10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t have a Girlfriend When in College

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Hear my plea, oh loners! This post shall glorify the reasons why you are still happy while the rest of the male kind is in dire ordeal and getting extinct from the battering of feminine charms. Wipe that stupid grin, aye lad! We could go endlessly discussing this matter over and over again, arguing whether it is a blessing or damnation, and end up nowhere. Lovers gone cuckoo over their partner would always argue over “How love healed their life” or “How after he/she came, their life was complete”, while the Le Me Loners would probably wimp in a corner and get lectured by Stay Single Extremists who hate love from the deepest core of their heart(or whatever there’s left of it). But since a Top Ten can’t  glorify both sides of a coin, so this time we side along with the Anti-Girlfriend club. Most of you must be thinking that considering only girls as the evil badger in the love game is pretty biased, but considering certain facts such as gossiping potential, shopping potential and potential to be a potential jailer gives them a slightly better edge in the blame game. Of course, neglecting the exceptions, we move on to our list with a small prayer to Goddess Aphrodite, lest she strikes me down with her love wrath.

10. No Room For Flirting

Although some might suggest that this is not a valid reason against a girlfriend, but believe me, for a guy during his college years nothing else matters as much as impressing girls around him. Its almost a question of their manliness, whether they are able to score more girls than their best friend or roommate or just any random cool guy in the class. It does not matter if scoring means exchange of a few hellos and passing a take care, as long as it is two ways, its valid. Now the problem for guys with a “to-be-fiancée” is that they are not allowed to flirt or, on a wide scale, even talk with other girls. Probably out of sheer fear of spying eyes of their girlfriend or a hidden agent, they are forced to limit their friend circle and let go of the term called “Flirting”.

9. Bane To Friendship

The sun may engulf the whole solar system, humans might extinct like dinosaurs and aliens might just redeem us like recharge coupons, but one thing that won’t change would be the clash between girlfriend and friends. They would constantly fight to get your attention. When one would go for emotional torture, the other would go for luring tactics. You would always end up prioritizing one above the other. While it always seems as the legit choice to select girlfriend, as friends would understand and they won’t feel bad, it isn’t so. College life is very very limited, with only four years at hand, you should spend most of your time with your friends as love is destined to happen and would take a big chunk of your life later. For now, lets just stay with friends and enjoy. Loners always enjoy this particular facility to the fullest, while guys with girlfriends usually miss out on such opportunities.

8. Emotional Crisis

Girls have a tendency to swell up their eyes every time something against their wish happens. It is not necessary that its something bad or something that hurts them. If it is within the vicinity of things that they don’t like, they would start crying and that would mark the beginning of your down fall. Its your fault-say sorry;its not your fault- you still say sorry. Its like an inevitable end to a sad melodrama, with the only exception that its very real. Sometimes the reasons are just too stupid, to argue with. SO stay away from those tears.

 7. Not The Dream You Dream

Your girlfriend in your arms, a Taylor Swift song playing in the background, falling petals of rose, a beautiful rainbow, this and that-DON’T HAPPEN IN THE REAL WORLD. If the only reason you are getting committed is to have a taste of the life that you see in movies, then  my dear lad, don’t do this mistake. There is a reason, they are called movies. Your love life can’t be picture perfect. There would be lots of fights, hell lot of cusses and many a nights that you must stay awake. If hearing this makes you shake and shudder, then you better retrace your way back to the single lane and avoid girlfriend.

6. Quarrel With Parents

Truth Be Told, parents always think of your welfare. So when they say you shouldn’t indulge yourself in the trivial matter of love, its a well valued advice. You might say that they are just being over caring, but they know life more than you. They know what love can do. But screw common sense and get a girlfriend, right? If somehow your parents get to know about your secret Romeo-Juliet love story, they would be far from happy. Every time you have a conversation with your parents, your girlfriend undoubtedly would pop out of nowhere, you would start taking sides and it definitely won’t be ending in a sweet family moment. So stick with your parents, and don’t go for a girlfriend.

5. Post Breakup Period

A good relationship is a mere myth nowadays. The most happening thing that can happen to you, next to having a relationship itself, is Breakup, and man does it hurt. In words of Kahlil Gibran-” Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation”. Not only does breakup imprints a bad memory in your mind, but also prevents you from starting afresh. You start hating social contact, everything starts seeming meaningless and dull. Breakup, literally, drains all the colors of your life.

4. Hindrance To Career

College is prime time of your life. It very much determines how you are going to end up in your mid to end life. You mess up now, life is going to mess you up pretty bad later on. Then, you won’t have anyone to blame. On the other hand, you would be on the end to get blames from all sides. Your parents would be mad at you, your teachers would loath you and your girlfriend-don’t let me start with her. She would promptly put the blame on you, and if you do dare to put the blame on her, or even remotely hint her mistakes, then God save you. Its not the case always. Of course  guys, with their fickle-minded brain,  are also to be blamed. But the simplest solution would be to avoid the thing at the root. Don’t have a girlfriend, at least not in your college days. Study and you might be able enough to please her as well as your parents.

3. Time Is Running Out

Borrowing some lines from one of my favorite artists, Muse- I wanted freedom, Bound and restricted,I tried to give you up,But I’m addicted. Even the guy whom you consider the biggest stud in the whole world, would melt in front of her girlfriend and endlessly would make lovey-dovey talks to her. Its a super irresistible force that a boy can’t avoid. Be it the darkest hour of night, or freaking dawn, you will talk to her, if she feels like it. It amasses quite quickly, and before you know, you are spending a hell lot of time with your girlfriend. You know how elders always used to tell, “Time is Money”. Its quite true, and you seem to notice its reality more and more when you are in a relationship. So ya, being in a relationship gobbles up a lot from your personal time. So beware, aye fool!

2. Financial Crisis

The whole universe(yes, I am including aliens) knows about girl’s obnoxious, immoral and unending shopping practice(or rather a malpractice). When you are in relationship, you not only take care of their feelings, but also of their shopping needs. While having some shopping time with your lovely girlfriend might seem a good idea on paper, in reality it is no less than 3rd degree torture. Waiting endlessly, getting crushed in sales rush, holding onto dozens of bags are some of the tortures to begin with.  But the thing which hurts the most is the large hefty sum of money spent out of your budget which you were saving up until now for a new iPad, or a smartphone or just for fun. Add into that the limited budgets that your parents provide you with to live in, you are pretty much under the poverty line after a single shopping trip. So yes, money can’t buy everything, but still keeps you and your stomach happy. Don’t trade that for drooling over shopping bags.

1. Girlfriend Or Master?

Trading freedom for a girlfriend is the last thing you want to do in college. College is all about freedom, more like the spirit of freedom. Constant nagging from girlfriend-not to do this, not to do that, is not what we define as the spirit of college. Although at first it seems as a pretty caring thing to do  and shows that she loves you a lot. But excess of anything and everything is bad. The feeling gets worse when people are actually doing the things that your girlfriend denied you from, and you can SEE them doing it. Eventually a time comes, when if you don’t control this habit of your girlfriend, it takes over your life. Picture this- You no longer are the master of your life; Whatever she says is your word of command. Its an image scary enough  to just image in your mind. Don’t let it dictate your reality. You are still too young to be a handed over to your fate.


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