10 Reasons why Youth wishes to Enter Show Business

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Be it radio, television, movies or even the theatre, the industry of entertainment has always been an allure to those hitting their puberty. The youth practically thrives on the dreams of making it big in this mad, bad world of the showbiz. To make a career in this industry is no cake walk, yet many youngsters devote their lives to carve their niches in this world by hook or crook, for reasons one too many. Here are ten reasons why youth wish to enter show business.

10. To meet celebrities

Well, as trivial as it may sound, many young people, especially the budding teens out there think that the only way to meet the heroes of their lives is to get into their social circle and befriend them. Often young people are seen auditioning for roles in movies, TV commercials and singing competitions merely to meet the stars they have adored all their lives. This is by far, the easiest means that they can think of.

9. To prove a point

Many a times, a spiteful teenager is witnessed to have done something absolutely oblique just to prove a point to their even friends. Many youngsters are seen driven into this industry merely to prove it to someone that they are completely capable of achieving something on their own. In this fruitless journey they find themselves in a haze and lose the most precious time of their lives.

8. To show their parents their worth

Again, to make one’s parents realize their true worth, many youngsters are seen flocking to this industry. One is often of the notion that if I can get everyone’s admiration and adoration, then surely my parents will come around as well. While the success rate of such a venture is not so reliable, many youngsters often find themselves entirely cut off from their families.

7. Peer influence

This is probably the most widely used reason to enter showbiz. To be like your friend who is famous, rich, admired and envied, can often be the driving force to enter the industry. Peer influence can be one of the strongest reasons to try something that is out of one’s reach. Jealousy and envy can drive anyone to such extremes that they lose sight of their goals and ambitions.

6. To feel the bling

Youngsters often want to make it big in the show business to get all the adoration, admiration, attention from the media, have a fan following, and live a rich lavish life. They live by the motto live life king size and the only option that lies ahead of many is to enter the showbiz. All the bling and the money that comes this way is a bait enough to attract any youngster out there.

5. Easy way to succeed

For someone who is not big on hard work or someone who is not good at academics or cannot afford to get a decent education, this might seem like an easy option. Some probably wouldn’t even mind slogging through this industry and waiting for ages to land a petty job doing something that requires hard work or try their luck elsewhere. The illusion that once they get the right cut everything is going fall right in place and success will show up at the doorstep is a misconception that drives many to fall into the traps of this business.

4. To gain appreciation

While there are all kinds of people who are merely in this business for the fruits, some are where to gain appreciation for their talents which go unnoticed in the ordinary life. Despite all the negative perception associated with this industry, one is definitely recognized for their talent and sheer inherent capacity to prove themselves. Undoubtedly, for such people this is definitely the place and no wonder such people make it big in this business and gain the much needed appreciation, for talent needs a platform and this is place is better off than any other.

3. To boost self-esteem

While there are people who enter the business for all the wrong reasons, there are others who get into the business merely to boost their self esteem. They enter this business to explore themselves, in a quest to find the meaning of their life. This often becomes the means to find their true selves and feel better about themselves. Be it the material gains or the never seen before attention, everything adds to the feel good factor.

2. To make easy money

Well, need one say more? Hundreds of thousands of youngsters flock this industry for one thing that made is easy, best and fast: money. This industry churns money like none other and this lures youngsters like never before. The one thing that anyone sees here is all the riches, properties, estates, parties and the status.

1. To become famous

Now, there are those kind of people who despite having loads of money and all the luxuries in life still want to enter this business for one reason merely, being fame. The easy way to get noticed and instant fame is to enter show business of any form. Whether you are good or not is immaterial, you get noticed for your entrance at the end of the day.


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