10 Reasons why you should Learn to Cook today

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Well now cooking is just not restricted to the household chores for surviving. Cooking can be a passion, a hobby, a mother’s love, life… Not just good food, but being refined in cooking at its own perks. From the primitive man to the day today’s humans, everyone has a eye for good taste and if it in from one’s own hands, it is not worthy missing out on. With the passage of time, cooking has made way into our lives. As a naive in cooking, I am trying to get my hands on some real time experience which has been quite exciting so far. I would love to share some more reasons as to learning to cook is definitely worth it:

10.Tickling your taste buds even at midnight:

You have a work schedule that goes on till midnight and you are suffering from insatiable hunger. There is no stalls open at your service or you don’t want to venture out at this peak of time. No worries when you have this skill. You can cook yourself a scrumptious meal in no time and gorge on to the last bit and serve your siblings also.

9.Dieting fantasies attained:

There has been a party to attend and you want to look at your best. But the only thing in your mind is the love handles hanging around your stomach. You have to be in a strict diet and the canteen food won’t allow you to have so. Just few scrolling through the web for diet chart and there you go with your cooking fat-free food in your palate. No guilt about the extra pile you got last week when you have your own diet and a perfectly toned body.

8.Save money:

Thanks to the inflation that the restaurants and food stalls get a reason to hike their prices. Stop burning a hole in your pocket, start eating from your own kitchen. Cooking a meal is a lot more helping in saving than the processed food who’s half of the bill is used up in its packing and taxes. Food stalls also have to keep up the profit margin adding the salaries of the waiters and the service tax.

7.Family time again:

Isn’t it awesome to have a get together time and soaking in homely bliss? If everything is homely, why not to serve food in your own hands! Being a helping hand in kitchen with your mother and cousins is a great time to bond over the spices and crabbing about the lost essence in city life alone.

6.Budding romance:

One rightly said- “A way to man’s heart is through his stomach”

The off and on romance goes on. But why not kindle the much needed spark to the relationship starting with a delicious starter. People who have learnt their culinary lessons quite well are more attractive and smart. They are believed to lead life on their own and give an edge over others.

5.A watch on what you eat:

There are some times the food stall just isn’t hygienic and we cannot afford to imagine what they all stuff into our stomach. We shun out those places but there are some situations which leave us at their perils when we are starving. So to avoid all this, cooking is our all time savior. Cooking let us choose our own ingredients and an expert in cooking can churn out a delicious meal in few minutes. To add upon, we know it’s healthy and entirely free of any unwanted germs.

4.Varied cultures serving your palate:

Food is just not limited to the boundaries as the culture. The variedness in each cuisine makes it more relishing. We all love to have a taste of the most delicious and exotic menu of the umpteen culture. You just cannot travel everywhere to delve into the delicacies. Cooking has made that so easy, all we have to do is getting the recipe and there you go.

3.Cooking soothes your mind:

Cooking is believed to relax the mind giving you a ME time. It confines all your attention to its recipe and making, soothing your soul and your peace decimated by all tensions. It is fun and self satisfaction is at its epitome when someone praises your newly invented cuisine.

2.Independence has its own charm:

Last time you went out of the restaurant with a grumpy face and insatiable heart. You wished how the chef could add more spice to that delicious cuisine, how about a pinch of oregano and it would have been awesome. There will be variedness in tastes and their choices. If you want to have a delicacy of your choice, learning cooking is your call of action. Moreover they serve the same item with same taste irrespective of your specific demands. You could add any amount of spice or saute it the way you like. No more dependent on the old cassette in new music system.

1.A worthwhile experience:

There was a time when our mothers would pack the yummiest Tiffin for school which we were reluctant to share. But now in a new city, new life awaits our lead. We cannot solely survive on the nearby stalls or joints. Cooking is one time lesson which teaches us to thrive on your own. You have to face all odds and pave way to success. It is really a worthwhile experience trying to get your hands on the unruly knives and relishing your success.



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