10 Reasons Why you Should Stop Over reacting

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Human behaviour is often characterised by various emotions and expressions.  We are social beings and hence we need to follow certain etiquette when dealing with the people in a society. We express joy, sorrow and various other feelings that can be attributed to our personal experiences and incidents happening to us. While it is always suggested to express ourselves to the person in front of us, one must take care to check if we are stepping out of line lest the opposite guy feel that we are over acting. Many people have this problem that while expressing themselves, they exaggerate a lot beyond the exact happenings and this can be easily perceived by the other person. Over acting is generally considered a very bad habit and this can affect our social belongingness. Over acting is unnecessary and will harm us in the long run in that people would sideline us from their groups. Do you over act? Do you know that you over act? If yes do you want to know why it is bad? Then read the below reasons as to why people should stop over acting for their own good

10. It does no good


Over acting does no good. Apart from its bad effects there is nothing else your over acting can give you. There is nothing in it that you will benefit from or learn from. It is just a personal habit that can be well controlled considering its negative impact on oneself. However, it depends on the person if he really wants to stop making a fuss about everything or be natural and liked by all. Therefore, as everyone would suggest, one must stop overacting for one’s own good because doing thing that teach you nothing will only harm us in the long run and that definitely is not something anyone would like.

9. Bad behavioural trait

bad habits

We all have bad habits and we must always strive to rectify them to be a better human. Over acting is a very bad behavioural trait and it is only wise to correct it as soon as possible before it’s too late and you have people complaining about you over your head.  Always welcome and develop good traits from the people around you rather than display the bad ones within you and be called a bad person. Is there any fun or advantage in being called so? Apparently not. Try to be good to all doing good deeds and mingling well.

8. Affects relationships

Affects relationships

Over acting is the same as exposing yourselves to your own bad side. To maintain a relationship one must act accordingly. Our actions can hurt others and it is more than important to control our emotions before we end up doing something stupid. Over acting can act as a barrier in relationships as the other person may not wish to open up to you owing to your exaggerated expressions and untrue feelings. Therefore, keep in mind that what you can do best is to understand and be natural rather than using your tongue and muscles to portray unnecessary meaning out of a given topic and blabber a lot.

7. Affects character

Bad character

Your actions speak volumes of your character. Think of ourselves. Every time we meet someone new, we immediately assess the person based on how theu interacted with us, how theu spoke and how their expressions were. It is the same with all. In that case, is it not right our part to be assessed well in others eyes? Over acting only proves that your character isn’t well defined.  To keep our character shielded by external views and comments, it is of dire need that we avoid over acting in public and destroy the impression other people have on us.  Character is everything and we must not compromise on it no matter what comes in our way. Correct yourselves and you will be respected.

6. Hinders personality development

Personality development

Personality development is a culmination of body language, our character and our actions. And something that will clearly derail us from the paths of personality development is over acting in front of others. It does not help us to grow as an individual because to develop one needs to take care of one’s shortcomings and one of the first things to check is whether we over act knowingly or unknowingly in public. If yes, then it is a bad sign and will have negative impact on our development.  Attitude is everything and hence, it is high time we look into stop over acting.

5. Irritates people

Irritate people

When you know that the guy you meet every day is the one who excessively exaggerates and makes up things, it irritates us, doesn’t it. Over acting is a trait that is really irritating especially when it gets frequent. And when irritated, people blurt out comments that would hurt and also in turn affect personal relationships as mentioned above. It is not a good habit to irritate others and one must restrain from doing so. Hence, over acting must be put under control so that we can mingle well.

4. Lose friends

Lose friends

It is an obvious fact that nobody would want to be friends with someone who over acts because we don’t feel comfortable with them. We are a lot happier with people who understand us and be on our side rather than those who pretend to be friends and talk loud about it, but do not follow what they speak. We tend to hate such people and even tell others to keep away from them. So, if you over act then you can be sure about the one thing that it will be difficult for you to make friends and that people will comment behind your back and if you ever come to know of it, you will be a great deal hurt.

3. Not trustworthy


People who over act are generally not trustworthy and people don’t wish to share their problems or secrets with such guys. It is so because such a person cannot console us. He can only talk big but his actions speak less. Apart from that, the over acting person also will find it difficult to approach people for help as they know that it is useless to help a guy who later will not value it. No wonder it is always suggested that we be who we are instead of trying to claim ourselves high an in return lose many valuable things in life.

2. Feel distanced


People who over act feel alone and distanced. Open up! Discard the ego and people will accept you for who you are.  It makes oneself uncomfortable as one knows that people are bad mouthing about them. But people are not to blame for your actions are responsible for their views about you. It is not that they move away from everyone. If you feel distanced, there is something in you that keeps them away. Probably, something is wrong in the way we approach them. Stop over acting and you can patch up with them and feel free. It contributes to your character and personality development too as mentioned in above points.

1.Left apart in the society


As social beings, we can develop good social connections only if we mingle. Over action is a barrier to this connection and even if you try to mingle, people will not respond properly because nobody wants to be in connection with someone who talks out of line. It breeds a bad feeling among others. If you feel you over act then its high time you get over it. Societal status is often valued very high and it tends to work best when we are on good terms with them all behaviorally. People would then like to be with us. Erase the over acting tendency in you and develop a sense of belonging to the society.



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