10 Signs that show your Parent’s love for you

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Can we really quantify our parents love? The answer is No. Their love is unchanged, unconditional and cannot be measured. Parents are the true gift of god and they love their Children as the God loves us.. A good parent is invaluable to our society. There is no place where you can receive god’s love except in front of your parents. Parents are the real heroes.  Parents always love children whether they are old or young. Parents love a 50-year-old son  the same way that they did when he was young. As the age gets older, the heart becomes closer and closer. They forgive all our mistakes and accept us the way we are. Some parents show their love physically like giving you kisses and hugs while other shows their love by doing whatever is best for their child. Yeah its true that sometimes parents get angry and annoyed, but we cannot deny the fact that they are also human beings. Parent’s love is eternal. Even our small achievements make them feel proud. Even though Children change but the heart of parents never change.

Friends don’t last forever, and partners don’t either. But your parents stick with you from the beginning until the very end. Even when they leave the world, their memory and their lessons guide you throughout life. Parent’s love is the origin of love. Remember it does not matter whether your parents say “I love you” or not but what matters is how they show their love. One can easily see their parent’s love in their actions. So below are the 10 signs that show your parent’s love for you.

10. Unexpected Gifts

unexpected gifts

It does not matter whether you are a kid or a grown up, the joy of receiving an unexpected gift from your parents is invaluable. Our parents just know what we need. When your parents gift you something, it is their way to show the love. They feel satisfied when they see a smile on your face. The gift does not have to be expensive. The feeling behind the gift is same whether  your parents hand you a bar of chocolate or they gift you a car or a bike or take you out for a vacation.
9.  Hugs and Kisses

hugs and kisses

Physical affection can work wonders for children. It gives you  positive effects throughout your life.  When your parents held you close to their heart for a few moments you feel their love. When your parent’s say good morning and good night with hugs and kisses, they shower their love and make you feel special.

8. Acts as your shield

acts as your shield

Parents Care for the safety of their children. They will never deprive you of  basic safety. They never gamble with your safety. They act as your shield. Whenever you are in trouble you have their back. Your parents always try to keep you away from the bad influence. They will ask you to have friends who don’t use drugs or encourage drug use, they will ask you to be back home on time, they will hold your hand while crossing the road and they will fight for you and will never hear a wrong word about you from an outsider. Parents  insist on knowing where you are at all times. You’d think that you convicts in a prison. They have to know who your friends are, and what you are doing with them. They insist that if you said you would be gone for an hour, then you must be back by an hour or less. When you are ill they will do anything to make you feel better.Your  parents cry when you are sick, they stay up at nights and care for you. If you are being treated unfairly or isn’t receiving the support you need, your parents step in and advocate on your behalf. They get involved and      take action. They protect you because they love you immensely.

7. They take care of your interests

take care of your interests

Your parents are always supportive of your interest and dreams. They will even support your silliest wishes and interests. They make an effort to identify and compliment you for your good qualities. They point out your good qualities and build them stronger. We all must have remembered our childhood when during the summer holidays we develop an interest like in dancing and we start learning it and in the next holidays our interest changes but our parents always braced us. This shows how much supportive your parents are.

6. They wait for you at home expecting a nice dinner time

wait for you at home expecting a nice dinner time

“Come back home fast, dinner is ready”. We all are familiar with these words. When you are working  late your parents keeps on waiting for you . They wait for you to come back to have a nice dinner time together. For them it is important to keep the family integrated. They would never sleep till the time you come back at night. Parents take pleasure even in seeing you eating. They make sure that your stomach is always full.

5. They are concerned about your future.

concerned about your future

Most of us gets irritated with our parents’ everlasting questions about the future plans and studies. You might not feel like answering to those questions but it is a parent’s responsibility to know about your future plans and contribute in making it come true. Parents put in their heart and soul to make your dreams come true and make sure that you have a promising future ahead. Their concern about your future is a loving parent attribute.

4. Listen to you attentively

listen to you attentively

A loving parent will actively listen you. They take your words seriously and understand your worries, needs and requirements. They talk to you in a friendly manner and make you feel free to talk about any topic. Be it about bullying, or your first crush or about exams pressure, your parents discuss everything with you.They understand that what’s small to them is actually big to you. No matter how  silly or insignificant topic it is to discuss, your parents listens to it attentively, As your grow to face more complicated life challenges, you can rely on their support and gentle guidance. In this way they make you feel heard and show their care and love.

3. Willing to change themselves


Your parents are always willing to change themselves for your happiness. They have their own set of rules but they try not to impose them on you. Most of us might have encountered the time when our parents are not supportive of our wish but at the end of the day they just agree to make us feel happy. Parents change their mindset in order to understand their child’s need and to minimize the generation gap. If you decide to settle abroad away from your parents, they will even approve it just for the sake of your happiness and success.Parents love for their child can make them do things that they never would have thought of.

2. Parents make themselves available

parents make themselves available

In this busy world, your parents try their best to find time for you. Parents handle their work and home so seamlessly that they never want their child to feel deprived of their love. Even if they are too busy and they can’t find the time, they make the time. No matter how busy they are, or how tired they may be; there is no reason they deny you of your daily time. They give you time every day for whatever you wish to do. They play with you, watch television with you and help you in completing your homework. Parents are the real superman.

1. Make sacrifices for you

make sacrifices for you

Parents are self-sacrificing.Their sacrifice defines who children are. A parent does all that they can to meet the needs of  their children. Parents take judicious decisions about the ways they spend money and how much or little personal time they take for themselves. Even the decision to work from home and not outside the home shows a self-sacrificing attitude. When you grow older and  look back, you realize how much they sacrificed so that you could pursue your chosen activity. Without their sacrifice you would not have been at the place you are,  had half the life experiences, memories or even have the job that you do. They sacrifice their dreams and aspirations for their Children. Parents work for their children. No parents work just for their own survival. Parent’s life revolves around their Children. They feel contented when their true sacrifice bears the greatest fruit.


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