease and overcome difficulties, without much ado. The ability to solve problems skillfully is very important.  When you are happy, you see the plus of everything. You will always find a way to solve the problem, rather than harp and crib about it. You acquire the ability to turn things around, suited to you. Situations will not overwhelm you!

8. It increases your productivity


Being happy makes you more efficient and productive. It may not be evident. But happiness increases your mental capacity and gives you the energy to complete your tasks. Since it motivates you, you will never feel low. This in turn increases your productivity. Your actions start taking the right shape and you will see very good results. Since you will have the right mindset, all your activities give you good output. When you are unhappy, you cannot focus properly and this leads to low outcomes. If you want to be productive, being happy is a requisite.

7. Beauty


The most beautiful people are the people who are the happiest! Beauty reflects in your eyes, for your eyes are the window to your soul. Yes, beauty is subjective. But you cannot deny the fact that happiness adds to a person’s beauty. It makes one look radiant and resplendent.  The more happy you are, the more beautiful will you look. So keep smiling. And it will shine through your eyes and make you glow, inside out.

6. For longevity of life


Well living longer is no secret! There are few key factors:  your genes, a healthy and a stress-free lifestyle, no bad habits like smoking and staying happy! You cannot do much about your genes, but I’m sure you can control the other factors. Being happy is one of the major reasons that contribute to a longer and a healthier life. When you are happy, you are devoid of stress. This in turn makes you live longer!

5. For better relationships


Nobody likes to be around a grumpy person. People who lose their temper frequently aren’t very popular. People usually approach someone who always wears a smile, for they find it pleasing. If you want to have better inter-personal relationships, then being happy is important. You cannot just fake a smile. It will look made up and unnatural. Why make it up when you can really be happy? Every problem can be solved with a smile! “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight” The bottom line is, when you are happy, you can have a great social life!

4. It gives a sense of fulfillment


Do you want to experience contentment? Do you want to know what it feels like to be totally satisfied and fulfilled? Then you must be happy. No other feeling in the world can fill you up that much! Be it love or music, they all give you happiness which fills you up completely. You will feel like everything is perfect, just the way it has to be! You will look at things from a new, positive perspective. You will look beyond the imperfections. Instead of focusing on the teeny tiny shortcomings, you will look at the larger picture, which is very much essential to lead a meaningful life!

3. It boosts your interests


If you are disappointed and depressed all the time, it will bog you down. You will be sucked into it like quicksand! You will be unable to focus on your interests and your passion, in order to develop them. In order to be able to feel your passion and develop upon it, you must be high on spirit, which will not come about unless you are happy and satisfied. Thus, being happy boosts your interests. It gives you new ideas and ways to develop, lest you should stagnate!

2. You stay healthy


Happiness and good health go hand in hand. If you are not happy, you cannot be healthy. Being happy is one of the main ingredients of good health. This key aspect is overlooked by many. Health is not just the absence of diseases. It is the overall physical, mental and psychological well-being of an individual. If you are happy, it is very unlikely that you will have low immunity to diseases. Not just that! Your emotional and psychological well being is guaranteed if you are happy all the time! A hearty laugh can do so much good to you!

1. You can make others happy


I would like to quote Charlie Chaplin:  “Life laughs at you when you are unhappy. Life smiles at you when you are happy. But, Life salutes you when you make others happy.” Unless you are happy, you cannot make other people around you happy. When you are happy and enjoy yourself, you can spread happiness to others around you.  Giving happiness to others is a very noble thing to do. It gives purpose to your life. It improves the quality of life. It bridges all gaps and eliminates social evils.

My concluding statement would be, “A day without laughter is a day wasted!” Stay happy always!


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  1. Girly'xo

    October 11, 2014 11:27 am

    Maybe I
    Shouldn’t have lied
    It was all in my head

    All the games
    That I played
    They just played me instead

    Please forgive me
    I’m trying to forget
    I was to busy fronting
    How dumb can I get?

    Oh oh oh so busted
    Oh oh oh I messed it up up up
    Gonna tell you what what what

    Gonna dance like a freak imma be tonight
    Sing the wrong words into the mic
    Coz that’s just who I am
    That’s just who I am

    I don’t care if they laugh at me
    Or if I lose my grip on gravity
    I’m doing the best I can
    Coz that’s just who I – that’s just who I aaaaaaammmmm!

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