10 Reckless Actions of Teen Life People Regret Later

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Teenage is the time of the life that is the most complex of all. This age of adolescence not only comes with freedom but does with huge responsibilities as well. As alluring as this phase may be many end up making mistakes that ruin the rest of the life. This tender age is that crucial part of life when one mistake can make or break one’s future. Here are ten common mistakes teen make that they regret later in life.

10. Fall for lust

Hitting puberty is like discovering a whole new life out there that is novel and exciting at the same time. Lust is something that comes uninvited with the package. Discovering all those myriad feelings is maze in itself. Now, if an opportunity so presents itself, the sheer influence of hormones can mislead a person to do something that are ashamed of at a very young age. And the guilt that comes with it can ruin person’s mental stability. Getting involved in a romantic affair at a young age and its subsequent failure can take a toll on the person’s emotional well being.

9. Bunk classes

Well, one might argue that what’s fun without bunking a few classes? Well that is absolutely true but when one does not know the limit to one’s fun, the consequences to bear later can be very well devastating. Bunking too many classes, getting wasted and keeping a year back and loads of fallbacks can definitely ruin one’s career.

8. Go easy on grades

At the end of the day, what grade you get does have an influence in your life at some point or another. And this seemingly nagging issue will haunt you down to your last job offer that you scraped with such great difficulty. Going easy on grades will influence your college application, job prospects later in life.

7. Go against the parents

Well, in a fit of rage and disappointment, many teenagers are seen to against their parents’ wishes just for the sake of it. To prove a frivolous point to their over concerned parents, many youngsters turn against their parents and leave homes to be independent and make a living of their own. These kind of harsh decisions are often regretted later on in life.

6. Do drugs

Addictions are something that are not easily quit as easily habituated. Addiction can make a person do insane things, like steal money from parents, embezzle and probably disown one’s parents in pursuit of these cravings. Doing drugs can phase out pretty much a chuck of one’s life and leave them ruined at the end of it. Not only do these people end up spending loads of money on unnecessary addictions but end up with infections and a loss mental stability. Even at the end of rehab one doesn’t fully recover from the trauma that they undergo.

5. Overdose of alcohol/smoking

Another major addiction that can ruin one’s life is alcohol. The crazy things teens end up doing when they are wasted are mountable to even heinous crimes. Alcohol leads to liver damage, Overdose of alcohol has killed many youngsters than anything else.

Also, smoking has caused major health injuries, such as various form of cancer, lung diseases and eventual loss of health, which teens regret later in life for developing the habit.

4. Get piercings/tattoos at weird places

This might not be a life changing decision, but to an extent this action is regretted by many later in life. Getting tattoos at weird places and getting them removed can be major hassle and pain staking experience. Also getting huge tattoos on your arms and your back and regretting later on your wedding day or probably when you put on a lot weight is often seen these days.

3. Get pregnant

Falling for lust has its consequences, sooner or later. Getting pregnant at a young age can practically ruin your life. An unplanned life, a messy career, an incomplete degree and kid on the way can be pretty hard hitting on one’s life. This decision is probably the most regretted by many as they see reason with age. Getting pregnant comes with more baggage than one. Emotional trauma, health issues, raising a kid, financial loss, lapse in time, gap in education and well the list goes on.

2. Suicide attempts

Suicide attempt can be majorly devastating and life wrecking. The baggage that comes with such an attempt and the bouts of depression that follow the act can pretty much put a person in tight spot. This silly action is the most regretted by many later in life. Only much later in life do people realize the recklessness of their decision and actions as they reason as maturity dawns upon them.

1. Not plan your career

This is the most life wrenching decision that people regret most often than any. Not taking the right career path, or not planning ahead can mess up one’s life to a great extent. Sometimes not following one’s passion and ending up in the wrong field is the most regretted decision. Making career decisions with much haste and recklessness can haunt you to no end.


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