10 Reasons why your Car may not Start

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Are you getting late for the office on Monday morning and your car does not start? I know how frustrating that can be when you turn on the ignition key, and only hear the engine roaring to life.

Let check out these reasons why this is happening …

10) Ignition Switch is broken

This one is not very common. It may happen that your ignition switch is broken, or some problem with the wirings that connect ignition switch to the battery. In such a case the signal will not reach the battery and the engine would not crank at all. This can happen only if someone has tempered with the ignition switch without your knowledge.

9) Battery Corrosion

Your battery connections can become dirty, or corroded with time. It is dangerous to have a battery sealed inside a covering; hence we keep some part of it exposed to open air. The same air may cause corrosion near the contact points.  This corrosion breaks the connection your battery has with the rest of the car, and it won’t start. Try cleaning your battery posts and try to start the car again.

8) Dead Battery

This is most common reason your car won’t start. The dead battery!! If the voltage or current output that a battery gives, falls below a certain level, we call it dead battery as it is no longer useful unless it’s charged. If you have a battery tester that can measure cranking current, test your battery to see if it’s weak. If you can’t test it yourself, you can test the battery indirectly by jump-starting the car. If it starts right away, your problem is most likely a dead battery. Replace the battery, and clean the battery connections to ensure good contact. Do not try starting your car if battery is. It reduces battery life.

7) Out of fuel

It may happen that you fuel gauge shows a wrong indication. It may show you tank still has fuel and so you did not refuel your car since a long time. This is not a big problem. Just go the nearest refuel centre, buy your fuel, put it in the car and there you go. Also get your fuel gauge fixed the next time you go to service station. So you can avoid the same problem again.

6) Bad Fuel Mix

Having the wrong fuel mix can be dangerous. If the fuel is not clean, it may clog the fuel line. Sometimes fuel may contain impurities that do not burn completely. If you do not have the right mixture of fuel to air, it will not ignite properly and your car will not start.

5) No Oil

If your engine doesn’t have clean or any oil, your cylinders can’t turn efficiently and your engine will lock up. You’ll also do a lot of damage to your engine, so make sure to get regular oil changes!

4) Lack of Spark

A weak spark would not ignite the fuel. The problem may be due to spark plug or spark plug cables.  Spark plug cables being bad, cut or missing cables, a faulty system that does not signal your spark plugs to spark, or the spark plug timing to be off may lead to weak spark. Also the spark timing should be well programmed. A slightest mistake can lead to poor sparking and engine will have difficulties in cranking.

3) Worn out Bearings

Bearing help in efficient transfer of power. Over time, the bearings wear out and need to be replaced. If the crankshaft has worn out bearings, it can’t move the pistons smoothly and your engine won’t be able to run. The small bearings have the power to stop your vehicle from starting.

2) The “Check engine” light does not glow

Now-a -days the functioning of the engine is majorly controlled digitally by a computing device called ECU (Engine control unit).This ECU governs engine the ignition timing , injection control , exhaust gas regulation, crankshaft position ,etc. When you turn the ignition ON before starting the car, the “Check engine” light is supposed to glow up indicating that the ECU is powered on. If the “Check engine” light does not glow with the ignition ON, it’s possible that there is no power coming to the ECU. This may be due to a broken wire, faulty main relay, burnt fuse, etc. or that there is a problem with the engine computer itself. In that case call the service station and they will send somebody to fix that up.

1) Security issues

Now-a -days cars have become smarter. The car keys are equipped with a chip which has a security code. The system is called immobilizer. You can read about it in the user manual. Due to this the car will start only if the correct key is used. When you insert it into the ignition, a sensor for the security system reads the code. Normally, when you turn the ignition on, you would see a “Security” light to come on for a short time and then it would come off. That would mean that the code in the ignition key is correct and the car is allowed to start.


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